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The Walking Dead and USER Threads (Telltale Forum Fanfic)

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Thinking about doing a fan fiction involving users and Mods but mix of fable and walking dead story set in the zombie apocalypse

also make your own Fanfic story in this thread if you wish love to read it


Ohyoupokeme(aka Bigby) Half human half wolf Ability: transformation

Walking Mustache ability god-like Mustache

Salt Lick

Viva la Lee



Markd4547(aka the governor) has eyepatch ability shooter cold calculated and precise

Ask and add you but give me description of your character also see your name above and want change or add something comment


Darth Marsden(fable) abilites Jedi mind tricks.

Blind Sniper(fable) abilities Never misses shot

Puzzlebox(fable) the boss abilities mind control and soul consumption catchphrase Soon

other mods may apply if like the idea

Short description of start of the story

All users are sent to the farm to be watched,monitored and controlled the mods believe in a society where they have all the answers and the systems perfect and if anyone goes against there will or challenge their ideas will get banned aka terminated but group manages to escape the camp and must be terminated. The users must plan an attack on camp using all resources snipers, bear traps, zombies(attract by sound to get inside the camp) once mods are attracted outside they shot the petrol tanks but soon realize fables are hard to kill and must come up with idea before it's to late.

Anyway if like the idea comment and I will make the story also i'll add more users so comment with a description of your character

Inspired by omid thread

Story did before

Plan most users will get killed off in gruesome ways they say in telltale camp dungeon never just let you die they wait months to watch you suffer.



We just escaped the camp with my fellow users Walking Moustache (aka Stache), Saltlick, mynameisomid (aka Omid), Gousttt (aka titan), Ohyoupokeme (aka Bigby), Random289101 (aka Cheese boy), Gengar. We knew the mods were looking for us and our only hope was a direct attack but need to be fast and precise we were outside the farm I ordered Stache, Saltlick, Cheese boy on snipers ordered Omid to set up the petrol barrels on stealth mission also needed Gengar on stealth mission inside the farm to try infiltrate the base if our attack fails. Then sent Bigby to howl and titan to make as noise as possible inside the camp to draw zombies. Everything was going to plan the tension was building Omid gave me the nod to shoot but needed to draw mods out suddenly the mods appeared they seemed to be laughing at all chaos. I ordered the snipers to shoot the barrels the whole town went up in flames when fire died down there was just rumble. Then the silence came only hear the whisper of the wind. We done it and we should feel delighted but realisation suddenly sank in our actions all the users and Gengar have they survived was worth all the pain and death we retreated back to our base to celebrate.


Me and saltlick went away from celebrations to get some food we went into small room with just table and fridge we grabbed our food and sat down then started eating. Suddenly all we could hear was clapping. Fear filled our eyes blind sniper (aka Donut Steel) and Darth Marsden (aka Darth) entered the room there smiles showing there sharp teeth. (round of applause) hahaha you fulfilled your purpose and we thank you for that see our users would never make an army because simply no threat that’s where you come in we can read minds knew you were going to escape and probably be stupid enough to try and attack so once you escaped we made propaganda posters and videos showing your little gang as terrorists and your little attack confirmed this we knew this so we hid all our users underground and let you attack. Now there’s even more obedience from our users and we have an army thank you Donut Steel said. But we killed you saltlick said. There reply was cold and calculated you kill us mere mortals with fancy explosions and snipers HA might as well shoot us with water pistols probably would of caused more damage Darth said. Your monsters we will never follow you we believe in god not mods saltlick said. Ha God created the zombie apocalypse and us superior human race and were monsters look at human race for example with animals you kill, test on, Imprison(in zoos) and eat them for breakfast there only sin being less smart or advanced then you. Yet we still chose to help you and other users if wasn't for us you all be zombies right now. You see I'm not a monster just ahead of the curve Donut Steel said. We will never join just kill us Saltlick said. Haha we don't want to kill you without users we won't have farm or power why affect our own property. You can come back to the farm and we will forget all this, anyway you think death on a farm is the worst consequence! no if don't join us were sending you to general chat awful things happen there and we won't be seen again but that’s just a rumour as anyone who went there to see was never seen again Donut Steel said. Want to see a pencil trick I said and nodded at saltlick we both put pencils up on the table grabbed mods heads and BAM then I shot the light bulb with my pistol before we got time to sprint away we froze with fear and mods said. Haha Oh, you think the darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, moulded by it Darth said. Yes the darkness is a powerful agent to the uninitiated, but we are initiated Donut Steel said. Why so serious I said and nodded at saltlick who then whistled. Suddenly Bigby and titan entered the room and ravaged the mods and teared them apart. I thanked them but deep down knew this will simply delay the war and the mods Will soon re-spawn at the farm and now we must prepare for a war.


