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TWD Forum Comic Series (Considering The Future; Important Post)

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The series will have 5 episodes (that has multiple parts). Our world is called the "Forum". A dimensional world that connects with other dimensions. Don't be surprised if you see references or characters made by Telltale. In this series, there are four different races.

Users; which are us are the "mortals" of the forum. They can use imagination as their weapon (albeit it is that powerful). Appearances ranges from humans/animals.

Moderators; extra-dimensional beings capable of unimaginable power. Their role is neutral as they are judges meant to balance the "Forum" Their appearance is more bio-mechanical.

Trolls; a race of monsters bent to corrupt and conquer. They can "downvote" which has devastating power and can infect anyone who gets slammed by it, and become one of them. (The names of Trolls in this forum will not be heard)

Telltale; the creators of the "Forum". They send out the Mods to maintain the peace. Any who defies them will get permanently deleted from their existence.


Two things I want to be clear about though. If a Troll is trying to start conflict by posting some comment, IGNORE THEM, because having arguments here will cause it to close down and I don't want to redo this thread. And the other is to the MODs; please don't close this thread as I want to make this place a little more better. So are we clear? Alright, LETS GET TO IT!


enter image description here

Here's the link to the main gallery. From there you can access all the chapters in the folders from the left side.

  • enter image description here

    Here's the cover to Icarus Mines! The first chapter will follow up eventually when I get it all typed up and have pictures made for it. Keep in mind it's mostly literature.

    With the cover, reason it's the old cast only is cuz some barely had screen time/underused in the main story (a story flaw I can admit) so this cover is to signify that some old cast members who had little involvement will be more in this one. Don't worry to new cast members, I'll make a back cover at the end for the new cast members too. ;)

    Also be sure check in the gallery below for the last of the character drawings including some environmental drawings too!


    That's all for now! Hope you enjoy! Ciao!

  • My character looks so cool, can't wait for the comic Tobi

  • First chapter (1-1) is taking a little longer than I calculated. Difficult to come up conversations at times but it's three quarters done.

  • Okay here's Chapter 1-1 of Icarus Mines. I've also posted on DA too for those on there to read as well. Any suggestions/helpful criticisms would be appreciated. I'd like to get better at typing out stories Time to cut the chatter, enjoy!

    Icarus Mines Chapter 1-1: Community Connection

    "Okay, that's about 3 zeni." The elder woman at the table littered with apple baskets hands out a green apple while holding out her empty hand for the payment.

    The young man with scruffy chestnut hair with bangs hanging down near his eyes hands out a gold and silver coin into the elder's empty palm. He gently takes away the apple. "Thanks." The young man walks away from the apple stand, the elder placing the coinage into her coin purse strapped to her waist.

    He walks through a busy market street of the commonwealth of The Walking Dead Community. One of the major cities of the digital Forum world. Dirt kicks up with each single step of the entire street as the autumn wind blows among the oak and brick made buildings. The young man looks up to the sky with his large and bright blue eyes as he takes a bite out of his green apple. He continues to stare to the small clouds until several children, both human and furries, run haphazardly in his direction. He hears their playful shouts and looks down at them, the kids playing ball, chasing after it in his direction. The kids don't bother with his presence and continues running at him.

    The young man cringes in panic of a possible train crash. Using one of his born abilities, he defies gravity, zooming up with levitation. The kids run right under him and past his position, continuing to play around. He lands back onto the ground, looking behind him hunchbacked with a frown. "Geeze. It's not like I'm a ghost or anything."

    He straightens his back, letting out a sigh as he takes one hand to strut his undone black jacket with a blue hood. His t-shirt is tinted white with in the middle of his chest the words 'Let Me Live' imprinted with a black, splattered paint design as borders to the white letters. As a usual comfort he wears blue jeans with a pair of dark brown laced boots. The young man's name is CoolStoryBro. His slightly pale skin shines from the sun, showing of his rather youthful look with a mildly triangular jawline, gently bridged nose and stern eyebrowns to his large eyes.

    CoolStoryBro takes a second chunk from his apple, leaving only half of it left. After helping a person move it's worth filling the appetite. He finds himself lucky today is his day off. He reaches near to the interconnecting streets where he hears a voice call out to him.

