• Going off your boat comment.

    Clem: "Hey Kenny you find a boat yet?"

    Kenny: "Oh hey Clem. Nope I haven't. You find your parents yet?"

  • Oh, I thought the mystery character you meant was the guy who appears at the cabin, not the I thought you were dead guy.

  • "Imma need about tree fity"

  • "I thought you were dead.... MUM AND DAD!"

    • camera pans
    • everyone is alive
    • apocalypse was all a dream
    • Lee is there somehow for some reason
  • This looks interesting. Let me get in on this.

    If it's Kenny: "Clementine? Well, I'll be damned."

    "I thought you were dead."

    "Yeah, I thought I was a goner too. But somehow I managed to get out of Savannah without being bitten. So, how've you been holding up? Did Lee managed to get you back?"

    "Yeah. But then he told he got bitten, and I had to kill him before he could turn. I found Omid and Christa after I got out of Savannah, too."

    "That's good. But why ain't they here now?"

    "I was with them, but then a year ago, I got into trouble and Omid died trying to save me."

    "Shit. And Christa?"

    "We got attacked by a couple scavengers and separated. She still out there somewhere."

    If it's Molly: "Wait, Clementine? Is that you?"

    "Molly? I thought you were still in Savannah?"

    "Nah, I got out of there a year ago and didn't look back. Too many bad memories."


    "Anyway, you seem to be doing alright yourself kid. But wait, where's Lee? Is he not with you?"

    "He's dead."

    "Say what now?"

    "He got bitten trying to save me, and he told me to shoot him before he turned."

    "Goddamn. I guess a lot can happen in a year."

    If it's Christa: "Oh, thank God. Clementine."

    "I thought something bad happened to you."

    "You and me both. Who are these people?"

    "I met them a couple days ago and they saved me when I was wounded."

    "Clementine, what have I told you about trusting people?"

    "I know, but I wouldn't even be alive if they hadn't found me."

    If it's Lilly: "Clementine?"

    "I thought you were dead."

    "Yeah, well, to be honest, I thought you all were too. Look, I never got a chance to say before, but I'm really sorry about what I did to Carley."

    "You were out of line. You killed her in cold blood."

    "I know. I realized a long time ago that it was wrong."

    "She wasn't a bad person. Lee liked her a lot, and now they're both dead."

    • Clem- I thought you were dead
    • Tupac Shakur- No I was in Cuba chillin
    • Clem- No way it can't be real
    • Tupac- Didn't you listen to my CD Makevali? I told ya'll I would be back in 2014
    • Clem- What? In a video game though? That's weird Lol. I was expecting someone I knew personally.
    • Luke- WTF!?! We need to get going Clem he could be bitten or a lurker
    • Tupac- Haha you got to be kidding me. Is this man serious?
    • Clem- No comment....

    • Clem- I thought you were dead

    • Kenny- No way sweet pea. Who told you I was dead and where's Lee?
    • Clem- Krista told me you were dead and Lee dead (Sad face)
    • Kenny- Me and my fking mouth. It's good to see you again Clem. Lee was a good friend. I have you to protect now.
    • Clem- What if you sided with the bandits? How can I trust you?
    • Kenny- Nope I didn't side with any of these bastards
    • Clem- What?
  • "Kenny? How did you survive?"

    "Pulled a few trump cards out of the stash in my stache." [Begins stroking mustache]

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