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400 Days: Let's keep going! (fan-fic)

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I just discovered the Fan-fics on the site. I'm really loving them! I don't just want to jump in to the one that's in progress, as it's 48 pages long at this point, and the latest summary was page 26. So I figured I'd start my own! This one is going to be about 400 Days, the extra adventure of TWD. Ok, ground rules.

Leave your posts open ended! Don't kill everyone, or say the end, or just generally end the story!---Stick with the current story. Subplots are fine, just stick with what the last person just did. Having someone undo all of your work is beyond frustrating---Don't bring back dead characters for no reason. They're dead.---This is a mature story. No rule 34, or random things that are stupid intentionally.---Don't post your part as a reply, Replies are strictly for responses or criticisms or reactions to whatever you're replying to.---GET CREATIVE Ok, part 1. Oh, by the way, this is assuming everyone went with Tavia. Should I list this as spoilers for 400 days? I need an opinion. Also, feel free to jump in and add to the plot at anytime, participation is what makes this so fun, and everyone is encouraged to add! I'll have part 1 up in a second, as a starting point.

All new Fan-fic, in the same continuity as the first, but we start off focusing on an all-new group! But I want to re-introduce everyone else later, the link to it is here: It's not required, but I want you all to come join :D

  • :O feels like you did the trapped in attic scene and Kenny "Death" scene in one! Joe better be dead because I heard a thump. And I hope we do at least half the episode in the attic since it would be really depressing and such.

    The group looked around but couldn't find anything. Breanna was crying in the corner hands in her face, Jane, and Laz trying to comfort her. Wyatt, Justin, Johnny, Lola and Michael were looking around for an exit at no avail. There was only a window but its was too far down to survive if you jumped out.

    "I'm sorry... Breanna. It should have been me and it wasn't." Laz said. She said nothing and tried to ignore him. Michael was getting really angry and tried kicking the walls for no reason. Johnny and Lola were looking around and managed to find a weeks worth of food and water. There were 2 couches and a bed which must have been Carver's. Everyone was out of ammo and didn't have a weapon. Wyatt soon found a gun on a table with 3 bullets... the only weapon they had. Laz was equipped with his weapons and so Wyatt and Laz were the only armed people.

    Wyatt spoke up "We're going to have to stay in here for a couple of days. We have enough supplies to keep us going and we'll wait until the walkers clear out." Everyone agreed and began to get comfortable. Breanna had stopped crying but wasn't talking to anyone except Jane and Lola on one of the couches. Johnny and Justin were sitting on one couch talking to each other. Michael was talking to himself while pacing the dark corner of the room. Laz and Wyatt were discussing they're escape.

    Soon night fell upon the town and everyone was asleep. Breanna on the bed. Johnny on the couch. Jane on the other couch all patched up. Everyone else slept on the floor in sleeping bags Justin and Johnny found in the crates downstairs. Justin sighed. He saw that everyone was asleep and decided to check on his wound. He lifted his shirt and it revealed a bite mark that had got him when he was holding the walkers back. He didn't feel that bad, It would probably be better in the morning he thought to himself. He lowered his shirt and fell into a deep sleep never to awake....

    (We need people dead. There is way too many people. Let him bite at least one person please!)

  • Justin got up as a walker. Breanna had not slept, because she was grieving over Joe's loss. Turning around to see Justin wandering around, she walked up to him, and noticed he wasn't paying attention to her, so when his hat he was wearing fell off, she went to pick it up, and hand it to him, as he turned, biting her on the hand, as she screamed, waking everyone up, as Micheal saw a zombified Justin biting Breanna, and he grabbed the gun Wyatt had set down, shooting his shoulder, and he fumbled the weapon. Wyatt reached out for it, as Justin continued to eat Breanna's hand, he cocked it, and shot again, this time Justin whipped around, tackling him, as he shot and missed due to the momentum of the tackle, and Laz ran over, killing him with the hatchet. "Micheal, you missed man." Laz said as Micheal was holding his shoulder "It's aim under pressure, when I just awake is horrible, okay?" Micheal said, checking his shoulder. Luckily, it was just a bump from the floor hen he got tackled, and checking his whole body, he wasn't bitten, and neither was anybody else, as Justin turning made them all check themselves. Except for Breanna, of course, who stared at her bleeding, mangled hand, crying. Micheal picked up the gun. 1 bullet left. "Saveit." Breanna said, as she sobbed, looking at the hatch. "I want with Joe in my final hour." Laz sadly hugged her, as he opened the hatch, holding the ladder. There was still a massive horde, but they had mostly gone outside. "Goodbye......everyone." Breanna sadly said, jumping down, as they watched her hold her hand, spotting Joe's corpse, lying in a corner, sitting there, white, a huge hole in his stomach area, as Breanna cried, as she lied down, hugging Joe, as she slowly went unconscious. They also threw Justin's corpse down, as Laz wiped tears away, as everyone silently went back to sleep.

