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Why did more people rip Gren's arm off than punch Beast when he was down?

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I don't understand why more people ripped Gren's arm off than punch Beast while he was down. I think it's worst to rip someone's arm off rather than punch someone when they're down. They both also started the fight with Bigby so what makes them different? What made you show more mercy to Beast than Gren?

  • Because childs have never been on a bar fight, and consider breaking someone's arm a reasonable thing to do if they offend you. To put it bluntly, because people were butthurt about the way Gren had treated them.

  • For Gren, what I was thinking during the fight-scene was, "I don't want this guy coming back at me later on and really beat my ass into the ground." So I ripped his arm off to make sure that if Bigby and Gren got into another scrap, he'd be weaker and, no pun intended, not have the upper-hand. It seems that in episode 2 Gren is a little more tamed but could you blame him? I ripped his arm off. o_o;

    Yet when it came to the Beast, I didn't punch him when I had the chance. I really did not want to get into the fight in the first place - if I could have avoided it, I would have but there was no other option. I cringed when Bigby sunk his claws into his eye sockets. I love Beauty and Beast as characters and I can see Beast as an ally. He wasn't fighting with Bigby to kill him or anything, just acting off of his emotions, protecting his relationship and his love for Beauty.

  • Grendel was being a bitch while Beast is just misunderstanding the situation. If only Beauty could just scream out her reason sooner.

    I managed to do a playthrough where I failed most qtes for Beast's fight and the end result for the statistics was around 5% players "Did not have Beast at your mercy"

  • I understood beast at the time, but (At the time) I hated Gren. There really was a difference between them as it was a misunderstanding husband, and an a guy that's only been an ***hole to me. Both situations were presented differently, and the only thing they have alike is Bigby beating the **** out of them. If players had more time to understand Gren, then they wouldn't have though he did give Bigby a good beating, and tearing off his arm is so satisfying.

  • . Altough i didn't ripp his arm off nor punch beast again,I can tell that it was a misunderstanding with beast.How would you react if you see your wife with one of your friends.So I think it's not his fault;he was controlled by his emotions.

    . And with Gren:He totally wanted to kill Bigby and he didn't had strong reasons as beast.He even attacked Big and insulted Snow so.. I think that's why many people ripped his arm of

  • I don't care for him and He called me a lap dog.. I like beast and do not want to hurt him or Beauty but Im not going to make my Bigby a b**** and just be bloody everywhere

    • What if someone you loved died wouldn't you be upset about it? Though it is crane's fault since he kept Bigby busy while he was messing around with holly. This was a misunderstanding too if you think about it.

  • I did both, my Bigby is kind of an asshole when he transforms in his wolf form.

  • Gren ripped his arm off cold and calculated having bad day he trys to stop me intimidate me and then kill me think boot was on other foot he would killed you also send message try mess and kill bigbad wolf there will be consequences but in beast never hit him when he was down because lied to him and what he saw could 100% undertstand his rage perception is reality and his my friend so like triple back stabbing in his eyes and felt awful fighting him so never got to that stage where he was at my mercy

  • Glad i didnt rip his arms off, basically since he's one of the coolest people in episode 2 imo.

  • It's Gavin Hammon! The guy that voiced BroKen!

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