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Book of fables and achievements doesn't work in TWAU

posted by StianiNorge on - last edited - Viewed by 762 users

Background information: -This was played on a windows 8 pc. -I played the steam version. -I have fixed the save file issue, but not the issue with the book of fables and achievements. -I have unistalled and re-installed without any help.

After playing in like 60 min I got blue screen with the failure "DPC Watchdog Violation". I was in the middle of chasing Dee, but my pc restarted. So I was curious about what happend to my save file and then this happend. It was no option to continue where i started, all of my achievements and the book of fables was gone, and i got a new save file that stod "1 march, 5:30 pm 2013" The game wasn't even released back then.

The more weird part was the how the chapter's was placed. It was first chapter 2, then 4, then 1 and so on, but if i tried to click on one of the chapters i ended up at begining of the game. So i just played, and it stood that I got book of fables.

I paused the game an checked. I had unlocked The woodsman, but the rest in chapter 1 was gone! (I mean the books of Bigby, FableTown and the glamour.)

I did keep playing and noticed i got a new fable book. I checked it out and suddenly The woodsman book i gone, and the only book i see i the one of beast. I think whatever book i unlocked it gets locked right after the scene it's been showing on screen or gets "deleted" when i get a new book.

I read that TTG was gonna fix it when episode 2 came out, but i bought the game while it was out so the issue is still there.

And the thing about changing username on the pc to something from "a-z" so doesn't that help. My username is "Stian" and i read you can use caps lock. I also read that TTG and steam's sky support isn't that good either. So if I have to wait until next episode for it to be fixed I am gonna be a bit sad, but then I can't say that i have nothing to play so.

I love TTG, and the way they make games, but this is destroying my gaming experience :( But i still love ya! -Stian

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