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Does anyone else feel a bit...

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Disappointed? I mean we wait, what, 4 months or whatever and I completed the episode in under 2 hours. Not to mention the season pass issue which okay may not entirely be TTGs fault but nevertheless should have been dealt with much quicker & the vast array of bugs with the episode, the whole of the previously & coming up scenes stuttered horribly for me so I couldn't even see what the heck was going on & there were loads of other niggling problems which really pulled me out of the immersion into the game. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed the episode but felt it wasn't as good as ep1, I expected more.

  • If you feel the need to complain,you could just go to the other threads made about this-sigh-.I'm not saying i agree,and i am not trying to be agressive.I am just throwing that out there.

  • No, I don't feel disappointed. Firstly, this is an episode of a much larger game. The idea that every episode must be 4 hours or more worth of content is a bit ludicrous, especially when you keep in mind Telltale is not a massive company on the same level as EA or Ubisoft. What's more, what we do have in 'Smoke and Mirrors' is trully great, maintaining the kind of sharp writing, disturbing twists, and dramatic pathos of a quality David Lynch film. I would consider even two hours of that in a game commendable.

    Second, I'm sorry if you've had problems with your download but I encountered no errors. Perhaps you simply need to redownload or your system requires attention. On my console the game ran smoothly for all transitions and gameplay.

    Lastly, the issue with the Season Pass was not Telltale's fault. This has been confirmed by Microsoft (hence the extended time-table and distribution of a redemption code. Something they would not have been required to offer it the error was Telltales...) as having been an authentication issue on their end with Season Pass accounts. An update is coming at some point over the next two days or so which will render the matter moot and I'm sure will provide valuable data for preventing this problem with future episodes.

    So, all in all, unless you must complain about something, there really isn't anything to keep anyone from enjoying what was, in my humble opinion, an exceptional second episode.

  • I am not disappointed in the game at all. It was another great chapter in TWAU. My only problem is with how long it took to get here.

  • Huh guess it's just me then & I really don't see the need for all the dislikes I'm just voicing my opinion isn't that what the forums are for?

  • yes i am dissapointed i didn't enjoy it that much

  • I'm somewhat with you on this. Although I didn't buy the game when it first came out (got it during the End of year sale on Live), I can imagine some players who waited for four months being disappointed with the lenght of the episode. The story was good and set up for episode 3 nicely, but you'd think with 4+ months, they would be able to code the game better so that it does not lag/glitch/freeze all the time.

  • The only thing I'm disappointed in was how long it took to be released. I loved this episode and I'm looking forward to the next episode.

  • I thought the episode was great. The thing that bothered me was the long delay

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