A small revolt was starting within the farm. The leaders were guilty King (aka King), Vince and Kenny (aka Asshole). It was known within the camp to join there army first they must pass their entry test which involved putting the user in an empty room with no weapons, the door locked with a zombie if you survive and kill the zombie you can join. They were cold in fact only thing which made them feel something was murder, so it became craved and as an addiction. They had an army growing stronger with viva la lee (lee) a shotgun expert and Cart, hero (Cart) the brains of the group who actually fixed the whole town after a recent attack of the terrorists. They came up with idea if we help fight with the mods in the war it will allow us to get closer to them. Learn their weaknesses and gain their trust plus we get to murder all the terrorists’ perfect plan. Meanwhile at the base Gengar managed to survive the blast and infiltrate the base using hypnosis on users. On his way suddenly he saw Puzzlebox he can end this war today. Gengar sneaked up with his hidden blade quiet as a mouse behind Puzzlebox back. I see you but I’ll give you chance try cause any trouble and I will destroy you Puzzlebox said. Gengar was caught his only chance he used his Hyper Beam but suddenly he froze and his beam stopped half way he couldn't move. I told you not to try anything then Puzzlebox used soul consumption sucking up all gamer hope from Gengar. Puzzlebox replied with I will send you to the dungeon but you will not get instant death. You must endure months of waiting for final outcome muahhahhaa. Darth and Donutsteel arrived in the room. Attack the terrorists and lead my army minions.


The war was beginning over the hill. We could see the army and the mods. I told my fellow users we are facing an army stronger, smarter and fitter then us. Who can read our minds so planning anything is meaningless and predictable. We must win using our innovation and coming up with plans in the heat of the moment I said”gurella warfare”. If we die. We die free. TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL Stache said. The war began I used my most noble warrior for the first attack: cheese boy attacked, he had cheddar cheese and launched it straight at donut steel. Yes epic headshot! Donut steel looked back in confusion and used his hammer to terminate Cheeseboy. Darth was using his jedi powers to launch petrol barrels at the users while Donut steel, cart and lee shot the barrels when they came close to the users. I turned to Stache quick use your powers to block the blast from the army it was beautiful his Stache expanded and blocked every blast even rivals was in awe of such a fine Stache. Then suddenly a hook went through my eye it was asshole. Quick saltlick, use your power! He meditated took a deep breath and bang straight in assholes eyes burning like acid. We had mercy so let him live he was no longer a threat. King was angered, swore revenge and brought asshole back to the farm as he felt no mods deserved his life, his war will come later. I ordered Bigby to howl and titan to create enough noise to distract the zombies, then attack might be our only chance. They attracted the zombies and then attacked. The anger and blood lust in their eyes was scary to see even with lee’s and cart’s headshots at them they still managed to reach the mods who simply laughed. Donut Steel and Darth used roundhouse kicks knocking the pair clean out and they flew through the air and their landing was saved only by a tree. The way they stopped Bigby and titan so easily without breaking a sweat intimidated the users. But genius came to mind saltlick. He threw me my light-saber. Suddenly I was in a light-saber battle with Darth the speed made us almost invisible to the naked eye. I strike, right blocked, left blocked .then double backflip behind his back strike blocked suddenly one strike off Darth took the light saver out of my hands. I was at his mercy and saw my life flash before my eyes. You don't need to do this search your feelings you know this to be true I said. Saltlick to the rescue who meditated, then saltlicked straight into Darths eyes. Omid then picked up the light saver and cut his head clean off. I ordered Stache to cut the trees using his majestic Stache surrounding the army .Then Omid to use his flame power to burn the trees. The army and mods was surrounded in an inferno. But our hopes was dashed Donut steel simply blew wind from his lips and the fire was out. All hope was lost we never had the chance to be honest Stache said. But we had one last chance to get the army’s attention till the zombies reached them. I ordered a full out attack. See I knew this was a suicide mission but it was our only hope. We ran directly at the army Omid with flames, saltlick with saltlick, Stache with his magic Stache and me with my pistol. We faced a barrage of bullets by donut steel, lee and cart but once donut steel took an interest it was game over . He hit us all with headshots everything just went black. But just enough time for the zombie attack, which attacked them from the back and bit donut steel that let out a horrifying scream and shoot all the zombies then ordered a retreat. I awoke to see blood everywhere, the battlefield full of bodies and complete silence. But Stache was still alive who appears to have used his Stache to block the bullets. He told me what happened and that Donut steel got bitten and rumour is once mods get bitten the virus isn't strong enough to take over the whole body but takes over half the body for limited time before they recover to normality again like two-faced and that if we reach the mod in time and get him with a headshot we can kill him as long as he’s in a zombie state. I knew it was only a rumour but it was our only chance Darth. Would soon re-spawn at the farm and the only way possible to kill him is the witching well. We have to check the battlefield for survivors the final battle will begin soon.

