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Is Carver a good guy just out for revenge and the cabin group really the bad guys?

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In the new trailer we hear luke say "Whats the most important thing in this world and whats the one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles to get back?"

We also hear in the trailer when caver says, "You have no idea who these people are do you? If people dont trust you how can you trust them?"

Im not sure what would motivate Carver to follow the Cabin group but from the new trailer does it seem implied to anyone else that the cabin group did something to Carver? When you think about it we really dont know what the cabin group has done to survive up to this point. Do you think its possible Carver is a good guy just out for revenge?

  • In that logic Lee is the antagonist of season 1

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  • It was heavily implied that he wants Rebecca's baby, zoomed in on her bump. It's just strange how he knocked on the door alone, no help. It looked like Clem was alone at the house at the time, so maybe he's been watching the cabin group and waited for them to leave. But why? He seems like the kind of guy that has a hidden motive, definitely revenge

  • That's been my theory the whole time. Nobody from the cabin wanted to tell Clem who Carver even was in episode one. They all act like they did something wrong.

  • Everyone are bad guys except Clementine to me at this point, i still doesn't trus any of these people.

  • Carver's chasing after the group because he wants his baby. Since Rebecca was the only grown woman in the group, he probably raped her so he could "carry on his legacy" or something, and as a result, the whole group was disgusted by what he did and left him.

    Notice how he's all creepy and calls Rebecca his "pretty little pregnant lady"

    That's why she's so bitter and distrustful of strangers. That's why she breaks down at the mention of her baby's father or Carver's name.

    The group wouldn't tell Clem what really happened because it would be insensitive to Rebecca's situation.

    I don't trust this Carver guy at all. And he's going to try to manipulate Clem.

    • It dosnt seem like she was raped and if she was the group still would not know about it. She seemed in the bathroom scene more like "it was a mistake" as to "it was forced." Also in confrontation with Clem you can ask "who's baby is it?" and you have the choice to blackmail her about it or say you wont tell. Since you are able to do this the group does not know that the father is in question. This being said since it was not a rape and the group not knowing about the baby the group must think there is another reason that Carver is chasing them.

      Carver's character is still in question since we know little.

      If we're assuming anything the people he killed on the river attacked Carver so it was self defense. Also at the river scene Nick says "your carver what do you do?" and then after Nick and Pete never question who the bodies are so they had some relation to them. What we do know is that the guy that attacked Clem and Crista were in that group. If this is the case then Crista and Clem got caught up with the group hunting for Carver.

      He could be manipulating Clem in the trailer or he could be telling the truth about what kind of people the cabin group really are.

      • I don't know... if the group didn't know the truth about Rebecca's kid , why would Luke say "What's the most important thing in this world? What's the one thing that would make a guy walk hundreds of miles to get back?" followed by a close-up on Rebecca's pregnant belly.

        He seems to be hinting that he knows the kid is Carver's...

      • I completely agree with your hypothesis of the group who ambushed christa is hunting carver

  • I don't think that carver is a good guy and I think that he is after his child.

  • i have to say...they created with carver a very cool character.

  • And i KNEW he s the other man from Rebecca. I knew it! Michel madsons voice wuhuuu!

  • IF the cabin survivors are the same group Russell was with, then maybe they are bad. Russell left because the group he was with was under the leadership of someone called Steve who would kill people and take all their stuff. So the twist could be that Carver is not the bad guy and it's really the cabin guys.

    But in my opinion Carver is the bad guy and is just lying to Clem about the people she's with.

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