• Your predictions seems very specific, which is not a good thing. Saying that maybe over the course of two years Kenny changed is okay, but making your prediction revolve around a single event with no evidence to back up that event happening? Not okay.

    I have a whole thread of my theories, the first one being almost exactly this, so I'll link it here:

    In short, I believe Kenny will be a much more broken man in S2, and eventually will try to be a better man as well, urging Clem and the group to make more "moral" choices. I believe that he'll survive at least until S3

    I think Lilly will be a more pragmatic character, similar to how she was in S1, and she may eventually die because of this in S2, or maybe S3. Her wanting redemption in Clem's eyes will be based upon decisions in S1. For example, her killing Doug and Lee keeping her in the group will mean that she'd be sorry, but her killing Carley and being left on the road would mean she wouldn't care.

  • I think both of their appearences could make a good story. It's hard to say who would be the better choice, since both of the characters would have a very different impact on how the story progresses. As you mentioned already, Kenny wouldn't be the same old Redneck we used to know and love anymore. He would have been on his own for a very long time, after losing his family and all the people he cares about. He would be a more biter and less active man then he used to be in Season1. But he wouldn't be a bad man, some people have ideas about Kenny beeing Carver and crazy stuff like this. That would make no sense at all after the way Kenny's character developed during the events of episode 5. He got his redemption by puting the life of others above his own life, even for people he hates. He realized that living in this world is all about carrying on and looking out for other people. Kenny meeting Clementine again could make him remember the man he once used to be and could make him be a happyer man again, aswell as Clementine having a person she can count on and care about. The way Lilly left of in Season1 on the other hand could develop into alot of things. She could have become a even more mentaly weak person, or even a very bad person. Or if you choosed to side with her during the events of Season1 she could regret the things she had made in her past and she could get a way to finally find her redemption.

    I honestly hope it's gonna be one of them, Lilly and Kenny have been around us for the longest during the events of Season1 and this would be a nice way to make our choices that we have made back then important.

  • What if Clementine was referring to both?!?!

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    Funny how all the new threads are dying because people are busy with the troll threads and the ones discussing how much telltale sucks with release dates.

  • I feel like Game Lilly has a story to tell still.

  • Im a Kenny fan and I want him to return 1000 times more than Lilly but in all honesty Lilly would make for a better story, Kenny's could have ended there in the alleway and it would be a great ending

    • Yes. Lilly could be like a "mother-figure" for Clem, her having a past in the military and all. Kenny, yeah he could be a fatherfigure but I just don't see it happening. I still think the secret character will be Kenny though.

  • Lilly is in the perfect spot for the beginning of her own redemption story, much like Season 1 was for Lee and, to a smaller extent, Kenny by the time of Episode 5. She may have changed her ways in an attempt for forgiveness, and has spent the last two years trying to do good. If that is so, then I could see a choice where Clem learns of all the good things she has done (provided she HAS been doing good things) and will either get to forgive her or tell her that Lilly is too far gone for redemption. Alternatively, if Lilly is with a group that doesn't know what she did, the choice could be either revealing what she did in a manner similar to how Lilly told the motel group about Lee's past, or to not say anything and let her continue on as she has been.

    Kenny has potential as well, though. If he did survive the events of Episode 5, then we know he's a changed man. His story could be him searching for something to live for, or even looking specifically for Clem, Christa, and Omid. Like he said in Episode 5, you're supposed to "stick it out, and help the folks you care about." He considers Clem, Christa, and Omid to be family, or at the very least he cares about them. This would be especially prevalent if he saved Christa from the building, since she wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. Imagine his reaction if he meets up with Clem in Season 2, then learns that Christa is missing, with Omid and their child both dead.

  • I think that Kenny has a deeper character, but Lilly's been through a ton of trauma as well.

    Both of them would make for a great story, but I'd edge it to Kenny.

  • Both Kenny and Lily are people with absolutely nothing left to lose, they likely don't even care about their own lives at the points they leave the group, so they have that in common. Honestly, I think they're equal.. Lily abandoned/was abandoned by the group, so she may hold resentment towards Clementine, Kenny ends up bros with Lee if you're on his side the whole game so he may be much more positive towards her. I think both of those roles are interesting, but perhaps Lily with a negative role would be more interesting, or either of them with a negative role.

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