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Zoo animals

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What if animals from the zoo got out and are surviving In the wilderness and anywhere they can. imagine if not just having to worry about zombies but wolves, lions ect.... .this may be awesome if added into the story of the walking dead. it could be a major in the game like lets say you met an elephant in the woods and you can chose to feed it and you befriend it and comes to help you later and if you don't feed it gets mad at you and walks away or something like that ( just my ideas) our you witness a pride of lion attack some zombies or you what are your ideas and thoughts

  • They'll die of starvation(because of no humans around to feed them) before being able break out from the zoo.

    • Well in theory some animal lover might have released them.

      Many of the animals WOULD be equipped to survive. Even lions would likely survive.

      Aside from Zoo animals which would be pretty freaking rare regardless of being possible how about regular wildlife blossoming? The zombie apocalypse must be heaven for bears and wolves, especially the wolves.

      • or all the large animals got out to look for food e.g. elephants and let the outhers out while look for food

        • Well in most Zoos only human error can allow allow any animals to leave. Just because they are hungry doesnt mean they can break their cage, I mean I imagine most of those animals are quite distraught about not being able to leave already.

          • You'd be surprised what zoo animals can do with enough motivation. I used to volunteer in the reptile department and the male Galapagos tortoise managed to get over onto the female side so they could make like Omid and Christa. I had to lure her back into her cage while the zoo staff distracted the casanova with bananas. Interesting times at that zoo.

  • Where is King Kong when you need him?

  • This time I want to see Clem bond with a wild Tiger, only for it to flip out when it flips out when she doesn't give it canned food, I think the Damage will be more than just a bite. Just imagine:

    Luke: FUCK, She has like no arms dude

    Pete: Settle down, I'm sure it's just a boo-boo

  • I'd say that the idea of zoo animals surviving this long was a bit silly, but The Last of Us made a pretty good scene out of it so what do I know?

  • can a walker even bite an elephant? it could make a decent "car" actually I thought of where I might make a safe house when walkers start eating people, the Houston zoos gorilla exhibit. if a gorilla cant get out then walkers cant get in!

    • Well there are many impenetrable locations, the problems is if it gets completely surrounded it probably doesn't feature good places to leave from. It still might be a good place to start, except the Zoo itself is probably filled with zombies from the beginning.

  • Maybe the elephant could make it, but remember walkers have been known to feed on animals. So, basically, anything small enough to be overpowered by a ridiculous amount of people would probably die relatively fast. It would be awesome though!

    I gotta admit I tought it would be pretty cool if a pack of man-eating dogs (maybe they were used in dog fights before the ZA) could attack Clem's group, since there is no other edible meat out there but human meat. But I don't think they'll bring any more dogs for a while after Sam. So, I get where you're coming from. We all get this crazy (sometimes not so crazy) ideas for the game, but, thankfully, TTG gets better ideas.

  • Sure, the elephants are all friendly at first, but then Clem drops a peanut and STOMP.

  • They were probably eaten by the zombified zookeepers, or killed for food by scavengers

    Or they starved to death in their cages..

  • its not just that it be cool to address wildlife in the show but its a part of the new reality that should not be ignored this far into the series. First off, in an industrial collapse, native wildlife would explode in numbers as they start using all the land and resources that was once being diverted to industry and other human uses. So prey species numbers would be off the chart! Zombies are very slow and noisy predators so wildlife would not have much problem evading them, unlike humans that have lost a lot of our survival senses, but yes the shear numbers of zombies could control some of the numbers of animals like deer, elk, moose, rabbit, rodent and the like. Howevera lot of the bigger animals have evolved great abilities to defend themselves when dealing close up with predators or packs of predators - so if there is an explosion in the numbers of prey species theres should be corresponding explosion in the number of predators moving south out of canada and west out of the rockies and midwest taking over ancient feeding grounds. Within two years of a collapse, there should already be packs of wolves moving into georgia and both the western and florida subspecies of panthers should be expanding its range into georgia ( the males of the species love to roam hundreds of miles looking for new territory). both the black and grizzlies bear populations should be experience a huge bubble as they have all this new territory and all these new prey species and millions of walking carrion meals(zombies). As for the viability of escaped exotic animals forming healthy new populations in the americas, this is an old theory and most scientists believe that a lot of exotic asian, african and south american species of mega fauna would adapt well and reproduce in a wild, depopulated north america. the zombies could take a lot of them down but for the most part the climate in georgia is relatively mild and lions, tiger, elephants. camels and zebras should be establishing healthy populations is a post zombie apocalypse georgia. We need to see the producers of the walking dead tackle what should be the growing threat of wild predators in the walking dead reality. see: &

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