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Clementine's personality in episode 2

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Some things i noticed while playing that don't feel anything like Clem.

-She says "oh shit" while fighting the walker on the bridge. I thought our decision of not swearing in the barn was gonna carry over like it did in the bathroom scene.

-She says she hated her treehouse. The written backstory about Clementine says "Clementine is a quiet and imaginative girl with two attentive, loving parents. She’s incredibly resourceful, choosing to spend time building elaborate fantasies in her tree-house instead of watching cartoons or playing with dolls." If she did spend so much time in her treehouse then why did telltale suddenly make her hate the treehouse.

-She says "You look like an idiot" to Luke when you choose the [LOOK DOWN] option Not sure if i should have added this here. Seems like she just wanted to be funny to Luke but I kind of saw it as she just starts disliking everything now, especially since she just said "that sounds stupid" to what Luke said just 10 seconds before.

  • The "I used to have a treehouse... I hated it." comment was Clem's way of telling Luke that she's not a dumb child anymore and she doesn't appreciate Luke treating her like one and trying to manipulate her in that way.

    Atleast that's what I got out of it.

  • Would you still be a cheery person if you were surrounded by people who locked you in a shed and mostly treated you like crap after you got out of the shed? Especially if you just got separated from the last person in the world that you knew? Especially if THAT person has been treating you coldly for 16 months because she blamed you for the other person you knew dying?

    Having a cheery, weak Clem in this season would've been odd.

  • Living in a ZA will harden even the sweetest person in the world. It's not hard to believe. Even if you play Season 1 as Nice Guy Lee, don't forget all the swearing and decisions Kenny made around her. Influence is a big factor in her change I would say.

  • I feel very conflicted. (And that's what the game is suppose to do.) Clementine is precious to me, as I had to take care of her in Season 1. Clementine was just a young girl, and I think at that time she was different because she was moderately happy and innocent. She didn't know about her parents being dead, and Lee was taking care of her. But in Season 2 we play Clem and after everything that happened you can see she has matured a lot more, probably because of everything that happened and that we have too as the people playing the game. But now we are in Clem's shoes instead of just taking care of her. I don't know if I should play as I am Clementine or what is best for her. I've noticed we can play her a lot of different ways. But I'm playing her as a mature Clem or I guess a second Lee. Taking care of everyone.

  • She's just learning that the world is bad and needs to grow up, if she was the same Clem as back in season 1 she would be dead by now.

  • It hardly needs to be said but its been two years in a zombie apocalypse during her most formative years. Of course, she's not the same person she was. No one would be and a child most of all. To expect her to be this sweet, apple-cheeked girl she was when she was eight is not very realistic IMO.

  • I'm not a huge fan of the new Clementine that much, I don't like her tough girl attitude and those stern faces she keeps pulling, I've got nothing against her doing stuff like killing walkers but I think they've made her a bit too grown up like, at times you'd think she is the leader.

    So I played the episode again but this time with a more quieter Clem who hardly says anything and it felt more like the old Clem! I know it sounds crazy playing this way but I prefer her this way as she seems more like her old good self yet still able to survive. Try it and see what you think, I'm not joking.

  • The swearing bothered me a little too. Mostly because her aversion to swearing was a fun and quirky part of her personality and I wanted to see her retain that quirk all the way into adulthood. I guess I just really like the idea of Clem as a badass zombie-slaying adult that still calls people out for swearing in front of her.

    Her hatred of her treehouse, though, bothers me a lot more if she was being sincere. I can't imagine a playful, imaginative 8-year old Clementine not liking something that her parents built especially for her to play in. I always pictured her spending hours upon hours in that treehouse acting out weird and crazy scenarios with her toys, while her parents nagged her on the walkie-talkie to come back inside. Kinda sucks that that image is gone now.

    Some others have mentioned that her hating her treehouse might be symbolic of her hatred of her former childishness and naivete. I like that idea, but I really hope that it's only a phase that she's going through. I don't want her to go on hating what she was before. I liked what she was before.

  • Clem spent over a year with her only 'friend' being a bitter woman that blames Clem for the death of her boyfriend.

    If she was still an innocent and naive 9 year old, now THAT would be terrible writing. The shift in her character is both warranted and believable, even ignoring Christa. It's been 2 years, she's older and it's the fucken' apocalypse. There's no sweet pea no more.

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