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The worst character

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Everybody keeps asking who is the best character. So I ask who is the worst.

  • Well, i dont consider characters bad if theyre written well So, if this is which character I disliked the most it would have to be Kenny, since he was such a bastard.

    If its which one i consider the "worst" as a character, I would have to say Chuck. He was hastily written in and out of the story and after he died, no one in the group even cared.

  • Doug (because he was lame), Ben (because he was useless), Vernon (because he was a wrinkly asshole)

  • Fuck all of ya, these are the people I hate!

    1. Glenn: Stupid Asian dude, he tried to flirt that girl in the motel (Irene), stupid fuck, go fuck a zombie girl you playboy!

    2. Doug: Lame ass nerd, Lee is right, you ain't got the balls, you are not good around with zombies, nerdy-nerdy-o!

    3. Larry: Air Force worker, but treats people like shit! Especially Lee! WTF! Do you fly Air Force One to carry salt licks? Bitch! Fuck your daughter man!


    5. Kenny: Selfish fuck! Only cares about his family! Steals the supplies! "That asshole in that cap" serve you right bozo! Fucking Bitch!

    6. Duck: Annoying, check! Lousy, check! Childish, check! Stupid, check!

    7. Katjaa: FAT! FAT! FAT! Kenny is sooo stupid to marry a FAT chick! She is a COWARD, she commited suicide, stupid mother! Useless crap bitch. Lousy whore! She helped Kenny stole the supplies! Stupid nerdo fucking whore lousy slut fucking go cum cum cum with your sperm bitch!

    8. St. Johns Family: Jerk, dick, assholes, flesh-eating bitches. Ps: Brenda doesn't wear a bra!

    9. Vernon: You know what am I going to say...

    10. Brie: She's too fat to join Crawford.. haha... I don't think she isn't qualified just becuz she got cancer, she is too fat!

    11. Clive: Lousy old man, no balls!

    12. Boyd: DIE OLD MAN DIE!

    13. Joyce: She's a racist (Go see Shel's story) ! Fat bitch whore cunt! I will fuck her granddaughters! Fuck her! Racist white ass bitch!

    14. Becca: Make Vernon fuck her! Make her the daughter of Vernon! So they can fuck each other! INCEST!

    15. Rebecca: Stupid pregnant bitch. Lousy whore! Lousy mother! Clementine rules this world mother fucker!

    16. Alvin: Henpecked man!

    17. Carlos: Stupid doctor, fucking Spanish dickass cunt, where did he get his PHD? Diploma? Garbage?! Junkyard?! You suck you Hispanic mother fucker! Fuck you and your daughter!

  • Characters I didn't like: Season 1 - Larry, Lilly, St. Johns. 400 Days - Dee, Becca, Russell (Becca's a kid, so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt a little) Season 2 - Rebecca Poorly Written characters: Season 1 - None 400 Days - None Season 2 - None (I honestly can't think of any really poorly written characters!)

  • Larry was a major asshole, so yeah. He's probably the worst. The girl who shot Omid in the beginning of Season 2 is also terrible. And The Stranger at the end of Season 1. I might be forgetting some but yeah these are the major two.

  • Season one: Lily - SHE KILLED CARLEY (or Doug) 400 days: Russel was a little asswipe when the woman came to their camp Season two: Alvin is kinda selfish and Kenny and Nick JUST DON'T DAMN THINK!!

  • Kenny will forever be my most hated character in the twd universe.

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