  • Michael motioned to Johnny and Laz to come talk to him. When the two got there,Michael whispered " We need to a house around here that we can stay in and feel safe. We need to heal physically and mentally." Johnny nodded "I agree. This place is way too big and the attic doesn't really say "temporary home" to me." Plus we need to resupply. Ammo, weapons,food and medical supplies. Plus I have to get my duffel bag outside. It is under Carver's truck. One problem, I am the only one with a gun and ammo for it. But as we came into town I saw a house with bars on it. Looked like a home with a business attached to it. The way it was built makes me think it use to be a weapons store of some kind. You just don't put bars on all your windows for nothing.And nothing was broken or smashed in and it would be perfect size for us. And the safest." Johnny looked at him. "Why would you say it is the safest?" Laz looked at Jane and Wyatt. "It is the first building when you drive into town. Do you know how many people actually do not look at the first building when they arrive in a town? 89 percent. Now to me, in this day and age you could probably add 4 more percent to that." "That makes sense and I am all for it." Michael replied. Laz looked around the room. " Everybody is tired and spent. They need rest as do you two. I will go out and take care of the rest of the walkers in this place and be nice and quiet about killing any others that are outside. Before you argue, Michael take this." Laz handed him the watch he was wearing. "It is 7:00 right now and the sun is going down. It will be dark soon. So I need to get going. And take my Golden Eagle, just in case. It has a silencer on it and a full clip." Reaching into his jacket he pulled out another clip and handed this one to Johnny. "Stay a team. You two know what we are trying to do. If I am not back in by 7 in the morning, then something happened. But you two will tell your friends here what we talked about. And give this to Jane. She looks like she can use it. Unless she is allergic to it than persist she smoke some." Laz handed Michael a joint and a lighter. Then he gave Johnny a joint. "That is in case anybody needs to release some stress. Now walk with me over to the door in the floor." Laz chuckled. The three of them walked over acting nonchalantly and stood by the attic door. Laz looked at them and all three men nodded. Laz whispered" Lock it and don't let no one leave. Give me till the morning. And do not show the gun unless it is a dire situation." In one swift movement Laz had unlocked the door jumped through and Johnny locked it back up. Michael and Johnny felt pretty confident. Laz was no lightweight. And he was a blades expert from the little they had seen. They gave each other a little smile and turned around and came face to face with Wyatt and Lola. "What the FUCK just happened?" Wyatt yelled at them.

  • Jane was very against drugs. She didn't even touch alcohol before the outbreak, and even forced Breanna to quit smoking. But after all that happened, her and Wyatt sat down on a couch, and shared a joint, to finally relax. Micheal considered joining them, and so did Johnny, but Johnny decided against it, because he needed to be alert, and Micheal simply didn't want to hurt his physical condition, hence why he didn't smoke before the outbreak, and hence why he hasn't since.The group had been heavily chipped away at. They were down to 6, Jane, Wyatt, Johnny, Laz, Lola, and Micheal, maybe Russel, Dawn, and Kenny. They were surviving though, even if Joe and Breanna were eaten, and Justin turned, they were still alive, and that was all that mattered. Johnny was the newest member of the team, and he was likable and nice, and Micheal and Laz trusted him a lot, so the others simply accepted it. Lola had been there longer than most of the team, except Wyatt, and Kenny and Russel if they were still alive. Micheal had been a member of the group for a long time, and was universally trusted, even if Lola had mixed emotions towards him, since he disappeared, Laz had been invaluable, and had really helped out a lot since they met at Wellington, Jane had been a trusted member since her and her sister accompanied them on the way to Wellington, and, of course, Wyatt, as one of the original core members that formed this group was very well trusted. The whole group was trusting each other, and even couples have been formed, so they were at least content with who they were around.

    It was 3 o'clock when a walker blood-stained Laz climbed the bookshelf to open the attic, as he tiredly rolled into the attic, awaking everyone. "Sorry I'm late, I had a small funeral for Joe and Breanna, as well as Justin." Laz panted, as he lifted his shirt, checking for bites, then he rolled up his pants, sighing in relief. "I swear 1 bit me on the sole of my foot!" Laz chuckled, showing both of his feet to the group. They were bite-free. "It bit my thick boot. I'm one lucky son-of-a-bitch!" Laz exclaimed, as everyone gathered up their belongings. "Follow me." Laz whispered, as they snuck down the streets, and everyone spotted to the left, Justin's grave, and to the right, 1 a large grave, labeled "Joe and Breanna."

  • I know I just went, however it's been a day, and I want to post again. That's like an unwritten rule, don't go twice in a row, so I hope you guys don't mind!

