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Do you think telltale are gonna make all there eps only 90 Mins and not two hours

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it happend again recently with twau ep 2

  • That's starting to really concern me , I played 2 episodes of TWAU and the first episode of TWD2 and each took me about 90 mins unlike episodes of TWD1 which most (besides ep5) were about 2 hours length .

    • TWAU episode 1 took me about two hours but only because I was anal with everything, episode 2 took me barely an hour and a half but that episode I feel has a good excuse due to obviously going through a ton of rewrites.

      TWD season 2's premiere I feel felt so short because there was way less filler in it. Much as I may like Season 1, playing it a second time was so goddamn tedious since there's quite a lot of "rub things onto other things to advance the story" that really got on my nerves.

  • They better make it over two hours >.>

  • episode 1 was pretty short,i hope not.

  • This is probably going to sound like an idiot's response, but I can assure you it's not. Anyway, I think they'll make each episode the length it needs to be to tell the story they want to tell. No more, no less.

    It's a common saying when it comes to storytelling. I know, these are games, not books/stories. But as they have a heavy emphasis on story and I look at them as being interactive movies, I think it stands.

    I'm guessing it won't be less than an hour and a half anyway. If you think back to The Walking Dead, the pace was slowed down a fair bit because of the wandering around (the puzzles were easy too, though the dialogs were welcome).

    In any case, I do apologise if it seems like an idiot's response, but that always my own response when asked how long something of mine is going to be, story wise, unless I have a firm idea. So, best to bank on an hour and a half, not any more. If it's longer? Then hey, it's a bonus, right?

    • I agree with you. A good chunk of the episodes last season had parts where the story would grind to a halt for half an hour so you could wander around and solve puzzles, I only enjoyed those parts because they give you a chance to talk with characters individually and learn their backstory and not because I liked tedious puzzle solving so I could get back to the awesome story.

  • Lengths will always vary from player to player. What might take an experienced player an hour might take an inexperienced one 4. For those that took 90 minutes to get through TWD and TWAU, you've likely played the previous games so have an idea of what to expect and can predict what to do next. A brand new player that has never played a Telltale game before might be lost trying to figure out what to do. The same thing is true of any other game. A game that the publisher states is 40 hours might take a hardcore player 15.

    It's not so much that games are getting shorter, it's that more and more people are playing games and becoming experienced with them so takes us less time to go through them. New ideas are rare and far between in favor of sticking with what's familiar. Twenty years ago, the gamer demographic was drastically different from now. There has to be a balance between making the games long for hardcore players and remain appealing to the inexperienced ones. A typical person's attention span is only held for 60-120 minutes (hence a typical class length) so Telltale is doing well just keeping within that for the experienced gamer.

    While it is annoying the game can be so short (I wasn't thrilled to see how short TWAU Ep2 was myself), it's possible that other parts may make up for it. If the game draws you in and makes you forget about the passage of time, then the game succeeded with what it was supposed to do (entertain) regardless if it was 15 minutes or 20 hours. TWD and TWAU both cater to an adult casual audience so you should expect a short game. The only issue is whether or not you feel the amount of time you spent entertained was worth the price of the game. How much is it to go see a movie these days? $20? $50? A movie's typically 90-120 minutes. While each Telltale episode is 90-120 minutes, there's 5 episodes. So for roughly the price of a movie, you get 5 movies worth of interactive entertainment with a Telltale game. Then there's replayability with a Telltale game where a movie will be the same every time you watch it.

    • That's the best way to look at it, I think, when it comes to getting five movies and whether or not the episodes suck you in (plus the replayability factor). :) Not sure I agree on the length, but everything else is good. I think with episode two of TWAU you were more funneled down a path with less investigating, hence the shorter length. I think it fit personally.

      I know that someone has mentioned The Last of Us DLC costing $15 and only lasting an hour - an hour and a half? I wouldn't know with not playing the game, but if it's true, I think we're getting our money's worth in comparison.

      • It's no where near an hour and a half unless you play on easy and just tear tear through it, don't explore, just blast through like your playing Battlefield 3. It took me 3 hours, playing on survivor, only dying twice. I dare say the cutscenes are 45 minutes or so

    • I've been gameing since the ET game came out, I'd say I'm a pretty experienced gamer, but I tend to make the most of games and explore every part of them on my first playthrough. I've never understood people who just blast through games, I know a guy who just ran through Bioshock, didn't pay any attention to the story, he skips cutscenes whenever possible, complains when he can't, and basically treats everything like space invaders.

      I think he's totally missing out, but those are the types of players that finish games in these unrealistically short timeframes.

      I can do speedruns of games but I only do that with games I've completed when I'm bored as shit waiting for something to be released.

      I like action but I like the chance to slow down and explore as well.

    • 60- 120 minutes? Crazy, if a games shorter than about 18 hours I tend to complete it in one session at the weekends. I completed Mass Effect over 2 days.

    • Uhm... I take longer now that I'm more experienced, to make sure I don't miss anything.

  • AS I see it, TWD game is like a book, divided by chaptersm so each chapter has his own lenght needed to develop the story in that part of the game... SO it's normal for some episodes to be bigger and others to be smaller ;)

  • Episode 1 of Season 1 was around the same time maybe a bit less and then Episode 2 Starved for Help was around 2 hours because it started developing characters and the storyline of the episode. I think the same will be for Episode 2 of season 2. There is a lot of stuff that we need to find out about i.e What takes place straight after Episode 1 weather you have Nick who has the drinking problem or Pete who's been bitten, Then when Clem is back at the house, there's no sign of Pete or Nick so that has to be cleared up. Then Carver shows up, then we find out why they're heading to the mountains and then those people start trouble and FINALLY the secret person is revealed so there is quite a bit to get through in this episode also Christa could pop up. That guy who wanted water could turn up. I think this episode was just a building to met the new characters and now the rest will start developing like Season 1 did only I hope the last episode won't be short like Season 1's was.

  • I hope not. If Telltale wants this new cast of characters to grow on us in the same way the cast of season 1 grew on us, they'll have to allow at least a couple of episodes the playability factor of STARVED FOR HELP or LONG ROAD AHEAD.

  • there needs to be moments where the action in the gameplay rests,its not all about action,this is what S1 done so well,built up the story.

    • Season 1 was good because you explored and solved puzzles a lot and you could interact with characters. That's why people developed bonds with the characters, because there was so much dialogue and it makes you care about them. Luke and Clem had a good connection going on which is a good sign but it seems they're going for more action then solving puzzles which is good for a change up but lack of puzzle solving is going to bore people because it doesn't as you said build the story and that's what brings the big bucks in is having a story rather then action where you kill pointless walkers unless it's helping someone.

  • I hope not. The last one was good but too short. It was fast paced however and I thought it was very well done. I can't see ep 2 being over that quick. Episode 1 was 90% action. Ep 2 needs more exposition and character. They haven't let us down yet.

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