    "Hey, CoolStory!"


    CoolStoryBro turns around to see a familiar individual walking quickly to him. A slender guy basically the same age as him, albiet slightly taller. He has short blonde hair that's slightly grown out, bangs hanging down above his thin eyebrows and narrow green eyes. A wide smile runs across his face. The jaw rather chiseled slightly. The man wears his usual white t-shirt, green jeans and brown loafers. CoolStoryBro knows that look better than anyone; save for his peers back in Upvote Revolution, the community service group he finds himself aligned with. The familiar face in front of him is Kiwi_Walking_Dead, his peer in Upvote and also his childhood friend.

    Kiwi reaches CoolStoryBro who turns his body fully to his friend with a small smirk. CoolStoryBro greets his friend.

    "Hey, Kiwi." CoolStoryBro looks at down at Kiwi's shirt as he continues. "Don't you ever find a different pair of clothes to wear? You haven't changed your outfit in a month or so."

    Kiwi chuckles away. "Nah, don't need to when 1. It's my favourite outfit, and 2. Since I ordered instant washing sprites, whenever it hits midnight, I wake up all clean!"

    CoolStoryBro sticks to being silent, having no comment to that. Kiwi notices and decides to change subjects. "So, how are you doing? I heard you had to help someone move."

    CoolStoryBro turns around and resumes walking along with Kiwi as he responds. "Yeah. Real pain in the back though." He bends his back backwards, adjusting his stiff muscles while takes a bite out of his apple. "And you?"

    "Oh, just thought about going out to the arcade for a bit." Kiwi sighs. "Things were going fine until my wallet got eaten by the janitor's vacume cleaner."

    "You kidding? Vacumming the arcade at this time of the day?" CoolStoryBro blinks repeatedly with disbelief.

    Kiwi raises his finger to clarify. "Actually the vacume cleaner went berzerk and started to suck in any money that was dropped."

    CoolStoryBro's eyes widen with surprise and soon shrugs it off. "I guess anything can be a robber these days."

    The two walks down a street heading towards their thread, Upvote Revolution. As usual, the street is barely active, save for the gaming theatre nearby. As they continue, they notice to their right a familiar figure coming out of an alley. A caucasian man in his 20s, slightly taller than Kiwi, with a broad shoulders. He wears a blue sweater with black trimmings and a black stripe across both the arms and upper torso. Grey dress pants, with a brown, silver buckled belt and black loafers. His hair is pale brown, wavy and slightly grown out with bangs waving to the right. His eyebrows are thick and stern with his wide brown eyes, always making it seem he's thinking of something. He nose is somewhat wide, his cheeks are kind of puffy making wroughs by his mouth. His jaw line rather blocky in a manner. He goes by the name of Cart_Hero_2010, or Cart_Hero for short.

    Cart_Hero comes out into the open looking down with a thoughtful look when he looks up to notice Kiwi and CoolStoryBro. "Kiwi. CoolStoryBro." He clarifies calmly.

    The two walks up to them with a friendly smile. The three have been good friends since Cart_Hero joined sometime after them. Kiwi notices Cart_Hero holding up his hand with a sheet of paper in his hand. Curious, he asks.

    "Hey Cart, what's that in your hand?"

    Cart_Hero looks down to his hand with confusion at first, but then realizes, looking back up to Kiwi. "Oh, uh, just doing some shopping for That_1_Guy." Cart_hero seems to become flustered and avoiding, beginning to walk away from them.

    "I like to stay but, I, uh... gotta finish this up! See you back home!" Cart_Hero runs off like a bullet as CoolStoryBro and Kiwi watches on in confusion. CoolStory blinks away from the randomness, Kiwi finds himself dumbfounded. Both of them shrugs it off and resumes their walk home.

