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do you think petes gonna make it?

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if you chose to save him and then in the preview for episode 2 theyre in what looks like a shed and they both look at a hacksaw, im preicting a crazy opening for episode 2 but i think petes gonna die from blood loss because they dont have any supplies at all the area that they are in and clementine wouldnt be able to help him get back to the cabin.he also wasnt seen at all in the preview.

  • i think the better question is if he'd have a better chance cutting it off with clem's help or carlos's...

  • I think Pete is going to survive it, like Herschel. We've already had a couple amputations fail in the video game series. Its about time for one to finally break the mold and succeed, otherwise it starts to become too predictable. You can't have them all fail.

    • well, they already killed him in nick's path, so they'll have to even it somehow and kill him 1 way or another. it probly won't matter if it works or not cause he'll get shot before we have a chance to find out. choosin pete'll probly just give him the chance to follow through on clem's advice if she gave it on their way to the river before he finally bites it.

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    SpareClem2014 BANNED

    Seems like too much work to keep him alive adding extra lines to the game. That's also less playtime/storytime/dialogue for people that let him die. Most likely he'll be dead. Choices never matter that much all lead to the same story branch.

    • I'd rather have a Carley/Doug choice than another Shawn/Duck personally.

      It'd piss me off to pick Pete and lose him anyway to find Nick back at the cabin. I don't blame him for running, he's useless with a gun, he couldn't take down 3 walkers right next to him, I certainly didn't want him firing in Clem's direction from across a river, I picked Pete cause my Clem pays her dues. Pete saved her, so he was the natural choice for me to save. I'll worry about the bite later.

      The choice of Carley or Doug made no difference in the end, but it was good to be able to re-play with a different character and see the story from their perspective, at least for a while.

      I prefered Carley, but I still have Doug save, it's the same as my Lilly save.

    • They probably finish the little family quarrel between the two before Nick dies due to circumstances unintentionally and indirectly caused by Pete's mere presence. It would then clear the table for Pete to continue on in the story as an individual ally, creating a Carley/Doug style branching point of view. Boy would I love that... Please, Telltale...

      That said, they could just have them come across Nick's corpse on the way back to the cabin once they've dealth with or decided on Pete's leg. That'd be quite tragic though, since neither choice would give Nick and Pete time to resolve their uncle-nephew issues.

  • I doubt he'll survive. The amputation has to be almost immediately and Clementine would probably tell him it didn't work on Lee if he cut his arm off.

  • I don't like his chances, but he could survive the bite. For all we know, they found the shack in minutes, and who says they didn't have bandages with them.

  • he will die and then nick comesback because nick ran away he didn die

  • im just gonna point out, every character in season 1 had you had an option to save ended up dying, so i'm gonna say he's not gonna make it, even though i saved nick anways

  • I trust Telltale to surprise us in many new ways this season. At least I really hope so, he has such tremendous potential for badassery. Indeed he is my favorite character thus far as well.

    As for the issue of walking on one leg - seriously, guys. Pegleg Pete.

  • The trailer... Please no... Where is Pete? Why is Nick there regardless? But... But my choice...! You couldn't have... No... Telltale... Why...?

    The way how Carver's "couple of farm boys and an old man" narrated a scene with only the "farm boys" on the screen... The way how Scott said "we KNOW that things are not going to end up good for him"... I just... I cannot contain the disappointment...

    No! I will not give up! I will hold onto the last strings of hope for Pete's sake, maybe they're building up surprise by not showing what is going on with him, but... Why... I trusted you not to take the redundant route, Telltale... I thought you were better than this...

    Mumblemumblemumble. Yeah, I am upset. Such huge potential gone to waste. If they really just off Pete this early regardless of choices, then wow. Their choice-writing quality standards have fallen so low that they might as well just not give us choices at all.

    They better deliver on the TYWD person.

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