• What do you mean by "shutter bug"? Is that what causes some camera movement to look jittery regardless of FPS? I especially noticed this effect when Clementine was climbing the latter, even though I play at a constant 120 FPS.

    Or does it have something to do with the fact that mouths randomly glitch out on certain characters (Nick, Walter) making them look like they are having a stroke?

  • I think the episodes r way to short for the money and episode 2 stunk there was no action I can't stand games that release episodes just release the whole game and charge 20 bucks and make it worth the money Jurassic Park was much better and it would be great if u could switch characters and I agree about the lame puzzles like the wind turbine It would also be nice to start a scene over from a saved spot to see a different outcome . Can I do that ? I don't know how.

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    Way too many dislikes for the best TWD episode ever

    • What points made it the best episode for you? I liked it better then season2 ep1 but it is missing too many things from season1 that I personally enjoyed. Call me a nerd but I like puzzles. Since the end of TWDS1 it seems that all the TTG have games have left puzzles behind.

      I also miss the open world environment and the ability to conversation with everyone in the group.

      I can't stand time jumps within a episode!!!!! I did not mind time jumps between episodes but to me it is LAZY WRITING to have a time jump inside a episode. TTG really shot them selves in the foot with axing the walk in my opinion,

  • I was so happy to see Kenny again, i was completely shock in happiness when it was him!!! i straight away just went up and 'hug him' (choice from options you choose) I also made the decision to stay with Kenny and his girlfriend instead of leaving the next morning with my group but as the outcome goes Caver and his group kidnaps us all. I feel like Kenny has matured so much he seems much wiser now and i love his bead, I like the fact he is so much closer to Clementine like a daughter to him and having his girlfriend which is really loves it feels like he has a new family now (i like it when Kenny calls Clementine 'Duck' that was sad, but at the same time it feels like he is a father figure to Clementine), I see Kenny as Clem protected and father figure just the same way I felt with Lee. You can say Kenny is the new Lee.

  • my compliants are as follows.

    TELLTALE COPPED OUT WITH KENNY. Seriously, it's clearly obvious that they made him alive all of a sudden to just please kenny fans. My kenny was backed up in a alleyway with two hordes of walkers with no bullets. "I got out" isnt an excuse.

    Not. I'm not annoyed at kenny's appearnce, more so the lack of explantion.

    • I agree with this. As much as I love having him back, the explanation he gave was horrible. A simple "I got lucky" is the most vague handwave they could have given us. Unless his escape is elaborated on in later Episodes, this will be something that bugs me.

      • If we ever get the chance. He looks to be in some danger of dying next episode. Carver seems to be the main antagonist of season 2, and I doubt they'll kill him off in episode 3. Carver seems to be on the same wavelength as Negan from the comics. as in "You fuck with me, you're going to die" I doubt he'll show kenny any mercy when he loses in the fight next episode, which is obvious in the preview. Telltale seem to be pretty obvious with their choices lately. So this is probably going to happen if not.. then after that sometime.

        If this does, then we lose out on our explanation.. :/

        thanks for not burning me alive man.

  • I think the writers took the easy route by using one single narrative, rather than stringing 5 separate stories together. You can almost play Season one completely out of order and still enjoy it. I highly doubt you will have that ability with this season. Also while this past episode was short, the long wait between episode 1 and episode 2 was much worse. It was almost a 3 month wait for 2 hours of gameplay. Lastly, if you are a zombie movie fan, the big bad ruler of the town/compound, holding survivors hostage, is one of the oldest gimmicks in zombie lore.

    That said, it was awesome seeing Kenny, and I was hoping Kenny or Clementine would shed more light on events not included in the first season.

    • So by the writers bringing Kenny back do you think they are starting to run thin of fresh ideas? Season 2 ep 2 was good but in my mind it was not as good as "Mark!!! Where are your legs man?!??!?? Lee, don't eat the meat!" I mean people eating other people that was a twist I was not expecting.

      I think the next couple weeks are going to be very very interesting. Will TTG take a step forward or a step backward in episode 3. I'm excited to see how it all falls out.

      • What sort of twists can you expect in a safezone full of pshyco paths exactly? The writing is clearly weaker in this season. But if Telltale can pull off an "twists" in a situation as obvious as this, then hell. I'd be surprised.

        Keep in mind, this season seems to be focusing more on the dangers of humans themselves than zombies. As I've mentioned many times before..

        • There are plenty of twists that can happen in a safezone full of psychos, but most of them have been presented before in other zombie stories. Anyone remember a town called Crawford? Personally, I don't think Telltale were lazy bringing back a character from Season One, such as Kenny. I just don't like the fact that there is one single story, and if it sucks, then the entire season/game sucks. Many gamers did not like Episode 4 from season 1, yet still thought the game or season as a whole was a masterpiece. If the last episode of Season 2 has a crappy ending, then all the episodes suffer because of it.

  • I just wish the episodes were LONGER. It took me an average of 4 hours to play the episodes from season 1. It takes me an hour to play these.

  • It was too short. I expected it to be longer!

  • I'll tell you something that bugs me. Has anyone noticed that the timer to make a choice goes so fast you can't even hear all of the conversation from the other person.

    Like why your talking to someone and the choice boxes come up that damn timer goes so fast I can't hear all of what the other character is saying.

    They need to slow that timer down and add more / harder puzzles.

    Move the camera back and show more of the environment to the character.

    And longer episodes.

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