Thanks all users and mods for letting me use their names in writing the story. Hope you enjoy excuse any bad grammar please.

Please comment and tell me what you think users and mods and make part 2 which will be final story if you like.

Lots of dark knight quotes couldn't resist

Sorry if i forgot any users especially rafoli who have plans for in final story

  • The bandits tied up The Walking Mustache and put a bag over his head. " It's useless, you will never be able to find my friends. They are more clever than you, they are more tallented than you, they are...uuuf " The Walking Mustach got interrupted and sighted in pain, the GuiltyKing was firmly punching him into his belly. " Shut up Stache. You'r beging for mercy only gonna make it worse on you and you'r dirty friends. " The GuiltyKing said before he punched him into his face another time. This was the last thing The Walking Mustache could remember before he passed out and some hours later when he finally woke up again, things weren't looking to great either.

  • Above Mustache was a woman. She had long, dark hair and a soft face, but pale as a vampire. She was somewhat pretty, but more disturbing than anything to look at. She stood above him, sharpening some sort of small blade in her hands. Mustache groaned softly, but the woman heard him. She said, without looking up from her blade, in a voice as cold as ice, "Ah, you're finally awake, that's good... torture is sadly ineffective when someone is asleep."

    The Guilty King came from behind and said in a rushed pace, "Shaundi, hurry up! The last thing we need is a walker attack during an interrogation! Get to it!"

    "Alright, Mustache..." She said, "The faster you talk and the more questions you answer, the less painful this will be for you. Be stupid, and you will wish that bandit had shot you."

  • Mustache was tied onto a metal chair and the chains on his hands and feets were hurting him very badly. He was taking a quick look around at the location he was captured in and he was horrified from what he saw. It was a small room constructed to torture people. On the left to him, there was a small table full of torturing equipment. And on his right side there was some sort of wagon, that looked like dead bodys or body parts where stored in it. " I won't say a goddamn word you fucking monsters. You will have to kill me before that happens! " The Walking Mustache screamed in anger and disbelieve as the frightening women was getting very close to him. " Every man has a pain limit Mustache, i gues we will just have to find out where your's is. " The women responded and Mustache already knew what was coming next. It was a very bloody and very painfull business, but the Walking Mustache didn't say a single word. The dangerous vampire women was going out of the torturing cell and shared some final words with the GuiltyKing. " He has a strong will, to strong. He will never tell us where his friend's are hiding. I suggest we just end the job here, once and for all and kill him. " She said but the GuiltyKing had a better idea. " No. We won't let him get away that easyle, he will have to watch us kill all of his beloved friends and family and share the same pain and sorrow that i once felt after Ohyoupokedme had ruined my family. " The GuiltyKing said.

  • "Indeed..." Shaundi said, in slight disappointment, "But can I have a few moments of... 'entertainment' with our new subject? I won't kill him... I promise..."

    The Guilty King smiled. "By all means, continue." then Shaundi walked into the room, blade in hand, to savor what pain she could from Mustache.


    "Poked!" Cart_hero yelled as he ran to his aid. Ohyoupokedme tried brushing the leaves and dirt from his fur coat, picking out crumbling leaves. He turned when he saw Cart. "Cart! Hi! Is GOUSTTTT with you? Zyphon?"

    "Yeah, we heard you yell. What happened?"

    "Net trap," Poked continued, "It-" GOUSTTTT and Zyphon came in from behind Cart. "Jesus! Poked! You OK? What happened?" GOUSTTTT yelled. "It was some kind of snare. It wasn't your doing, was it?" SaltLick asked. "Nay: we don't have those kind of traps, you know that." GOUSTTTT continued. Zyphon caught a glimpse of Mynameisomid. "Who's this?" He asked.

    "I'm Omid. I helped your little friend." He said. Ohyoupokedme scowled, "I'm not little!"

    "Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I was in the area surviving, and I decide to be a good Samaritan and help your friend out when I saw him. It ain't my trap."

    "Thanks for that. Well, damn, if you didn't set the trap, who did?" Zyphon asked. Ohyoupokedme slowly got up, "Can we have this conversation at camp? I'm starved, and I bet Mustache is waiting for us. Besides, my back is killing me."

