• I thought the episode went along great. No complaints with the story line at all. Although I certainly understand where you are coming from I do dis-agree with some.

    • You say "its too easy" but I strongly think its very difficult if near impossible to make a "point-and-click" game difficult. The more difficult it becomes the more frustrating it is. . . not necessarily challenging. For example I remember in Episode 3 last year when you were finding out who stole the supplies, I didn't know you could leave the camp to go look in the sewer/wall for a long time which left me just walking around. Wasn't that fun and I know others can relate.

    • I think it was necessary to kill of Omid and ditch Christa because you are starting a whole new season with a whole new storyline. I don't think keeping them around would have benefitted the storyline. And i love the way they killed Omid, even though he was my favorite character, it just jumped right back into the tragedy after the time off.

    • But come on... not being able to fail an important whole sequence with a well made atmosphere that makes you act carefully just kind of sucks... Of course you dont realize that when you play it the first time.

  • I'm usually one to voice my disagreement with most people's complaints about the game, but in this case, I actually agree with a lot of what you said. The puzzles were too simplified and the fact that failing a bunch of the button prompts didn't result in anything was disappointing.

    I'm also not a fan of the "you can select the choice, sure, but don't expect us to go through with it" thing that they've been implementing. [Give Hat], [Burn Photo], [...] when telling Luke about Lee. Sure, you can select all of these, but then the game doesn't follow through with it. If it's not an action that the character would follow through on, it shouldn't be an option in the game!

    To end on a positive note, though, my favorite gameplay moment so far was the "Who will you appeal to?" sequence. I thought the execution here was ingenious because there were "good" and "bad" outcomes (Pete and Alvin will change their mind to offer stronger support for you, Nick and Rebecca still oppose you no matter what, Luke was already on your side, and Carlos doesn't show any change at all), there was no clear "right" choice and any choice you made could be justified. More of these kind of sequences would be greatly appreciated.

  • Well the games not suppose to be hard i think it fine that way it is. The House scene is easy because if you play it the first time you don't notice the cant fail maybe after a few playthroughs but not the first. Lastly Omid had to die. I know you can't understand becuz of ur pea sized brain but your not Lee anymore.. Your not the leader of the group where you can make important decisions. Your Clementine which means you have to follow what other people say like when Lee told her to stay behind when they went looking for a boat in S1. Clem isn't going to be just an allout badass where she carries a gun and doesn't hesitate to use it in most situations and tells people to fuck off. so yeah Clem has to be on her own so we don't get told what to do 24/7

  • One last thing that can improve is the stats for choices. The choices in S2 E1 were hard, but a different kind of hard. The answer for most of the choices were obvious, but they were hard to go through with IE Same the Dog. The choice made you feel like crap afterword, but I didn't find myself regretting the choice I made. I don't mind these kinds of choices, but they need to balance it out with choices like these --> Now the Nick/Pete choice? I regret the choice that I make one way or another, and it makes me question myself whether or not I made the right choice. THAT is what stats should be made for, and they should focus a bit more of those kinds of choices in the next episode.

    • Oh man i like hard choices. Lily/Kenny choice was one of the best moments in the whole TWD game. And watching your friends or some guys on youtube struggling to choose. How this game can bring you to think about the things you did and sometimes regretting them is just awesome. I want that to keep on.

  • I agree on the length (and adding a "hub" or two would have fixed a lot of the problem) but I disagree that it would have improved the game to keep Omid and Christa in the picture. So much of the drama in this episode, and probably in the upcoming episodes, stems from Clem having to deal with a group where she's not sure who she can trust and where most of them trust don't trust her either. That wouldn't have nearly the same impact if there was someone around she knew she could rely on.

