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"You Have No Idea Who These People Are, Do You?"

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When Carver is talking to Clementine in the cabin he says "You have no idea who these people are, do you?". Probably referring to the cabin group. Why would he say this? Is he trying to trick Clementine or convince her to tell them where they are? Is the cabin group the real villain here? Speaking of the cabin group, where the hell are they, and why is Clem left in the cabin alone?

He also says "These people don't trust you, why do you trust them?" Suspicious...

  • It would be awesome if we get the choice to side with the group, or carver.

    Its a long shot, but letting us make such a huge choice would be awesome.

    • Only problem would be then telltale would have to make extra long work and then come up with 2 different storylines seeing how you'd have being with the group or Carver and i doubt they would do that but great idea though.

      • The thing is with Telltales games is that you arent changeing the destination, you are changing the journey to it, that said giving us this choice fits right in with that. The problem isnt the extra work, the problem is withen the fan's ability to wait and give them the time they need to make this work and make it awesome.

        That, assuming they dont do it, is the only real thing keeping them from doing it, if the fans were willing to wait, "Which FYI i know most are." this choice between Carver or the group, would be massive, and quite a huge choice that would make this season stand out from season 1. We never got a choice like this, all the more reason to give it to us.

        Choice is key in an interactive story, realisticly, from a logical stand point, this seems like a choice just waiting to happen. It also makes sense that we could choose to be in the middle, picking nobodys side.

        Having these 3 choice's would give this season a great chance at toping season 1 as a story driven by player choice, where everyone makes different choices for different reasons, it would take more work, but i think if TTG can make it work, it will be worth the wait.

        • You can understand the fans disapproval given the time delays and because people are so eager and can't handle waiting, complaints will come but there are some who go overboard with the complaining. I'm not disagreeing with you dude, i think it's a good idea but i doubt they will because of how much effort would be put into it and then they would have to delay release dates even longer and while what you said is true that fans will be ok with waiting, a lot will complain about a longer waiting period, i mean the release date of episode 2 is for early March and people are complaining about that, imagine a further delay. It's probably going to be the same as Season 1 was. Instead of choosing which side to go with and branch different stories, it'll be who you will believe i.e You can choose to side with the group or Carver depending on your decision like it was with Lily or Kenny. To me, that is better then branching 2 different stories because you get to see what your choice does to impact the story more then just choosing a storyline. There's always going to be complaints, no matter what it is. If they did decide to do what you want them do, then people will complain about it someway. Before doing that, i want to see more point and click scenes like Season 1 and have Clem actually be able to sit and talk to the other characters to get to know them. That's why Season 1 was emotional. Because we could actually take time away and get to know the characters. Compare the first episodes of both seasons. We got to know so much about the characters in episode 1 and bonded with them, in Season 2 it's like there's a black secret and we don't know much about them.

  • Can't say when we know almost nothing. There have been times though where the guy trying to warn someone is actually right but a lot of people don't buy into it because the way it is made out, the guy trying to warn you appears evil or mad but personally i think they're seedy. Yes, they're nice but we've seen in Season 1 how quickly people can change and who knows? They could be keeping a secret.

  • We don't know who these people are and its a bit to early to trust anyone at this stage. the is the other thing I was thinking thro....Caver might try to win Clem over to his side like "Stranger" did.

    I think what people are talking about "Steve Carver", I think that's going to happen, he was talking about 7 people, it seems he was kick out and forced to make another group. Why he came back thro....for the baby? oh boy not good...

    I am really curious thro If it was Russell's group he isn't going to show up in this episode, will we see them in this episode? (telltale have started that you should play 400 days before this episode.) Maybe we will meet them on the mountains with the person Clem thought was dead. Who was left at the camp and who came to the new location will mostly play as a factor.

  • Well, I heard this Carver person isn't a real trustworthy bloke. So, I guess to manipulate her, maybe.

  • I wonder if Rebecca takes this event as some sort of evidence that Clementine works for Carver.

    I smell drama, hehehe.

  • Everyone in the twd apocalypse is an antagonist to someone in someway, just like people would be in real life. It's like how Nate was an antagonist to Wyatt and Eddie while they'd killed his friend in the first place; no one is innocent. I think that both the cabin group and Carver's group have done bad things to each other in the past, but the real question is this: what would a guy travel 100s of miles just to get back- revenge or his child?

  • I don't trust Carver at all.

    Feels like he's trying to manipulate Clem.

  • This guy is better than empty gun

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  • I don't think they're evil at all. More than half of them have been really nice to Clem in my playthough.

  • I still wonder why Carver hasn't killed them all yet and taken Rebecca back if its his baby if he has been watching the group. It seems like he could of done it easy enough like the dead bodies he left on the river. Maybe he killed those guys on the river in self defense since we know them to be attackers hence the guy that attacked Clem and Crista within the group of bodies.

    Im not siding with Carver yet but I think Clem should hear out Carver's story he may tell us something bad about the cabin group that we dont know about if its proven true and undisputed Clem may have to pick the lesser of 2 evil's to side with.

    If what he says to Clem has no proof to back it up he's obviously trying to manipulate her but if the cabin group does something horrid or questionable in front of Clem it would really make the choice interesting.

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