    "Well, you're in luck," Cart_hero said, "We managed to get several rabbits; enough for some stew!" GOUSTTTT turned to Omid, "Wanna join up with us? We could use some good people right now."

    "I suppose. Got nowhere else to go."

    Then, they all walked up the way they came.

    • While making the stew, they all questioned the newest member of the group. (not Omid) "So, Cart, how did you get to that railyard where we found you?" Poked asked. "Well, it's kind of a sad story, but here goes, a couple weeks before you guys found me, my girlfriend and I were looking for food in the woods. "How much longer _ _ _ _", she asked. "Not lon....KASEY BEHIND YOU!" During that moment, I knew she was dead, I reached for my trusty pistol, and checked the clip. "Oh fuck me, two bullets? Dammit Kasey, I knew I shoulda taught you." Within minutes there was a herd surrounding me, I did what I thought I had to, I pushed through. I almost got to the end when the corpse of my late girlfriend grabbed me, I had no choice but to shoot her. After reaching the end of the herd, I was sure I was screwed, I almost ended right there when I saw this train cart, I instantly smiled. "From this day on, I am known as Cart Hero, well Cart_hero_2010." "The day you 4 found me was when my train cart had crashed, you all remember, I was pretty shaken up."

  • This is a Prequel to Ohyoupokedme's story.

    GOUSTTTT & his 7 year old daughter Annie was living in a cabin out in the snowy mountains for the past 5 months since the world has gone to hell, They were both in the cabin living room, Sitting at the fire place, Annie was looking at a photo of her mother who died over a year ago.

    Annie asked her father" mommy ever gonna come back?" GOUSTTTT silently stared at Annie, He never told her what happened to her mother, GOUSTTTT quietly says"I'm not sure sweetie...Maybe she will come back one day"

    GOUSTTTT stands up & says"I'm gonna go out & get some more fire wood, I want you to stay here & let nobody in okay" Annie asked her father"Can i come with you daddy?" GOUSTTTT angrily says"NO! Don't ever go out here! It's too dangerous for kids, Lock the door when i leave".

    Annie locks the door after he leaves but she is sadden by her father shouting at her, She goes to her room & starts to cry, She wants her mother & knowing she isn't there, She cry's even more until she can hear something hitting the door outside, She wipes the tears off her face, She goes to the door & she can see someone outside.

    Annie says"Daddy is that you?" But no one answers, She unlocks the door & opens it but her father wasn't there, Instead, It was one of the dead, It was attracted to the cabin by Annie's crying, The monster then goes after Annie, She runs into her room & hides in the closet, Desperately hoping it doesn't find her, It walks into her room, Groaning, sniffing around the room, As Annie looked at the monster, She noticed it had one arm, Rotting skin & teeth, It smells really bad she thought to herself, The monster finally left the room, Annie silently came out the closet & tried to sneak out of the cabin only to be seen by the monster again, She quickly tried to run out the door but it was too late, It grabbed her & bit her on the neck, Annie screaming out for her dad, GOUSTTTT heard Annie's screams & comes storming through the door, He pulls out his bowie knife & kills the monster that was biting Annie, GOUSTTTT panics, He picks up Annie & tells her"Stay With Me Sweetie!" Annie is chocking to death on her own blood, GOUSTTTT runs into the living room & pulls out a first aid kit from under the table, GOUSTTTT opens it & gets the bandages out, He wraps them around her neck, Hoping it would stop the bleeding, GOUSTTTT then looks at her & says"Your gonna be alrig..." GOUSTTTT sees Annie's lifeless pale face & starts to scream out her name"No, Annie No! DON'T DIE, PLEASE DON'T DIE!" It was too late, Annie had died in his arms, GOUSTTTT filled with rage & sadness, He pics up his bowie knife & runs over to body of the thing that did this to his daughter, He stabs it over & over again, Letting out all his rage & he starts to cry his eyes out, Screaming"YOU TOOK HER FROM ME! YOU FUCKING MONSTER!"

    After a while he stops, He then goes over to little Annie, Talking to himself "I have to do this...You wouldn't want to be one of them..." GOUSTTTT made sure his daughter wouldn't come back as one of them.

    wtf did i just wrote?

  • Finally finished the story read it tell me what you think and if users and mods like the story i'll make part 2 all users and mods can still apply to appear in final story

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    When part 2 coming out

  • Like or comment and do part 2 the final part of my story and if i write it all users and mods can still apply for final part and users in original can be in part 2 thanks for reading if users want it i'll finish it

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