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Will TWD Be Considered "One of the Greats"?

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five friends are sitting around at a table. It's the year 2026. One of them starts reminiscing about their childhood, and then they all start remembering the best and greatest games they could remember. One of them brings up Super Mario Bros., and another says "Ocarina of Time" instantly. One guy says Bioshock and Left 4 Dead, and another brings up GTA V (Inevitably). But will the words "The Walking Dead" ever come up?

  • It's really hard to say. On one hand you have an excellent gaming experience in TWD; on the other hand, it's awfully short. In order to remember games properly, they need to make a lasting impact over a lot more time than TWD has.

    Currently, the only game I have worth mentioning at that table would be Baldurs Gate 2; others might bring up Planescape: Torment as a game from about the same time period.

    Don't get me wrong, TWD is a great game, but too short and the player can't make a big enough impression on the outcome or the gameplay for the game for (at least) me to remember it with the same fondness as other games.

  • The Walking Dead will always be on the top of my list. FOR-EVER. I'll certainly remember it.

  • It will definitely be remembered as the best zombie game that doesnt focus on racking up headshots

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    Yes, watching how clementine dies is verry funny and enjoyable.

  • I was skeptical about the game when i first heard about it. I wasn't that fond of point and click games, not to mention i knew little to nothing about TWD. I started playing, and from the first minute i was hooked! I also started watching the show and even brought 5 volumes of the comics. To answer your question, yeah, it will. Considering we have at least one more season ahead of us, maybe even 2? Which started with a bigger bang than the last season IMO, we still have a long way to go:)

  • It's a popular game but unfortunately it's not so popular that people will be talking about it in the same vein they do Mario.

  • I'll say it forever, TWD is one of the best games i've ever played, but i don't see many people will remember this game as one of the great in future, the most it'll get will be "Remember TWD? It was cool" . As years passes more people will consider a good game = good graphics, good online, more weapons etc. we're already losing the gaming industry to that logic....At least Telltale is on our side :)

  • It's not gonna be widely known in the future, but when mentioned to the ones who played it, it will surely bring them some refreshing memories and you'll be able to talk about it for a long time. It's one of the small things that don't seek for attention, but will surely remembered by the ones that tried it.

  • I honestly doubt it, the only reason it won game of the year in 2012 was because BioWare and Blizzard shit the bed with Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3.

    Also so far Walking Dead as been one game(I'm counting each season as one individual game. since even combined it's still short compared to other story driven games), if the other games(seasons) aren't as good as the first one, it will never be mentioned as a top game series.,

    It's like Dragon Age: Origins, easily one of the best games this generation, but will people ever say the Dragon Age series is one of the best? No, because Dragon Age 2 was not at the level it should have been.

  • in 2026 certainly still speak of call of duty ... xD

    seriously, the walking dead is the best thing that ever happened to me. That's right, "the thing", because it is not just a game, but it's something that video games today (and it is hoped that in the future this thing will understand) do not have ... then, if people understand, then we will talk about a lot of The Walking Dead. Thank You TTG!! <3

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