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    Card name: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
    Dedicated Memory: 0 MB
    Driver Date/Size: 9/23/2009 18:22:58, 5472256 bytes

    The crash is caused by your integrated graphics chip, which doesn't meet the minimum requirements.
    Intel graphics chips are not recommended and they don't work well with TTG's games.

    I don't see any sign of an Nvidia card as you mentioned in the other thread. I'm not sure if that means there is none, or maybe just the drivers are missing.

    Please check the bottom of your notebook for the full model description and post it. Then we can look it up.

  • My model could have either that or the Chipset, I thought it had the other one :/ It is Acer Aspire BL50 Is there a way I could change the graphics chip?

  • Ok thanks . Now off to start playing the wolf among us!! :)

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