    They approach Upvote Revolution, their thread, their home. Compared to the usual buildings, it stands out more than that Waldo guy. In front of them is the thread that stands about 3 stories tall. A beige standard painted cubic building with white trimmings bordering along bottom and top of widespread windows that extend on either side on the main part and on the front of the first sprout of the wall which stands about 2 stories. A third part of the building, standing 1 story tall, sprouts out with the entrance. A black double door, decorated with an oval like design with an axe on either door, light wood bordering the door. On either side of the door are artificial bird skulls with a curvacous symbol above them. The awning roof above the first sprout holds a wooden arched banner with the name 'UPVOTE REVOLUTION THREAD' with on either side a bird statue with a single wing spread outward. On the second sprout of the building, directly above the banner is an arched, wooden barred window, on either side is a black flag pinned to the wall with a pirate-like design, the skull representing a duck with a sword and bone crossed behind it. The roof stands triangular with either side of the shingles tilting to the left and right. One either side of the building's sprout, hiding in the corners are several pots of firewood, serving as lanterns. The main part of the building, above the widespread windows are wooden barred windows with stain glass. Above the 2 story part, a curved, dark brown balcony is held up with, round lights lined up along the edge under the balcony. A windowed double door on the balcony leads inside as well, with two wide light box windows with sills parted from the double door between them. Finally the roof, gabled with planks of light wood, the top surface flattened with marbled roofing, containing a skylight and a stairway cabin.

    CoolStoryBro and Kiwi approach the doors until suddenly the doors burst open and a spikey and unkempt haired, scruffy bearded man wearing a white sweater with burgundy red accent over the collar and arms runs off in a panic. Followed by another tall and athletic man with spiked hair slicked up, wearing camo pants, swinging his steel baseball ball as pizza dough dangles over his hand.

    The man chasing the one with a sweater yells with uncontained wraith. "COME BACK HERE, RANDOMZ, YOU! "LET'S MAKE PIZZA," YOU SAID! "I'M A PROFESSIONAL," YOU SAID! FUCK YOU, YOU DIMWIT!"

    Randomz continues running with large globs of tears pour as he panics. "I'm sorry! Hold on, Zed! We can go to the pizza place! My treat!"

    The one named Zed gets even more ticked. "WHY YOU!!" Zed closes in to Randomz. He's so infuriated that even flames might come out in any second. Randomz cries as he continues running, with both disappearing from the streets as CoolStoryBro and Kiwi watches on with a frown. Followed by their faces squinting at the sound of Randomz getting hit by Zed's baseball bat. From the entrance another, even taller man comes out. Wearing jeans, shoes, a beige shirt mixed with a brown accent on the upper half of the torseo. His eyes obscured by his black hair while still showing his chiseled features and thick mustache, completed by a brown and white baseball cap.

    The mustached man sighs with his hairy hands on his hips. "Damnit, that kid can't stay out of trouble." He walks along as he glances to Kiwi and CoolStoryBro beside him. "Ah, hey you guys."

    CoolStory has a small awkward smile considering what happened. "Hey, WalkingMustache." Mustache walks down the street to take care of Randomz and Zed as coolStoryBro and Kiwi decides to avoid watching and goes inside.

    They find themselves inside the main room, and as always, it's lively as ever inside. It's scent leaves a fairly delicate aroma in the air, fresh and clean with smell of finely kept oak wood of which the thread is built by. Directly ahead of them lays a round table with a multi-coloured rug under it, making it seem like the table was making ripples in water. Behind it stands a curved sofa, enough to allow five people to sit on. From where the widespread windows are are massive hunged up purple curtains. Onto their left lays a rectangular coffee table made of marble, lined horizontally infront of a couch pinned against a wooden wall with a dark blue bottom trim that spreads all around the room. Beside the couch is an arcade machine, however it only has one game so hardly anyone plays it. At the very back is a entryway to a corridor deeper into the building, beside it stands a bar with a rough rug in front of it. The bar table is shaped as an 'L' with a curve, blue with a flaming pattern. Behind it against the wall lies the shelf full of all kinds of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including refridgerated food and a instant cooker on the bottom. Of course for better food it's best to use the kitchen down the corridor. On the right corner by the bar lays several banquet tables and benches for meal gatherings, behind them are the restrooms. A little south of the tables lies a bookshelf pinned against the stairway leading up, a 3-seated sofa, 2 comfortable chairs, an oval coffee table with a rug under it. Against the wall lays an end table containing discs, game systems and dvd players and of course the widescreen TV. Upstairs is just a catwalk all around with several entrances to various rooms, including That_1_Guy's office.

