• It still works for me this way. :-) (if your answer was to my message)

  • clem saw me kill the 1st one. So I let the other live.

  • I stabbed the one brother with a pitchfork in the barn.

    The second one I beat the hell out of, and left him for dead.

    In my opinion there was no need to kill him. I won, he was beaten, and he got what he deserved.

  • I spared them both. At first, I didn't know sparing Danny was an option, but then I realized you could throw the pitchfork at the haysack. I was relieved to know Clem was watching (I didn't want her to see any more murder that day). Then with Andy, I was initially happy to beat the living shit out of him, but then I saw the rest of the survivors looking at me and stopped. It kind of felt like I was on national TV, I just couldn't keep going and was so sick of all the violence...

  • Killing them just makes you look like the bad guy in Clementine's eyes. So no, I didn't kill them. Just beat them up good.

  • Danny wouldn't have been able to make it out of that trap. They both designed it so that humans couldn't escape. Even if there was some complicated loophole, the walkers would probably kill him before he got out. And if he did, I don't think he would have been able to defend himself on one leg. And Andy probably didn't have the strength to run away. He takes such a beating that it seems like he's exhausted. We saw how quickly the Governor kicked Rick's ass in Season 4, and Andy was just a repeat. Andy probably would have died, and Danny was a write-off the second he stepped on that bear trap.

  • The only reason I didn't kill them was because of Clementine. It's pretty amazing how she can influence your choices.

  • I killed Danny - that son of a bitch deserved it, he got all mouthy and even before that i was really tempted to put the pitch fork through his head. Andy after i'd slung a few punches into him, he was too pathetic to finish off standing (or kneeling rather) in the rain, and i choose the option to return too the group - he'd had enough and besides i was feeling guilty from clem seeing me kill the other one. I was happy (well not happy but you know what i mean, i can't think of the right word im having a mind block) though when the zombies broke over the fence and presumably ate him, it was poetic justice and i didn't really expect it - i thought once chose to walk away that would be that. The only gripe i had with the choice i made with Danny is that the game guilt tripped me with clem seeing it.

  • They would have died regardless. Killing them would be to "nice". I let the walkers get them.

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