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TWD Forum Comic Series (Character Submissions for Icarus Mines Closed. Plus some Updates.)

posted by Tobi-Is-A-Good-Boy on - last edited - Viewed by 881.3K users

The series will have 5 episodes (that has multiple parts). Our world is called the "Forum". A dimensional world that connects with other dimensions. Don't be surprised if you see references or characters made by Telltale. In this series, there are four different races.

Users; which are us are the "mortals" of the forum. They can use imagination as their weapon (albeit it is that powerful). Appearances ranges from humans/animals.

Moderators; extra-dimensional beings capable of unimaginable power. Their role is neutral as they are judges meant to balance the "Forum" Their appearance is more bio-mechanical.

Trolls; a race of monsters bent to corrupt and conquer. They can "downvote" which has devastating power and can infect anyone who gets slammed by it, and become one of them. (The names of Trolls in this forum will not be heard)

Telltale; the creators of the "Forum". They send out the Mods to maintain the peace. Any who defies them will get permanently deleted from their existence.


Two things I want to be clear about though. If a Troll is trying to start conflict by posting some comment, IGNORE THEM, because having arguments here will cause it to close down and I don't want to redo this thread. And the other is to the MODs; please don't close this thread as I want to make this place a little more better. So are we clear? Alright, LETS GET TO IT!


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Here's the link to the main gallery. From there you can access all the chapters in the folders from the left side.

  • Tobi got banned? Oh no... =/

    Guess it's no use asking what happened, just hope he's alright.

  • enter image description here

    enter image description here

    Oh man, I think I overslept...

    Hello folks, I'm back! And I have a new chapter of the comic tonight! Stay tuned for the official release! (Sorry it took forever)

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    Prepare your booty, I have returned (again)!

    Episode 2 Mind Games Part 6-3 (Final) is FINALLY released!

    enter image description here

    Well, finally at the end of episode 2! I finally get to work Ep3 and (eventually) those side stories I have planned. I put moderate mature filter on pages 2 and 3 due to disturbing scenes/gore just in case if some has a week stomach to that stuff. A censored version of those pages can be requested. Any way, now I can chill for the night and then work on the final chapters of my GTA story I'm doing. Can't wait to share (that story also has very dark moments so beware! o_o). With that all said, the link to the comic is right below. Enjoy!



  • enter image description here

    Good evening, this is Tobi here live with a report just in. Just wanted to let folks know that this project has been put on a temporary hold until I finish that GTA story I'm typing. Good news is I only have 3 chapters left to finish. Once finished I will resume this project and work straight on getting the last two miners for the side story Icarus Mines. In the mean time, enjoy the elevator music. Next on Springfield News: Why the fuck am I in Kent Brockman's body, and how the hell did I get here? Stay turned after the following messages...

    enter link description here

  • Ok so since I finished that other story, I'll resume on this project (I'll focus my mornings on posting the other story's chapters and the rest of the day for the comic). I'll start finding the last two miners I may have an idea of who I want so I'll speak to them later on. I'll also be start rereading the script I worked on for Ep3's issues and begin progress on the first issue of Ep3. I'll make another documentary about Ep2 too eventually. Hope you enjoy the news! Ciao!

  • You can use my character if you want :)

    • Sure thing! But... I uh, I was kinda hoping you had your character details in the comment too. xD Oh well... I'll bring it up to save ya the trouble.

      Well my Character Joshua007 weapons are: 1. Knife a battle knife, 2. Hidden blade. A pistole and maybe a keyblade fanboying but if a keyblade is kinda hard to do you can leave it out and actualy it's kinda OP so better not. A anime sword perhaps

      My powers: Earth bending, a little bit if you are planning making me the miner. it will make kinda sense. Looking in peoples memories, change them but I rather have you go about that one. Fire bending

      My Look: how about a coat or just a shirt. Well if I'm gonna be a miner I need miners clothes.

      Personality: Sociale not so good but a enjoyable person to be around. Easy to make jokes with. Likes games, movies and internet, if you give me two orders at once I will easily forget the one of them so I will write it down except when it's so important. Hard to let things go sometimes ACCEPTING it but hard. Not giving up.

      So Johua007 is joining the cast of the Icarus Mines side story, folks! So one more miner to go, although I'm holding that last spot up for someone for several days unless they can't really decide until then.

  • So I'm already doing the panel setup for Ep3 Part 1. I'm going for a little larger panels this time so all the detail is not crammed in as much and you can read it. So far 8 pages have been partially prepared (I still have to add the base work) and it's already about 4 out of 9 pages worth of the script I had written down. I'll do more tonight.

  • I got the last one for the cast of Icarus Mines! This is the last miner! (I'm posting this for the person to save them the trouble)


    Name: Felicia Vallory (A NOTE FROM TOBI HERE: I'll use this as sort of a nickname for his character, it'll be explained in the story)

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Short black messy hair with dark purple tips, an innocent Ruby Rose styled face, slender yet full body. Skin color is pale white.

    Clothes: Brown jacket with a white shirt, jeans and black boots.

    Weapon: SC-Pistol, Small Knife

    Powers: She's good at hand-to-hand combat.

    Bio: She was raised as a young orphaned girl in the art of special ops by her aunt. She's tried to push out all emotion, but it still comes from time to time. She's loyal and forgiving with friends, but merciless and angry to those who wrong her, so she may take out her anger from her childhood.

    So that's it! The character submissions for the side story: Icarus Mines is closed! I'll draw the last few characters as well as some concept art before I actually type up the chapters for the story. Oh and I'll be adjusting the story to fit in the other cast members so everyone can have a proper part in it.

    On other news, I have all the panels in every page set up for the next issue of the comic. It's 25 pages!

    Stay tuned for more updates. See you later!

  • Ooh, Icarus Mines is actually happening. :)

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