    CoolStoryBro and Kiwi walks deeper inside, taking notice of one of their peers reading a magazine on the long sofa with his legs crossed on the table. A man in his mid twenties, standing about 5'5''. Wearing a white shirt, blue jeans with a black belt and black and white sneakers. He has thick eyebrows, his brows wrinkling mildly even when calm. His brown eyes a wide and steep, close to his eyebrows. His chin is slightly wide and flat, matching his wide mouth. His brown hair remains slicked back to the side, strands spiking out and about while some strands hangs down on his forehead. His name is Thewalkingcommenter, or Commenter for short. He's been around for some time, thing is, he normally doesn't like to work alot, he just wants to have a place to stay and hang around with people.

    CoolStorybro takes a better look at the cover of Commenter's magazine. An issue on sword fighting styles. Just like him, Commenter has always been a blade fighting enthusiast. CoolStoryBro cocks his head to him. "Find anything useful in there?"

    Commenter scoffs, displeasure on his face, not keeping his eyes off the magazine. "Nah, same old shit. Flashy moves, break-your-back-in-the-process kind of things."

    Kiwi joins in the small chat. "If that's the case, why not use that pistol of yours?"

    "Simple. I don't like guns. Besides it's pa's so it's something I'd rather keep in good condition." Commenter looks up to them this time, something on his mind popping up. "Oh by the way, Duckface wants to see you. He's already seen me."

    He growls with disappointment in the last sentence. Seems like he's been given work to do. CoolStoryBro pays no mind. Not his problem. "Thanks. I'll leave you be then."

    CoolStoryBro and Kiwi walks away. Heading to the stairs, Kiwi pats hhis friend's shoulder. "Hey, I'll wait down at the bar."

    CoolStoryBro nods with understandment. "Sure." And so he walks on up the stairs as Kiwi heads to the bar, where 3 guys hangs out. A burley and tall middle-aged man, with medium-long brown hair parted to the sides and a lumberjack beard and sharp grey-blue eyes stands by the shelf. He wears a hoodie brown jacket with a fur trim along the hood's collar, the sleeves torn off, revealing his grey knitted sweated underneath, the sleeves rolled up partially, showing off his bandaged hands. He wears brown pants, the pantlegs tucked in the black, shin-high laced boots while wearing a holster on his hip holding his pistol. He's called WeMissYouCarley, but informerly everyone calls him "Hardknucks." He looks intimidatinf but he's a gentle giant to the group.

    One of the two on the opposite goes by the of Ellias. Much shorter then Hardknucks. He wears a hoodie where the blue runs along the sleeves and upper half, while the bottom half is white with blue trims on the pockets ends and ribs. Strings dangle while he always keeps his hood up with a grey bandana covering his lower face, over the nose. Much of his long black hair covers his eyes, but his black eyes are often fierce and intense. He wears the common blue jeans outfitted with a chain dangling by the hip while also wearing red accented white sneakers. He always keeps to himself other than his brother, but is very cooperative with others in tasks.

    Beside him is his older brother, Natural_Pineapple. Unlike his quiet and mysterious brother, he's very open and laid back. He wears a black t-shirt with the words 'Don't Test Me' written on the chest. On his wrist is a white and black striped wristband while he wears a tight-fitted gold chain necklace around his neck. Wearing blue jeans with a brown belt and black shoes to complete the outfit. His face has strong features, a dimple on chin and his lower lip rather pronounced, a stiff nose completed by thick eyebrows and wide eyes. His blonde hair is grown out a bit, bangs parted from the middle of the scalp to the side, with strands spiked out at the back.

    Hardknucks takes notice of Kiwi's presence and cheerfully calls out to him while holding up his mug of root beer. "Ah, Kiwi! You're back."

    "Hey." Kiwi stops at the bar table, leaning against it with his arms pinned against it, next to Ellias who avoidingly ignores eye contact. "So, what are you all doing right now?"

    Ellias silently shrugs, hardly caring to answer. Pineapple decides to answer, with pride of course. "Oh, me and Ellias were discussing on how to start our pineapple business."

    Ellias finally speaks but with a dissimilar interest. "Heck no. Who want to smell that stench all day."


