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Short and honest review of the Season 2 Premiere

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I was very much hyped with this episode. This game series might not have much when it comes to game play but its setting, story and characters come together so well. I’ve had many friends that have been reluctant to try it at first considering what you “actually do” in the game, which for them seems to be nothing.

But you as a player DO something. Interacting with characters, objects and what not might be as simple as navigating your computer screen or just clicking around on Facebook, but what happens when you actually make decisions with your clicks is what this game is all about.

This season premiere for me was a good one. We got a little recap of what happened before and got an intro sequence, seeing old places from before and got to speak and interact with old characters.

This did however not last long, very quickly “The Walking Dead” formula started to kick in and I was crying out of happiness to get to play this game again. Anyone playing the first season will feel right at home after a few minutes (the UI and game play is a little different but mostly for the better).

Story wise I thought it was quite good; all the nods to previous encounters with the franchise were interesting. The only thing that felt left out was a main plot? The first games main plot for me was that after learning that her parents had previously left for Savannah, Lee offers to protect and care for Clementine, and help her find them, sound familiar right? Of course there were side stories to flesh the overall product out, but the focus and whole point of the journey was to take care of Clem, help her.

But this game, so far as of the first episode I think kind of left that out. It’s nice and all that she’s still surviving but what is her goal? Is that all really? My only guess would be that the main plot is about getting north (they were talking about it) and hopefully stay safe but I don’t know if that’s a priority anymore considering Christa is not around (but might come back later). It might come later, but from the offset it feels like this Season as of yet does not have it‘s own story right now, other than surviving.

It’s not a big issue right now though, the episode and what it gave me was thrilling and exciting and I can’t wait for the other episodes to come out so I can play more as Clem, which in my opinion is much more interesting than playing as Lee.

Thank you TT!

(I don't like putting out scores though, i'm sorry. You can judge by the text what i think about it).

  • Yet again it manages to make me shed tears. How the hell do Telltale keep doing that?!?!

    I thought it was a brilliant first episode, just can't believe I've gotta wait a few more months before the next one! :(

    • Don't get my review wrong, it was a very good first episode, i just talked about what was bothering me with it and stating that it is a good episode. I feel like nothing more needs to be said really.

      I do agree it sucks that we have to wait but it has it's own charm we get these months were we get to discuss and hype up what happened.

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