    • They began down the street, hiding behind things, because Laz got the horde directly outside the shop, however there's plenty more walkers still around. So with Laz in the lead, and Lola taking up the rear, they snuck down the road. noticing a small horde, of about 10 or 15 just standing around, directly in their way. Laz pulled out his smallest weapon, a mousegun (If you don't know what that is, google it), but Jane stopped him "Let's save ammo....look!" she said, pointing to a ladder on the nearest building, "We'll go rooftop jumping until we're in the clear!" she suggested, as everyone agreed, and climbed the ladder. Reaching the top, everyone looked down into the alley between them, and the next building. Wide, and the fall was most likely fatal, but the length was possible. Taking a deep breath, without even consulting anyone, Laz leaped across the alley, getting from his waist up onto the building, and pulled himself up. Lola, being afraid of heights, decided to go last, and Micheal stayed there to talk to her. He kept talking, an apologising, as Johnny made the leap,almost missing, but as he began to plummet, Laz grabbed his hand, pulling him up. "Lola, I cannot apologize enough, I made a dumb decision. Please forgive me, Lola." Micheal said, as Jane successfully made the jump, and Wyatt followed. Now feeling conflicted, whether to forgive Micheal or not, Lola silently stood there, thinking about everything he said, and his actions, and after Micheal made the jump, successfully, Lola went for it, only realizing last minute how high up it was, and putting the brakes on, tripping over the edge of the roof, falling face-first into the alley. "LOLA NO!!!!" Laz screamed, as everyone gathered around to try and see Lola. "It's too damn dark!" Johnny exclaimed, as Micheal was ready to jump down. "Wait, Micheal!" La yelled, as he stopped, "I need to go help her!" Micheal said, desperately, as Laz shook his head. "IF she lived that fall, and that's a big if, and IF you live falling to go help her, she's definitely injured, and she won't be able to get up the ladder, and with all that blood, and lurkers being able to smell blood, she'd be a walker magnet, killing you BOTH! Plus, if she did live, she knows which way we're going, she'll follow us, and find us, and it'll all be fine. But to go help'd be a death sentence." Laz said, as a frustrated Micheal, reluctantly agreed, asking for a weapon from Laz. "Just something a police baton." he said, as Laz handed him a sword-knife. "It's sharp and effective. Why?" Laz said, as Micheal dropped it into the alley. "If she lived, she'll be surrounded. It's to help her fight." Micheal said, as everyone moved on, continuing roof jumping.

      About 1/2 an hour later

      Lola awoke in a heap of garbage bags. She was disoriented, but she knew her left arm hurt like a bitch. Jesus christ, my mother-f*cking arm." she mumbled, moving the bags so she could see her arm. The fall had been so big, the force was enough to impale her elbow on a piece of rebar (the thing Bonnie killed Dee with). Luckily, she was right-handed, and managed to get her arm free, and wrap it in a garbage bag she emptied, so the bleeding would slow down temporarily. "I need to suture my arm, wrap it better, and, most importantly, find that gun store....." she stated, as she bent down, looking for a weapon. She spotted a sword-knife, just sitting on the ground. She picked it up, standing, checking for bites (she found none), and she limped off, clutching her arm, and wielding a sword-knife, as she walked off towards where her group was going.

  • So sorry guys. I really don't feel like writing anymore.... I'm tired of 3 members maximum.... I think I'm going to leave :(. I will probably still be here reading but not writing. I have been here since page 5 and look... we have only got 10 pages more. No one is joining and I don't like our story anymore. Believe me its not you guys' fault its mine. Don't get me wrong you guys are great people and writers and I will miss contributing but I have simply lost interest. I hope you guys don't take offense and keep going until at least until season 1 is finished. I may write sometimes but not daily as I usually do. Bye guys :(.

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  • Guys, I don't know if we should continue after episode 5. I mean, let's finish this, but we're running low on people, and I can't be the only one posting for 2 days. I think I'll start a new one after we're done, or even maybe today, because we're so close to the end, but yeah. No season 2 :(

    • Just end it quickly. Maybe 1-3 more posts. Make it happy ending since the story is basically over. I will probably join new thread but only if we have at least like 5-10 people because I'm sick and tired of 1-3 people only. If you agree on ending it now you should probably finish it off since you were the creator but if you don't want to I could.