    "No, I didn't mean you." Ellias looks at him, realizing he got him mixed up, reclarifying. He sighs away.

    Kiwi becomes curious. "What's wrong?"

    Ellias turns to him. "None of your business."

    "Sheesh, you're cranky. As always."

    Meanwhile, walking upstairs, CoolStoryBro bumps into a rabbit-like figure close on the way to 1_Guy's office. The white-furred, human shaped rabbit stands about 5'7'' tall, in his thirties. His head is partially rounded with long and tall bunny ears. Between his bunny ears is black hair, spikey, few bangs out on the front, some sticking up on top with the rest going to the back. His eyebrows are thick and black, mixed in with his stern and oval-like shaped eyes, the iris toned brown. His nose has a gentle slope forward and inward, the nostril end toned black, finished with a wide mouth. His nails, black and pointed, sharpened for combat. He wears a green short-sleeved shirt with white stripes along the sleeves to the collar, and a few from the back and right under the armpits, over the torso to the collar. His neck and collar covered by a fully knitted-together red scarf while having the shirt tucked in under a red sash. He wears grey pants, it has pockets however the pant legs are droopy and baggy, having it covered shin by a pair of metal and cloth boots. The boots are black and gold, the black part is the cloth while the gold is made of metal. From the top, a seperate part of the shin gaurds resemble knee pads with a trim of gold metal parts, with only the cloth showing the partially in the middle. However much of the cloth is present on the shin as the metal only extends around the ends and down the middle of the front. On the shoe part, only the bottom and along the middle of the top remain covered in metal. On his left forearm and hand, he has red bandages over it. No one knows why but CoolStoryBro predicts it's just him being flashy. The rabbit goes by the name of Papai46. The two knew each other for quite some time since they joined Upvote Revolution and gets along fine. Of course, CoolStoryBro ensures he doesn't piss him off but if he does he'd bring a carrot.

    Papai stands by the railing, leaning against it as he looks down to Commenter's area. CoolStoryBro stops beside him. Papai speaks without leaving his gaze down below. "Hey, check that out."

    CoolStoryBro looks down at Commenter's area, getting a view of the pages Commenter's viewing. CoolStoryBro blushes mildly at the sight as Commenter is really looking at an adult magazine. "That lecherous, lying... Ugh. Excuse me for a minute."

    "Yep." Papai smirks as he notices CoolStoryBro vanishing away, becoming invisible.

    CoolStoryBro quietly flies on down to the bar, picking up a bottle of milk without the Ellias, Kiwi and Hardknucks noticing. Save for Pineapple, who himself did pranks alot back in the day. He just smiles and pretends to not notice. CoolStoryBro flies on up, floating above Commenter while releasing the bottle cap. Slowly tilting it, he pours the milk out ontop of Commenter's magazine.

    "Huh?!" Commenter gasps in surprise, the milk getting all over his magazine until the last drop. "NO! I WAS JUST AT THE END!" He bawls his eyes out as collapses onto the floor with his knees, raising his magazine in the air screaming. "NOOOOOO!!!"

    • Chapter 1-1 Continued

      CoolStoryBro lands back next to Papai, becoming visible again as he hops the empty bottle in his hand with a smug look. Papai turns to him with small smirk. "That was mean, but pretty funny I have to admit."

      "Eh. All in the day's work." He then turns to Papai with the smirk fading away to a calm look. "So, how'd it go in there? With your brother and all?"

      Papai smiles gleefully. "The forms have been accepted and he'll be here with his friend by a month's time!"

      "Hell yeah. Can't wait to meet him." He fist bumps with Papai. "At least he can ditch that pawnshop and get into the REAL action. A nice bed, all the food in the world, the entertainment, money. He'd like it here."

      "Yep." Papai directs his eyes at the door behind him, directing CoolStoryBro. "Anyway, better see 1_Guy. He's been waiting to tell you something."

      "Yeah, yeah. I know." CoolStoryBro gestures his hand in a wave, not wanting to hear it second time. Papai looks back down as CoolStoryBro turns away, walking to 1_Guy's door.

