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Season 1, ep 2-5 not restoring, workaround doesn't help

posted by kimeffindeal on - Viewed by 505 users

Last year I downloaded Season1 and bought the 2-5 ep bundle (listed in my iTunes acct history). At one point, I deleted the game from my iPad and recently re-downloaded it (from cloud), but when I click on "restore" it prompts me to buy it again. This seems to be something you know about and are working on.

I tried the workaround suggested, where you disconnect, and I got to the 2-5 bundle screen, but it still prompted me to buy, not restore (or "get"). Some people in the forum claim that since this was purchased through App Store that Apple is in charge of it, but when I contact their support staff they told me to contact the developer.

Please help! I want to fight zombies again!

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