• Jeez, there are a lot of cynical people in this thread. What is all this "he's TOO nice" business? Isn't it possible that some people are just nice? Yeesh.

    I definitely don't think Luke is a traitor. It doesn't match with either what Kenny said about him or what Carver said about him. I actually could believe that Kenny killed Luke just because Kenny seems to enjoy murdering people. But I don't think that's what happened.

    I'm betting that Luke is going to come back in Episode 3 to rescue Clem and the rest of the group. He probably just stayed hidden when he saw Carver's people--like what I told Kenny to do. Because unlike Kenny, Luke isn't a psychopath who's going to risk getting everyone killed by opening fire on people who are holding hostages.

    • I'm a staunch Luke defender so I agree with your points but I must disagree about Kenny liking to kill people. Besides the whole Larry thing where he thought he was genuinely protecting the group. All of his other decisions only suggest a course of action that would lead to death (abandoning Lilly, leaving Omid, raiding the station wagon). He never directly killed anyone besides Larry.

  • Honestly, I just can't picture Luke being a traitor. Just look at him. Look at his character, People are saying he's too nice, it can be just because Clementine is still a little girl in the group's eyes and they don't know what she has been through. I mean, maybe Kenny purposely ditched Luke because he was jealous of his relationship with Clem? Either way, I'm sure Luke is going to be back soon, as a friendly.

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    I completely and utterly disagree with this theory, I mean this is beyond farfetched thinking Carver clearly doesnt like Luke, seeing him as a thorn.

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    he is way too nice dats for sure

  • Lee was way too nice to Clem, too...

  • I can't see Luke being a traitor, seriously what was he gonna do? Storm in at 4 people with automatic weapons with his machete? Kenny at least had a rifle, Luke didn't have ranged weapon. He made a smart choice by staying behind because now he can organize help for the group and rescue them in episode 3. He is better than that. "He is too nice" so what? Lee wasn't?

  • Luke being the traitor feels like a cheap attempt to make a shocking twist, there's no concrete evidence nor any foreshadowing that he's evil.

  • Noo, please, don't... It sounds logical but i don't want to believe on this...

    • It's not even logical given how Luke behaved so far this season, he's just hiding out and making plans on how he's going to save them, no sense in getting himself captured or others killed too like Kenny y'know? (However I will admit that I wanted to fight back so I sided with Kenny and told him to shoot both times so Alvin's death is on me.. >:( )

  • I also thing Luke is too Nice!!

    I mean no one is really like that right? You can be nice to Clem because she's young and you want to make her feel safe adn stuff, but I don't know...

    In my oppinion Luke is either going to be the hero (he hide because he knew they couldn't defeat Carver and is going to save the group in epsiode 3 or 4) or he's a traitor and run to join Carver later or something.

    Also am I the only one to find it weird that Luke is not even mentioned in the preview and Nick does not show up if you save him?

  • Yeah, If you looked at the preview Clem was with Carver alot. I think they were a traitor group and the only thing Clem wants is Kenny and Luke but will we at some point have to decide which one we save instead of which one we sit with?

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