      He knocks on the door with a black round slate with the duck skull insignia the flag has outside. A familiar calm and gentle voice is heard.

      "CoolStory, is that you? Come in."

      CoolStory grabs onto the round nob, turning it and walking straight into 1_Guy's office. The scent leaves river-like smell in the air, like water surrounded by rocks and soil. The grey merged riverstone walls and ceiling have creases formed, as if it was wet paint oozing down. On the left corner behind CoolStoryBro, by the slated door, is pedistal with a small bird with its talons hooked onto the perch. Further down the left wall is a greenish shelf filled with many books and antique posessions with cabinent doors down at the bottom of the shelf. On the right are several steel cabinents containing the crew's bios and resumes. Ahead, in front of a large four-paneled window is 1_Guy's light brown desk. A single plank on either end holding it up with a half-circle hole formed just under the desk itself. The desk remains covered in a storm of papers, file folders, books and utensils. The chair to the desk is rather fancy, the top is triangular with the two sides leading to the tip curved inward, with the backrest cushioned with red fabric.

      Sitting on the chair at the desk is the Upvote Revolution's founder and leader, That_1_Guy. An athletic human-shaped white duck, about 5'12'', he may not look it but he's in thirties. His feathered hair lifts up like a wild tribesman. He has stoic, thin black eyebrows to his large, obtuse green eyes. He has flat yellow beak outfitted by his chiseled jawline that slightly extends outright. The talons, hands and feet revealing his yellow skin as the light and barely-noticable feathers of his body ends. He wears a white cloak that drops down just above his ankles, the upper torso draped to the side to conceal it. The cloak on the inner part is black, notably visible on the lightly folded-up sleeves and the collar the stands, with either end of the collar having white magatama symbols. He wears a light blue sash that loops over his left shoulder, to around the waist before being tucked in and drooping over the front at the end of the sash. Over the sash on the shoulder and around the torso, he wears a brown belt with a silver and gold buckel in the shape of a shield. Usually seen with a bow and arrows clicked onto the back but not when inside the thread.

      1_Guy finds himself surrounded by work and takes notice to CoolStory's presence, lifitng his head up with a look of exhaustion and stress on his face.

      "Good, you finally made it."

      CoolStory raises his eyebrow with curiosity. "You wanted me for something?"

      1_Guy tilts the pen in his hand side by side above his paper. "I need you and a select number of others to help deliver some mining supplies to a village near the outskirts of the region. A mining baron had requested the best members of escort and mining supplies from this community. Cart_Hero has been getting the supplies as of right now. He should be almost finished. You'll be going by an hour."

      CoolStory feels slightly frustrated. Today is his day off. "Wait a sec, today is my day off! Why can't you get that lazy bones, Commenter, to do it?"

      enter image description here

      1_Guy begins tapping his pen onto the paper with impatience. "CoolStory, I don't have time for horsing around. I got a meeting with the higher ups and I'm already filled with paper work right here as you see. Besides..."

      CoolStory tilts his head slightly with a slightly annoyed and curious look. 1_Guy continues.

      "I thought you'd like to meet up with your uncle."

      CoolStory finds himself surprised and nostalgic. It rang a bell to him. "You mean we're going to Ard-Ri?! The place I grew up at!"

      1_Guy puts down his pen as he lets out a small smirk of irony."Heh, you sure changed your tune. Yes, your uncle Everchanger requested in the attached letter for you to come as well for old time's sake."

      CoolStory glances down for a second, thinking of himself as a child, growing up at the blacksmith shop with his uncle. His parents died from a mining accident when he was an infant. When he learned the truth when he was a little older, he became rebellious, feeling as though he was lied to by his uncle as he kept it from him. However he later accepted it, becoming closer to him around the time he met Kiwi. It's been a year since he left home. Even though he'll have to work, he feels it'll be worth it.

      CoolStory looks back up to 1_Guy with a prideful smile. "Alright, I'll get ready."

      1_Guy nods, pleased by his answer. He turns his gaze to the corner behind CoolStory on the right. "Azlyn, if you may hand him the papers."

