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just venting...

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i'm going to list off a few things that i'm starting to get sick of, or have been sick of for a while now. i'm doing this because I'm bored more than anything, though I am 100% sure that i'm not the only one who am sick of at least some of these.

  • "coming soon" if I hear this one more time from telltale i'm cancelling my preorder. its December, so obviously its going to be here soon.

  • downvoting its pointless to have the option, and people only do it because they can anonymously do it (for the most part) and because there is a button for it. it's like some people just have to push a button if it's there. downvotes don't bother me, its the fact that people actually use them over ridiculous things that does. I can't count the number of times ive seen peoples guessed release dates downvoted because they said "December" back in October, downvoters seem to just be petty, impatient, and immature. it's one thing to downvote if somebody is for example, being racist or something, but for petty shit, it's just ridiculous.

-superfans who have to butt in on everything. We all know the kind of people i'm talking about, and who they are most likely a fan of. I would be willing to bet that some of them will look at this post, and feel the need to downvote me, and butt in to "defend" he character they want buttlove with. It's annoying, and again, petty. we can all have our own opinions, but they don't need to constantly be pressed onto other people. Nobody cares that you think Kenny is alive in a thread about Lilly, or the tv show, or the comics, etc. so STFU and keep your opinions that are off topic to yourselves.

-vague comments i'm talking about you telltale... if your just going to say something so vague that it basicly means nothing, just don't say anything please. vague comments are pointless.

there, I feel a little better now hahahaa

  • Well, I commend people like you who are able and have the courage to tell Telltale what they think is wrong and should give improvement on.

  • Thats Why We Hate Ben LOL Stupid Ben

  • Nah. Who here is a professional game designer?

    Just folks from Telltale? Right, well maybe the rest of us should stop trying to tell them how to do their jobs.

  • I dont quite understand the hate for the voting system. It's better than having hundreds of people saying the same thing. If one person makes a comment you upvote it or if someone has responded to a unagreeable comment already you just downvote the original comment. Its just simple opinion of people.

  • You clearly never had to wait long for something you really really wanted before, or else you wouldn't think their "soon" isn't soon enough. I've seen "soons" turning out to be four years long. So, no complaints on that one from me. If it means a better game, they can take as long as they want.

    • I Guess U Don't Understand This Guys Post Huh Liz He Said That He Doesn't Care About Waiting Insttead Of Telltale Saying Soon They Should Just Tell Us Whats Up SMH Damn Some People

      • If he doesn't care about waiting then he shouldn't care about their use of "soon" either. I'm not hating on the OP or anything. All I'm saying is when it comes to TTG saying anything more, to quote another one of their games, their lips are sealed. Fed up with their teasing? Ignore them. What else is there to do.

        • you obviously have no clue what i'm talking about, or never even read my posts.

          I should have added people like this to my vent list^^^

          • I only read this topic, to which I replied. Your other posts don't concern me. You said you can't stand their vague comments, I said ignore them if they get on your nerves that much. I'm sure others would've been pissed if TTG didn't say anything at all, just like you're pissed with them for saying vague stuff. But since they can't say much, they say stuff we already know (like the 'coming soon' one - no shit sherlock, of course it's coming soon). I don't see what's so wrong with my approach, sorry.

            But sure, vent all you want.

  • "coming soon" if I hear this one more time from telltale i'm cancelling my preorder.

    I'd like to see you doing this

    • again how dumb can u be the dude is just venting holy hell people on here i swear the just say something to stir up drama

    • I will. I'm not saying I won't eventually buy it, but for me theres no need to preorder for pc when my predominant platform is ps3 anyway. its not like i'd be losing out on anything except having to wait for psn to update at the most, and I usually wait for a game review anyway.

    • I can't believe that there are people who still use "pre-order cancelled" as a serious threat. It's a joke how it's become the impotent go-to reaction when someone on a video game messageboard isn't getting the exact pre-release info they want at the exact time they want it.

      • A threat? who am I threatening? I would just rather have my money back to use for other game(s) that are out right now. And when did I even once say I wanted pre release info? C,mon please I want you to show me!!! Since other peoples opinions are such a joke to you you must have superior intellect, so prove it by showing me where I even once said I wanted more info. What's that you say? You can't? I actually said the opposite?

        read the damn post before you say ignorant crap, your making a fool of yourself. Giving you thumbs down, for being a beligerant (sp) fool.

  • There's 3 things that annoyed me. 1: When someone has no idea of a release date and they calmly ask people on here if they know and have no idea that it was mentioned earlier instead of getting "the date is such and such and it was mentioned earlier" the person gets abused when they had no idea. 2: How come a moderator can treat someone like shit and get away with it? i saw one person ask a simple question to one and instead of getting a one word answer, gets told to go look on google or something. bit childish, no? and 3: Why is it that if you disagree with people you get abused? i remember back a while ago i said that the majority of people who saved Carely wanted her and Lee to have a relationship, which is true and i got blown away with abuse and also because i said i prefered Kenny to Clementine i got abused as well, like i hated Clemetine or something. I don't hate her, i just prefer Kenny, like other people do. I ended up being verbally abused by multiple people including a "member" who started the whole argument because i hadn't been on the forum for months and all i wanted to know was when the release of 400 days was and according to him, being a smart ass is the way to answer a simple question. Yes, it was said on previous posts, but i had no idea so why reply with a smart ass comment? In the end, it turned into a argument over insults trading back and FUNNY enough I was the only one banned for a period of time when it all could've been avoided had someone just said it nicely. in fact i did have a decent enough person say to me quote "This question was answered a few posts ago. If you look back a few pages you'll find what you seek". respect to this guy, but all i got from a member you know someone you'd expect would have respect for people was this bullshit " only if you purchased the game from telltale store the dlc is free, learn to read previous posts dude this has been said MANY TIMES... no sign of steam release yet." Oh i was also called a cynic because i disagreed with what he believed in. I admit that what i said (which the comments were deleted) got pretty out of hand but for me to be the only one banned when a member started the argument and people insulted me personally and talked shit got off free and i got banned is pretty low on whoever decided i was a black sheep. rant over. feel free to dislike like childs if any of the people who thought they were ironmen ganging up on 1 person behind a computer haha. I can't remember but i think it was about 8 on to 1? Strongkids/10.

  • I am sick of Telltale pushing "season passes", when they are never on time with their product.

  • Welcome to the video game industry.

  • Take it easy. We will get Season 2 this month and it will be awesome just like they have promised. But I agree, news should be news worthy and not random hype and soon should actually mean soon and not in a few more months from when they said soon two months ago.

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