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No Season One saves being found?

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I have downloaded and installed season two of the Walking Dead Game, however despite the fact both me and my brother have played the first season, 400 days and completed both on separate save files, none come up when the game searches for season one files. Is anybody else getting this or is it just me? If so, has anyone managed to find a fix?

  • Does anyone know how to resolve this on the iPhone? I completed the first game, as well as 400 days, and still have the first game installed too (I never deleted anything). Then I bought walking dead 2 and it cannot locate my save file when I start a new game. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling WD2 but the issue persists. I also tried restarting my phone.

  • I have the same problem, my documents are on a CIFS Shared drive (Synology). Everything is working fine with the S1. I am able to save and load my games. But I bought the S2 and it can't find any of my save files.

    I assume some settings are missing for the S2 but I can't figure out what. According the TWD Support tools results, the game finds the save folder location with the windows registry which is correctly pointing to my J:\ Network drive.

    If someone was able to fix this issue and could tell me how, I will probably love him/her forever. :)

  • TWD2 cannot find my TWD1 save files. I have TWD1 and 400 Days still installed (never uninstalled) and TWD1 runs fine while being able to load my save files. But TWD2 cannot find my save files.

    TWD1 and TWD2 are installed on different drives. I also had two different TWD save folders, one by itself in an otherwise empty Telltale folder, and the other in a Telltale folder with all my other Telltale game saves - I merged the former's content into the latter, in case that was an issue. Still nothing.

    Here's that link with the info from that tool -

  • Well I seem to be the latest casualty with this problem. I do not have the Steam version for both seasons, but the one that I purchased and downloaded here. My file is about 54 KB. If that's too small, then why would the game create it that small despite me playing every episode and 400 Days in their entirety? When I completed Seaon One, I uninstalled it. Why keep it on the hard drive if I am done playing it, right? Anyway, I moved the save files for safe keeping to a separate hard disk. I tried moving them to the default save folder (c:\users\<name of user's profile>\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead. I then tried moving the prefs.prop & all save files to the Season 2 save directory, but the Season 2 game couldn't find them that way.

    I have 2 different saves from Season One, just in case I made a decision in 400 Days I didn't like and wanted to backtrack - 1st One is where I played the game in its entirety from Episode 1 to Episode 5 & 400 Days. Second file is where I played 1 through 5 but did not play 400 Days. I can load both games without trouble in Season One. Anyway, here is the file needed:

    I would love to continue from where I left off, but if I have no choice but to start over and play Season 1 or use random generated choices, then I suppose I'll have to do it that way. Thanks for any help provided. :)

  • For some reason my edit didn't show up. I uploaded the wrong file, so please ignore the link in my previous post. This is the correct one:

    My apologies! :(

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      DjNDB Moderator

      Your season 1 save files are in the wrong location. I am surprised TWD S1 can find them, but it is searching subfolders at startup, so that is possible.

      Please move the prefs.prop and all .save files from C:\Users\Dracoarum\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\SyncFs
      C:\Users\Dracoarum\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead
      Then TWD S2 should see the savegame once you start a new game.

  • Greetings.

    I have just redownloaded TWD in order to play 400 Days before starting Season 2. I finished the game before, as soon as episode 5 came out but missed on playing 400 Days because my computer broke. I ended up playing 400 Days on the PS3. Now, with Season 2 ready to go, I booted up Season 1 and to my surprise, all my saves were gone. I read through this thread and have my file ready for download. The link is here:

    I'm playing it on PC and am running both games on Steam.

    Thanks for your help.

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      DjNDB Moderator

      There are no savegames in the savegame folder. But it looks like you might have a backup.

      Please disable steam cloud for TWD (In Steam, right click TWD and select "properties". Open the tab "updates" and remove the checkbox from "Enable Steam cloud synchronization for TWD).

      Then copy the savegames from
      C:\Users\Eduardo\Documents\backup\jogos-serials-saves\backup_saves\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead
      Pasta de C:\Users\Eduardo\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead
      If that's indeed a complete backup of your savegames.

  • Hello there,

    I sent this message to the support team but thought I would see if anybody here had a solution.

    Here are my issues detailed and the link to my updated diagnostic report.

    My issues concern just the Series 1 game and it's constituent episodes including the 400 days expansion however I had only reached the second or third episode before I had to retire from the game.

    1. My saves are not loading.

    A. My saves are in the Documents/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead numbered as saves from "" to "" and the only prefs.prop file on my computer after being instructed that more than one would cause the issue.

    B. It takes a long time from signing in when I start the game to reaching the main menu, probably about 3-5 minutes on a 60mg connection so my internet is not the problem there. However it may be a sign as to why my saves will not load.

    C. The saves have loaded previously but only on the first day. The first day I got the game I had turned the game on and off a few times and the saves were there when I returned. After coming back to the game the following day the saves did not appear.

    D. My account was succesfully verified today so when I originally tried to load the saves my account was only registered as a customer; I don't know if that would have anything to do with the saves not loading. I tried to load the saves again today after verification still with no success.

    E. I started a new game that I do not intend to play lest I waste my time again just to see if it would save and where it would save to. The game save is still there at the moment but the other save have not appeared.

    What a mess.



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      DjNDB Moderator

      The prefs.prop in the savegame folder is too small to be valid for a progressed playthrough. It was probably corrupted and replaced at some point.

      If you have a backup of the savegame folder, please restore it.

      Otherwise there is a slim Chance you can restore your progress:

      Please try the "restore previous version" feature (right click, "properties", "restore previous version") on the prefs.prop in the savegame folder ( %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead ). If there are multiple versions try restoring each of them starting with the latest. If the prefs.prop is much bigger than 10KB chances are best it's the correct one.

  • Pleaase help me .....

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