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The forgotten reason of Lilly Shooting Carley

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Hey , I know she completely lost it and went nuts after what happened to her dad and thats the main reason she killed Carley , But Im I the only here who thinks she had started to develop feelings for Lee ? Im not gonna say she was in love or anything but I think she did like him and the jelously of Lee's growing relationship with Carley, The horrible death her dad suffered and then Carley's last words ultimately caused her to snap , Lilly liked Lee , You may not think about it the first time but play the game a couple times and tell me Telltale doesn't hint it

  • I honestly never seen any moments in Episode 1 to 3 where Lilly had romantic feelings for Lee.

  • I say she cared about Lee, well in my playthrough anyway, cause I sided with Lilly rather than Kenny about the whole Larry situation but then Lilly ruined my trust for her when she killed Doug. lol but if she did succeed in killing Ben I wouldn't of cared, god I hated him.

  • In my humble opinion, I believe Lilly's shooting motive was more out of her loathe for Carley than her "love" for Lee. I wasn't under the impression that she developed romantic feelings for Lee. Especially if you held her back and let Kenny crush Larry's head right in front of her. The hate for Carley probably stemmed in episode 1 when Carley called Kenny "boss." Lilly is the type of person who likes to be in control and doesn't like her leadership to be questioned.

    Though I digress, I don't think Lilly liked Lee because after the shooting, she tries to throw Lee under the bus even if you sided with her from day one. If you're still not convinced then let's do a hypothetical. Let's postulate that Lilly shot Carley because she was jealous of her being with Lee. Why would she attempt to use the person that she developed feelings for as a scapegoat? Also, let's assume that you allowed Lilly access back to the RV and right before she stole the RV, you desired to advance with her.

    Why would she lie to and leave the one person she felt compelling fondness towards with no transportation, (as far as she knew, that train wasn't going anywhere) and possibly for dead? Well I suppose that's one way to play hard to get. If Lilly was anything like her father with displaying her affections in a hostile and ambiguous way. Then I suppose she was head over heels for Lee.

  • I think it would be determent between whether her reasons for killing Carly; If you side with her most of the time (especially with Larry) and appreciate her as a leader, she would kill Carly based on jealousy. If not, she may kill her just to spite Lee.

  • I thought this thread would say "because she cared about the group." As in even though she was completely and utterly out of line and borderline insane, she shot Carly because she thought she stole from the group.

    • she thought she stole from the group.

      That's a good one. She couldn't even make her mind about who stole from the group ! First she accused Ben, then Ben and Carley together, then it was all about Carley...

      She clearly had no idea.

      No, the truth is she shot Carley because she hated her for the confident, genuinely nice and caring person she was, her exact opposite. Carley was the mirror where Lilly could see in contrast her own flaws and defects. She was an insecure, aggressive, bitchy person whereas Carley was confident, loving and loveable ; Lilly was a control freak whereas Carley did not care about power struggles or positions and genuinely cared for the group without any afterthoughts, Lilly had father issues and a relationship of emotional dependence with Larry whereas Carley was her own woman.

      And when Carley finally began to say out loud what Lilly always knew (and hated to know) existed in herself (her being a "scared little girl" and so on), that's when she lost it.

  • I honestly believe it was a struggle for dominance. You hear about it all the time with guys, but it's true with girls, too. Everyone liked Carley, for the most part. She was a good shot, and she was nice to people, and she wasn't the one who had to be stingy with the rations. Carley was the popular girl, and Lilly was the loser nobody liked, with the asshole dad. Lilly was just taking back her power.

    But that's just what I read into it. There are other interpretations, of course.

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    Jinx_Cannon BANNED

    I think she shot her because she was totally jealous of her. How could you blame her with her being perfect and all.

  • I honestly think Lilly's Queen Bee instincts kicked into overdrive. She was pissed off about how Carley was standing up to her. Combine that with the stress from the recent death of her father, paranoia (even though it was correct) and seeing her power slip away in the group is what caused her to shot Carley.

    She does show a deep caring for Lee and Clem if you side with her on everything I will give the Lee-Lilly shippers that much.

  • I wouldn't go that far. I mean I think we can read too much into a smile or a throwaway phrase. If there's an ulterior feeling for Lilly I think it's more that she thinks the group is turning on her... though she'd not be entirely wrong in that regard. OR that they're being dismissive of getting to the bottom of things.

  • I think she has (or had?) feelings for Lee, thats not only reason killing Carley but thats one of the reasons why she blame Carley for treacherous right away,And ı agree on she doesn't like Carley from episode 1 that's the second reason why she start to hate her instead disliking is Lee and Carley's relationship. For LeeXLilly; on episode 3, if you helped to save Larry, she shows that she's trusting Lee (if you think her psychological condition it means a lot). And later on she calls Lee to come with her before she escapes..

    Actually i shipped Carley&Lee and felt horrible when she dead but i think Lilly's feelings just one of the reason to kill Carley. On Doug's case the other reasons everyone has saying comes into play..

    That's why i'm wanting to see Lilly, if this thought is correct the story can be more enteresting

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