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Instillation Problems

posted by CarylDixon on - Viewed by 1.3K users

My Season 1 game just isn't installing. I have tried changing the location and preferences and it always stops installing about 1/3 of the way. Then, when I eject the disc, it says the instillation was complete, even though it wasn't. The shortcut isn't working either because something called d3dx9_41.dll is missing. I'm about done with this whole thing. I have an HP Envy m6 that runs on Windows 8.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    Where did you buy the disc?

    Further please follow the instructions to run the TWD Support Tool and post the download link to the resulting "" or "" to your next reply in this thread.

  • I'm having the same issue. The installation gets to about 1/3 of the way to completion and then locks up. I played the original Season 1 with NO problems on this machine. I've run the TWD Support Tool and the results can be found at

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, I purchased the downloadable version and then bought the disc from Best Buy. I am trying to install the disc version and getting this issue. I've not tried to install the downloaded version yet. It should be the same one would think.

    Thanks for all your work and I love TWD!

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      DjNDB Moderator

      Please uninstall the incomplete TWD season 1, and then try installing it again during a clean boot (see below).
      If that also doesn't work it could be a defective disc or incompatibility with the DVD drive. Then I would try installing it on a different computer, to test that and get the disc replaced if it doesn't work there either.

      Booting clean in Windows Vista / 7:
      1. Click Start --> Type msconfig --> Press Enter
      2. On the General tab, choose Selective Startup
      3. Uncheck Load Startup Items
      4. Select the Services tab
      5. Check Hide all Microsoft services
      6. Click Disable all
      7. If running the game on Steam, re-check the "Steam Client Service"
      8. Click on OK
      9. Click Restart.
      10. After reboot, run the game to see if it works.

      After performing the necessary steps, restore your settings by doing the following:

      1. Click Start --> Type msconfig --> Press Enter
      2. On the General tab, choose Normal Startup
      3. Click Ok
      4. Click Yes, when asked to restart your computer
      • Just for your benefit, I did the "Clean Boot" in Windows 7 - and still can't find the Saved files from Season 1. NOW Season 1 won't load any saved files either. Fantastic. I have the "save" files - what directory are they supposed to be located in (so I can check). After the "clean boot" Season 2 still would not find the "save" files from Season 1.

  • UPDATE: I was just able to install, completely and with NO problem at all, the TWD game Season 2 from the downloaded version that I had purchased when it was released but never downloaded or installed. And it WORKS! Go figure. EXCEPT for being able to load the "saved" info from Season 1. See other posts for more info on this issue.

  • However, despite being (finally) able to get the downloaded version to install correctly (the DVD I purchased at Best Buy would not work) I am unable to get the Season 2 to find/recognize/install the save files from Season 1 despite having finished the entire Season 1. The patch 1.01 seems to be installed as I have a directory \The Walking Dead\GameData\Pack\default with 1 to 5_WalkingDead101_pc_goty.ttarch files in it. Suggestions? This is MUCH more difficult than it should be!

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      DjNDB Moderator

      You need to have the season 1 savegames in the correct location, which is
      %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\

      In your last support tool I saw something at
      C:\Users\EM2\Documents\From Comp2\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead
      instead, but that doesn't look like a complete playthrough from the size of the prefs.prop.

      • I moved all the Season 1 saved games data to Users\EM2\MyDocuments\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead BUT Season 1 only shows "New Game" when I try to play it.

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          DjNDB Moderator

          Did you copy these savefiles from a different computer?
          If so, please run the support tool on both computers and upload the results.

          • Wow, this is approaching the point of "not being worth it." But as per your request, I ran the "support tool" again to see what it might say this time. To answer your question: No, I did not copy these files from a different computer - they were copied to an external HDD when I reloaded the OS on this computer earlier this year. Here is the data file for your information -

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              DjNDB Moderator

              I can see the problem. The prefs.prop is an essential part of the savegames and also needs to be directly in
              %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\
              At the moment you only have the *.save files there.

              In short, copying the prefs.prop from
              C:\Users\EM2\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\GameData\The Walking Dead
              C:\Users\EM2\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\

              Should let a properly installed TWD season 1 and 2 see the savegames.

              At the moment season 1 doesn't appear to be properly installed though, since the registry key is missing.
              Is the "EM2" windows user a standard- or an administrator account?

              • I am the only user of this computer and have administrator account. Thanks for all your help. Sorry for the confusion with Season 1/Season 2 disc. I am just so frustrated with this....

              • I copied the prefs.prop file, as instructed, and Season One plays just fine, but does NOT show any of the saved information. I would have to start from the beginning again. So, in reply to your post, above, 1) prefs.prop copied, 2) Season One DOES play and is properly installed and 3) I am the administrator and only user of this computer. Thanks for all your help.

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                  DjNDB Moderator

                  Were you able to install the download version by now, or is it unavailable? You didn't answer that post below.

                  In your last support tool info there was only a chaotic and incomplete mix of the games files in the savegame folder where they don't belong, and the registry key was missing, which explains why it doesn't see the savegames.

                  I think the cleanest way of fixing it would be backing up the savegames (just as a precaution), uninstalling and reinstalling everything related to TWD S1 and S2 to a proper location (not the savegame folder), and deleting everything from the S1 savegame folder except for the *.save files and the prefs.prop.

                  For that you need to have the games install files of course.

                  Should it still not work after that, I would have to check the current state in the support tool to see what didn't work as expected.

                  Normally this is not complicated at all, but the main problem here is that the seasons are not installed properly, and that your savegame backup was copied to the wrong location.

                  • Season Two installs just fine - the only issue is that it can't find the Save files from Season One. Season One runs just fine, plays just fine - just can't find the Save files (that as you can see I have copied to every folder in The Walking Dead folders, hoping that one of them would be the right location but none of them worked).

                    I think that I found Season One installation file(s) so I am going to uninstall everything (after copying the save and prefs) and see if a clean install will work.Thanks again for all your help and understanding.

  • UPDATE: I CANNOT uninstall and reinstall Season One as I do not have the installation file(s). I sent an email to with my original receipt (which referenced a now defunct link to my downloadable file(s)) and the only response that I received was to read (again) the post at which was not of any use to me.

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      DjNDB Moderator

      I am just a volunteer from the community, so I can't access any of the ordering/billing info.

      Is the game visible in your "My games" section?
      You get to the "My Games" section, by pressing the Alt text icon at the top of the page and selecting "My Games", and normally there should be a download link.

  • Back to the original intent of this thread: I have tried to install the Season Two disc (purchased at Best Buy) on two different computers now. It loads up until "Copy to C:\Program Files (x86)\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\GameData\Pack" and stops there on both computers. On the second computer there is NO other telltalegame at all. So what's the problem?

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