    • Laz lead the guys to the gun store. He opened the door, to see a small group of people in black clothing, who all turned around, and pointed their guns at them. Then, to the surprise of everyone, Ollie stepped out, recoiling in fear at the sight of Laz. The men in black surveyed the group, before 1 of them said "Johnny? Holy jesus man, where've you been!" He yelled, as Johnny looked surprised, and the guy looked beside him. "You switched sides eh? You were always shifty as hell, man. It looks like your betrayal will be the end of ya." The guy said, realizing that this is the group of bandits Johnny was a part of. On your knees, everyone." Ollie ordered, as everyone got on their knees, with their hands behind their heads. "Eh, Leon, you know this 'Johnny' kid?" Ollie asked, as the guy, Leon, nodded, and Ollie pulled out a pistol, cocking it, pointing it to Johnny's forehead. Laz got up, punching Ollie in the face. Micheal attacked Leon, while Jane, Wyatt, and Johnny dealt with the other 3. Laz and Ollie traded punches, and were in a fair fight, while Jane managed to kick a bandit in the knee, grabbing his weapon, as she shot him at close range, right in the eye, as he collapsed, and she shot the one who was about to kill Johnny, and the other was surprised, so she shot him too. Johnny pointed out that the noise attracted a massive herd, at least 70-80 walkers, as Micheal punched Leon so hard, he knocked him out, and Ollie got Laz down to his knees with 1 blot to the head with the butt of his rifle, as Wyatt pointed out the bandit's car, and everyone ran to get in. Micheal noticed last, as Johnny got in the back, Wyatt got in front, and Jane rode shotgun, and he went to run to get in, as the bandit he thought was knocked out grabbed his leg, and Ollie took advantage, shooting, getting Micheal directly in the temple, killing him. Johnny was shocked, as he watched his friend, his best friend, get killed by someone he could have killed back at the campsite. Leon. Laz attacked Ollie, as he liked Micheal, and he just murdered him, as he rolled Ollie into the wall, as he left a large crack, and began punching Ollie, as Wyatt yelled "Laz, come on!!!", but Laz didn't hear, as he was so enraged. "He doesn't hear us, we gotta go!" Jane yelled, as Wyatt put in the keys, which were in the glove box, as Johnny got out of the car, yelling "I'm not leaving Laz!" as Jane told Wyatt to drive, as they were surrounded, and he obeyed, driving off, leaving Laz and Johnny behind. Laz broke Ollie's jaw, as he begged for mercy, and Laz got up, and broke his knees, as he screamed in agony, and Laz rolled him out side, as he yelled, high-pitched and desperate, "LAZ" PLEASE DON'T LAVE ME TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!" and walkers surrounded him, eating him. Johnny ran over, pulling out the golden eagle Lax gave him, calling Leon a son of a bitch, before executing him. Laz got back inside, covered in Ollie's blood, as Johnny was similarly covered in Leon's blood, as they waited for the horde to pass.

      Wyatt and Jane drove back up north, panicking, as they saw 3 travelers on the side of the road.......a little girl in a wheel chair, followed by a young african-american boy, and a long haired redneck, holding his stomach........ Wyatt was shocked, as he pulled over, and the redneck pulled out his gun, as Wyatt rolled down the window. "Kenny?! Russel?! Dawn?!" Wyatt exclaimed, as Kenny lowered his gun, walking over joyfully, before getting in the backseat, laughing with happiness. Russel folded up Dawn's wheelchair, placing her down, before getting in, and driving off, explaining what had happened.

      After the herd left, Johnny and Laz buried Micheal outside, placing a piece of wood for a headstone, placing his name, the date (guessed), and going back inside. They both grieved silently, before Laz pulled out a joint, and they both smoked it, before falling asleep. At about midnight, a groggy Lola, with a bleeding arm, stumbled up to the building. Barely reading the sign, she began to sniffle, and sob uncontrollably saying "Micheal.....why.......I forgive you........Micheal." Lola walked inside, still crying, as she saw Johnny and Laz, asleep, as she decided to do that to, lying down on the cold floor, and sleeping.

      THE END

  • Good Job! Sorry for not being able to post. a lot of homework and personal matters. I think anyone who plays should make their own character. different all the way around. no characters from anything b4. new story, different location. It might be just me but i feel as if maybe we should have the type of zombies in 28 days/weeks later. it would make it a hell of a lot harder and scarier. and you would have to be very careful of what you post as these are more intelligent and more dangerous as you can turn just by getting blood on a open sore, ur mouth and eyes. but i will do whatever you want to do. I came in late and didnt really know the other characters , and how they acted.

    • Thanks. No problem :). We are making a new fan fic with the same characters but I'm pretty sure you can introduce new ones. Laz and the others are still in it. I think were sticking to walkers because its called "The Walking Dead" but your idea sounds interesting as well! Thanks for joining!

      • no prob. i will still be laz of course as my primary. plus molly might be inserted. i think shakida and his 4 henchmen should wait til next season as we have a lot healing emotionally and physically. I think this new season we are going into could actually be a very emotional one. I like writing emotional scenes. i didnt do it last time but will this time

  • February... This was so long ago :(. The last comment was in March. We only lasted a month. But it was one of the best months of my life. I miss this... :*(

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