    • Yeah but think about it. Clementine has been with lee for about 4 months. Then she was with Omid and Christa for about... 8 months maybe ? They just ended this strong relation between them in the first scene within 10 minutes without bringing it up again, because then comes the next time jump. 16 months. So clementine has been pretty much a year with christa now. Technically her bond with her should be at least as strong as her bond with lee. But do you recognize the strong relationship that should have been evolved over the past year ? I didnt feel like they were close to one another. Which is kind of unrealistic when you look at the fact that they have survived for so long now. I imagined omids and christas role in ep1 as a fahter/mother kind of realationship to clementine. At least in the first episode. The first episode could even have been those 8 months after savannah with a cool different plot. We don't even know how she made it out of there and met Omid and Christa in the field.

      • Christa emotionally closes off after Omid dies, hence why they barely talk in the opening sequence. spending 16 months with a bitter, silent Christa, while having tons of guilt and grief to deal with herself with no-one to talk to about it is the reason Clementine turns into what she is in season 2. The fact that Clem and Christa barely talk and haven't developed the guardian-child bond after 16 months! is an extremely important message that shouldn't be overlooked as a writing error. It's not unrealistic at all considering Christa was already a pretty cold/hard/tough person with the funny, optimistic, friendly Omid influencing her as her foil. Take that away well, you get season 2's cold and bitter Christa. It would be hard to lose someone like Omid, you have to admit. The fact that he was killed by Clem's gun means that Christa could possibly subconsciously or consciously blame Clementine for their mistake in 'having fun' in the rest stop bathroom.

  • I just got done playing ep 1 of season 1 again and it just makes me realize how empty ep 1 of season 2 really was

    1. EP 1 of S2 was way too short. In fact just about every TTG game since the end of TWD S1 has been short. 400 days and TWAU were both mini episodes almost.
    2. Not enough open freedom on the episode levels. The game is way to one dimensional. In ep 1 of s1 you had Hershel's farm, the drug store, and the motor lodge. Each level in the episode was like a open world you could do things in any order that pleased you.
    3. Not enough interaction with the other characters.
    4. I also think the time jump was very poorly implemented.
    • 400 Days wasn't ever advertised as being like S1 at all. I agree S2 eps should be longer though. Not necessarily plotwise but padding like you say talking to characters, more exploring at our own pace

    • I agree with most of your points. Though the time jump made sense to me. Christa doesn't trust groups, and was emotionally closed off after Omid dies, so they basically spent 16 months alone and silent in the woods eating wildlife and avoiding bandits and other groups. They imply pretty well that Christa internally blames Clem and herself for Omid's death, and the baby's (who might have made it if Omid was there). Basically two years of silently eating forest critters and one horrific consequence of a baby which they pretty clearly showed what happened to it by its mere absence, as well as the massive downer Clementine and Christa are in. How would they for you implement the time jump correctly? Because 16 months seems like a pretty reasonable time that Christa could have kept her and Clem away from bandits before they were eventually found (hence the reason the time jump stops there).

      • Pardon me, one thing I did think they could have done better on: they should have kept Omid and Christa alive for 10 minutes before killing Omid and dropping the title card. Just 10 minutes to appreciate the characters and think everything will be okay. THEN BAM! Right in the feels!

  • Agreed with the difficulty. That's pretty disappointing. The thing with Omid dying is understandable, as it's clear they're trying to make Clementine into a cold, depressed shell with the only purpose being "survive."

  • I think I would've sooner had Episode One focus more on Clementine with Omid and Christa and then toward the end have Omid's death and the time skip. I just think they got rid of Omid and Christa way too much and the past decisions from Season One didn't even have to pop up much anymore.

    • Yeah I would have prefered that

    • This. What could've been good is something like the prologue being Omid, Christa and Clementine in their camp making a fire, laughing, joking, we're allowed to talk to them both personally inbetween major scenes also. Then they go to bed and walk to the gas station the next day or just after chatting, THEN it plays out like the ep. Then after the time skip, camp scene again like it is in the ep. Like a full comparison: Happy laughter camp scene, gas station, depressive camp scene to show just how different things are now

  • Just don't kill anyone else within the first 5 minutes of the game , Other than that another Telltale success

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