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Do you still hate Rebecca?

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Myself, I'd always argued in her hate threads that her behaving like she did in EP1 was just because of her pregnancy hormones and whatnot. I knew it from experience...

I'm glad I did not blackmail her.

She was so nice to Clem in EP2, and when she let her listen to the baby's kicks, I was smiling like an idiot. It was such a sweet scene! And she also confides her secret to Clem anyway if you hadn't blackmailed her in EP1. I do think she is really sorry for the way she acted in EP1.

Her love for Alvin seems so sincere too. "I love you , silly bear!"

On my first playthrough, I accidentaly let Alvin die, and oh my god, that was so damn sad. The way she was crying and screaming his name... I just had to rewind it to fix it :[

  • I still don't like her. She may be more polite to Clem now but still, she's a selfish bitch. She knows Carver will never hurt her because she is pregnant, with his baby. Carlos didn't give her away even when Carver was torturing him. But all she did was hiding upstairs, saying some bullshit, hoping to find a way out only for herself and Alvin. She simply didn't care if Carver was gonna kill Carlos or not.

  • I dont think I ever hated her. I cut her slack because of her pregnancy and I knew that when she got to know Clementine she would calm down. Im glad to know I was right.

  • i was surprised, when she apologized. Now i see her another face. That's very cute moment, when i listen her stomach.

  • I didn't hate her in the first episode, she was obviously really annoying, but I managed to keep calm and I wanted to be as nice as possible. I suspected that her pregnancy was causing most of the trouble... Her situation is really complicated and I understand her mood swings. I know that Clem's situation wasn't the best either, but it's somehow natural for Rebecca to act that way at first, I gave her a chance and I'm glad I did. I was surprised that she apologised so fast but in my opinion, it's a good thing for both of them.

  • Oddly enough I do like her more. I can see where she was coming from and why she was so apprehensive.

  • She's gone from hated in the first episode to minor dislike in this episode. If there's a way I can avoid her I will, pretty much the same with most of this new group.

  • Never hated her and never will.

  • While yes I did think she was going to be the Larry of season 2 I think that after episode 2 she changed into a more likeable character especially towards the end with letting Clem listen to the baby kicking

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