      CoolStory looks behind on the right. In the corner a frail, pale-skinned teenage girl sits cross-legged in a corner, papers surrounding on the floor while a single ear phone bud in her ear as she listens to Homestuck music. She wears a grey t-shirt with a large gold gemini symbol on the front, with a black studded belt, a pair of purple jeans, grey and black sneakers. Her black hair extends down to the shoulders, some draping over over the right side of her neck, bangs hanging down across her forehead, with some strands curling onto the right cheek. She has pointed ears and 4 yellow horns, 2 on either side on the cranium. Her face is delicate, the jaw line slightly triangular to the chin, the upper lip slightly bites over the lower one, and a small and gentle nose. Her green eyes are large and sharp near the temple, the eyes covered by oval, thin-rimmed 3-D glasses. Her name is Azlyn. 1_Guy found her one day, homeless. She's often by herself but slowly grew close to several members in Upvote.

      She looks up to 1_Guy with a curious look, eyes off the papers. "Oh." She mumbles as she turns to CoolStory and quickly looks back down to pick up one of the papers in front of her. She then hands the paper up to CoolStory. He grabs the sheet from her as he looks awkwardly at her, realizing she was there the hole time without him noticing.

      "Thanks, Azlyn. And uh, sorry. I didn't even knew you were there." She looks up to him, all laid back and looking focused.

      "It's okay."

      "So what're doing? Isn't Viva supposed to working here?" Viva is another member of the Upvote. He helps 1_Guy in the office.

      "Nah, he's out right now." She turns to 1_Guy who is busy writing out file reports. "1_Guy found himself in deep schpincter so I decided to help him out." She turns back to him, a look of pride in her eyes. "Anyway, you'll find that I've put on the details a list of people who'd be suited for the job, or at least those who needs to get their butts off the coushins and get out more often."

      "Heh. You take this seriously." CoolStory comments as he looks at the paper regarding the mission.

      "Of course I do." She says with a straight face.

      Running out of things to talk about, CoolStory decides to end the small chat and get prepared. He glances at both Azlyn and 1_Guy. "Well, I think I better get ready. I'll get my team ready, Cart_Hero should be back soon."

      "Sure thing." 1_Guy says, still concentrating on work.

      "Good luck." Azlyn follows her eyesight on CoolStory who walks out the door until it shuts, now putting her head back down onto the papers on her lap.

      CoolStory went on to get his teammates for the mission. Papai willingly came along, wanting to get some exercise. Kiwi also willingly came along, feeling as though it could be fun to head back home himself. WeMissYouCarley, A.K.A. Hardknucks, accepted to join. Ellias, as always, was willing to work and prepared to say bye to his brother. Commenter, however was reluctant on working, so CoolStory lied to him about a beach at the village, manipulating his lecherous side. As expected, it worked. Soon after Cart_Hero returned with the supplies ready for transportation, all of it in a large wagon. They all packed up their things of what they needed, until an hour later they were ready to leave.

      All of them stood outside of their thread, ready as ever with Pineapple outside to say bye. Pineapple looks at Ellias with a kind smile. "Ellias, you guys take care and be careful all right?"

      Ellias chuckles a little. "We can handle it."

      Commenter, standing by Hardknucks who's holding onto the handles of the wagon, sighs with uncertainty. "I feel like I've been duped to be honest."

      Hardknucks reassures him. "Relax, it'll be a good travel. You can learn more about the wildlife, you know? After all you do go with Nekrocop on hunting season."

      "Yeah. But that ain't work. This is work and it sucks!"

      Papai, beside Commenter, crosses his arms as he reasons with him. "Hey, at leasts you have people to hang out with. It's not all bad."

      Commenter realizes he's right, thinking about it and smiling a bit. "Heh, yeah, you're right. I'm fine with that."

      Soon after, they begin walking away from the thread and down the street as Pineapple waves goodbye. Continuing down the street, Kiwi, Cart_Hero and CoolStoryBro gathers their thoughts on what's ahead.

      Cart_Hero thinks out loud, looking forward to what's to come. "Ard-Ri. Icarus Mines. We're delivering supplies to the fabled Icarus Mines, one of the most historical mines in books. Can't wait to have first person experience when we're there."

      Kiwi looks at CoolStory, feeling nostalgic. "It's been too long. I wonder how much has changed over there."

