• For me it was whether or not to tell Walter what happened. Meta-gaming I knew he'd figure it out regardless if he hadn't already but telling the guy who seemed he was on the edge and holding a knife we accidentally murdered his lover didn't seem like such a good idea. I told him anyway though.

    • Let Carver in (Which I did)
    • Give Opinion on Nick (Said he was like everyone else. Poor guy)
    • Sit with Luke or Kenny (Sat with Luke)
    • Leave or help Nick (Helped him. But couldn't decide in time, resulting in first non-canon death)
    • Surrender or Find Kenny (Surrendered. Couldn't leave my man Carlos)
  • I laughed nervously when Nick asked what picture we were looking at.

  • Like others, the most difficult choice was whether or not to restart the game after Kenny's attempt to kill Carver failed. I actually did end up restarting the game a few times so I could go over the options. I very much dislike losing characters that I don't have to unless they have done me a grievous wrong. Such as Lily killing Carley. In the end, I ended up going with my first choice, find Kenny and shoot the bastard. It was worth the risk in my eyes and I don't regret trying, even though it failed.

    Other choices were mostly easy although I did play around with the options a bit to see the reactions. I spent a minute thinking about the "is Nick a good guy" decision but that was mainly because I it took me a bit to understand the implications of what I was about to tell him. The table was an easy one for me because, for it to be difficult, one would have to assume I felt some loyalty to these guys. Which I DIDN'T! Especially not, "I can't tell if it's a Walker or a dog bite" Carlos. Screw him!

    I made it clear at all points that Christa was my main target and I'm not keen on sticking around with a group that is being hunted by some maniac, if I don't have to be. Pete was the best of the lot but he died. I am, of course, best friends with Sarah but even best friends need to go their separate ways sometimes. Luke is alright, a good partner. In all honestly, Luke's probably a better one than Kenny from what little I've seen. That said, I know Kenny and he's not going to screw me over... unless I insult him * cough *. Plus, I found it weird how we seemed to be in sync at times. Like when Bonnie showed up. "Check her for weapons" Clem goes. "Yea, check her for weapons" he agrees. I knew we were both thinking it was equally dumb to give that girl the food as well. It annoyed me that there was no option to say that she may be part of the group that was chasing the people I was with.

    I also just wanted to have him shoot everyone when I went out to see him. I actually told him to shoot the first guy in the original play through but since that didn't work I tried to get him to stop at the start. Since that didn't work either, I decided to have him try and take down Carver again, since I really did believe that trying to kill him was the best choice at that point.

    There was a non choice, or, rather, a past choice that really annoyed me though. That was the watch situation. Originally, I restarted the game when I accidently stole that watch but it turns out that stealing it is the only way for Nick to have a precious memento of Pete's. That really pissed me off. Being a thief shouldn't be rewarded.

  • For me the hardest decision was choosing which table to sit at... Luke or Kenny? I didn't expect that! I'm still not sure how such a seemingly unimportant choice can be so difficult to make... It was pure genius! I ended up choosing Kenny because he seemed very happy to see Clem, even though I could sense something not completely right about him... It also made more sense for me to sit with him after such a long time of being apart... I felt a little guilty seeing Luke's expression but after all, Kenny is our old friend, crazy and loud as he may be. I'm worried about his state of mind and I can't let him down.

  • Definitely, without a chance, choosing where to sit at dinner. It seems like such a minor decision, but I spent like 10 minutes deciding on who to sit with.

  • Besides who to sit next to at dinner (I ended up choosing Luke), I think the most difficult decision to me was to choose whether to surrender or find Kenny for help. I'm usually a fighter but in this situation it really did seem like a lost cause, they had the upper hand with the guns and I didn't want my actions to lose lives, so dammit I surrendered. I don't want Clementine to be seem as "weak" but I think sometimes the hardest decisions is just to let it go. Clem can fight another day.

  • Deciding who to sit with took me the longest to decide. But the one that hit me the hardest was letting Carlos take that beating while I went to look for Kenny and Luke.

  • For me, It was deciding whether or not to save Carlos, So i surrendered to Carver so he wouldn't kill him, Alvin & Nick survived in my canon save, Thank God they did.

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