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Walking Dead (2) PS3 - Unable to find save from season 1

posted by ducknet on - Viewed by 44.5K users

I noticed many of us in Europe are having this problem. Anybody else seeing this on the PS3? I don't want random choices made for me but I so can't wait any longer for this game…. arrrgghhh!!

  • Yup, I have the same issue. I've checked and the save from my Season 1&400 Days playthrough is still in tact and saved on my PS3, but Season 2 claims it's unable to find it.

    I really don't want to have to play with randomised choices, especially when my save game is just sitting there.

  • Exactly the same problem here. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm sure they claimed that there would be less glitches in this season than in season 1, yet if they can't have something as pivotal to the game experience as save importing as a functional feature upon launch then I'm not happy. As noknowncure has said: I don't want to have to play with randomised choices when my 3 identical save files are just waiting to be imported.

    • totally agree with you,

      Waited the whole day long for this game to come up in the psn store, not being able to Import the choices made in season one makes the whole game pointless to me.

      EDIT Telltale just release a patch ! patch installed; seems to work now !


  • Confirmed, patch installed and it works straight away! Wow - that was nice and quick, I had one of those feelings this would go on for days before it got fixed. Telltale Games rule!

  • It's been patched? HELL YES! I also thought that this was a problem that would go on for ages but apparently not. Kudos TellTale!

  • Wait where can I find this patch? There isn't one for my game and I really really want to play it already >__<

  • I have the same problem. I have played both season one and 400 days on my ipad but Season 2 can't find any saves. Don't want to play the game without my saves. Willt here be a patch to fix thos on the ipad too?

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Do you still have Season 1 installed? If not, your saves were stored in Episode 1 of Season 1. If you still have Season 1 installed, please make sure your saves are complete playthroughs of each episode, in order for Season 2 to read your saves as completed.

      • Hey i bought season 2 yesterday and my choices are locked so i installed of season one again to check if i finished it and i did but season 2 my choices is still locked so i deleted season one save file from my ps3 and i plan to Finnish it today will this work?

        • What do you mean by "my choices are locked" if the problem is with 'Safe Files' not working that won't help that is a recent problem

          The 'Safe Files' that you find in the main menu are for the S2 safe files but they don't work on ps3 for some reason since E5. The safe files from s1 you find when you start a game it will ask what safe file from s1 you want.

          Btw maybe you should check some recently comments this one is almost a year old.

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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

          @Zomkiller If you are just starting Season Two for the first time, and you want to import your saves, you have to select Play, then choose a save slot, and Season Two will then start looking for your Season One save files. It will then find, and import them automatically. (Make sure you have started Season One recently so that you receive the update needed to import your saves successfully)

    • Hey, did you ever figure out how to get season 1 decisions on your ipad to season 2? I have same problem. To be honest I didn't even see anywhere to save during game so does that mean none where saved at all?

  • I have the same problem... The game on PC does not recognize my Season 1 Save, but it does detect my 400 Days? I really wanted my choices, and Its sad if I cannot? Any solutions?

  • I have a PS3 in the USA and I have no save files either. I have played through twice with completely opposite choices on each so I am able to see more than one side of the story..Why can't I use my save files from last season and 400 days

  • For PS3 people having issues with finding their save files, I started the first season I checked to make sure my files were there, then from there I went to the system game menu and started the second season, confirming that I wanted to shut down the open game (first season) to start season 2. Then when I pushed play and hit ok when it asks to search for save files my Files which showed up this time. Hope this helps.

    • F.Y.I. it will not offer to search for the save files until you have hit the x in the play menu to start a game. Then it will ask to search for them. Save files will not be shown under the save file menu until they have been searched for and found.

  • I have the same problem and it's patched up to the latest version. There's a small possibility my S1 was bought through the US PS store but S2 was through the european one. Does that make the game saves not findable by season 2?

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