      CoolStory looks on down the street, the sun lit brightly on all their faces. "Dunno. But it's great to be going back. Heh. Home, sweet, home."

      Chapter 1-1 Community Connections: End

  • This fiction is bizarre. Just a way I like it.

    I feel that so called famous "professional" writers tend to lack this ability to be just plain random with their works. Not that it applies to all of them.

    Not that I don't enjoy good Harry Potter etc epics.

  • Really liking the story so far, good work Tobi.

  • Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed.

    I had to spend some time using Sims 4 to help myself have some reference in a couple buildings to be used in next chapter, so I had to hold off in making a new one. they're done though, so I should be working on chapter 1-2 sometime later on tonight. Alright, time to scoot. See ya.

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  • Slow progress, sorry for delay. Considering the entire cast appears next few chapters, I had to halt some chapter progress with making sure I get the physical descriptions of the cast right. Not only that, I found myself with a dry well when it comes to fighting scenes. Before the fight scenes in my head were good but now it's a little 'eh'. Dunno why. I'm replaying Naruto Storm games since that is where I originally learned how to choreograph fights. There's a fight scene in chapter 1-2 that I feel needs improving. So hopefully my imagination gets a boost.

    Btw, would any of you like a preview of the next chapter since it might take a little while? Just a little smidge of what's to come.

  • So I've been wanting to talk about this since recently, however I wanted to enjoy myself a bit first since I just got back from a hiatus. It's something very important for me and my fanbase here with the webcomic thread I manage.

    Lately, what I've been doing was considering possible outcomes that may happen in the future. There's been a lot of talk about moving to a city near my town, and I've been considering what kind of job to get. I held out on a job for the comic, but eventually I'm gonna need to do work and earn money. Now there's two scenarios. Best case scenario; I successfully find a job locally and I can work on the webcomic on my free time. This is the scenario I'm hoping for.

    Now for the worst case scenario.... it's something I'm preparing for. What if I am unable to get a job locally? What then? How will I earn money to make a living and be able to meet a close friend in Europe? That was what I've been preparing for the last few weeks since my hiatus when my internet went on the fritz. I've looked back at my old highschool work where I designed 3 manga stories in the past, where I originally planned to follow my manga career soon after until I became a member of the forum. If I am unable to get a job locally, then I would have to use Patreon and possibly other money making sites and post ne of these series to make a profit. So I had, with my experience as an artist and story writer, repolished one of those manga series. It's actually a romance manga, during my romantic inspiration phase, with demons in the modern world. I've already prepared 53 chapters by summary, typed out. With this I can possibly make profit and be able to sustain my future from financial crisis... Quite frankly I hate money and I feel the world can do better without it, but because of the system where you need to pay-for-your-life I'll need it eventually.

    The point I'm trying to make with the above scenario and why it's worse case scenario, is that it may... hinder or completely halt any progress with the webcomic itself. I originally planned once I started the webcomic to finish it THEN my manga work, but now I'm unsure. Hopefully that story can wait and I can finish my webcomic, but if I do end up resorting to my manga series I will try to at least make some progress with the webcomic one. I really hate to disappoint my fans, you've all been so patient and understanding for the two years I've worked on it and been with me since day one and I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. If the worst case scenario happens, thank you for all of your support. Thank you for all your support regardless of either outcome. You dunno how much it means to me with this, you're literally what motivated me to get this far into the story. And I'll never forget that. I really do give lots of damns about my fanbase that's why I still kept going even with the slowed down pace of mine.

    Now I do want to be clear... I am not moving yet. So there's still time before the two scenarios happens. I'm hoping for the best and that I get a job locally. So with the time still being available, I WILL CONTINUE this webcomic series. You're getting your next chapter between late this week and next week. I willcontinue for as long as I can. Because this comic and my fanbase are the pillars of my future.

    • Well dude I think you should do whatever you're more passionate about. If you are really feeling your other project at the moment then dive into that. Everyone will understand if you've had this other amazing idea that you would rather be working on. Just let us know where to find it when it's done.

  • Dude, I completely spaced the fact that you came to me about this story. I just read a bit of it and I love it! I love your artwork a lot too! I definitely love what you did with Felicia!

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