• I agree, the wooden walls of howes reminds me of woodbury and carver reminds me a lot about the governor he's dangerous but as of yet a lot of people who played the game can't tell whether he's the main antagonist, he's just manipulative and he probably has people in his group thinking that they're completely safe under his protection and he has the best of intentions. So it makes sense that he would get someone like Tavia to recruit people so there's a good chance that we get to meet the people from 400 days and I hope we see Lily too and Lily vs Kenny could turn out to be a very interesting aspect of this episode. Even though they probably won't do each other any direct harm they probably would be at each other's throats. I also think that clementine will try to get in with Carver's good side so she can plan an escape but we could also see Carver's group in a fight against another group and this group vs group battle also has good potential overall this episode has a good chance of containing some disturbing undertones, it certainly has the potential but we will see.

  • Also did anyone find the bucket scene in the ep3 trailer as depressing as I did.


    And does anyone thing that the season will probably end with Clementine and the baby alone?


  • Speaking of that empty gun trust test, it'd be amazing but horrible for Carver to make us choose between two people, but he shoots the one we opted to save and the other thinks we don't value them.

    • Thats actually more likely then giving clem a chance to opt out via attempted suicide. I've been expecting a reverse choice for ages now and the closest thing they've done is "Stealing the watch is a good thing"

      • I think a big reverse choice will be getting everyone to go to the camp in 400 days. We all thought that because the 400 days group are good people they'd help Clem, right? But what if they're all thugs for Carver?

        • Consider HOW you got them to join.

          Fear of Roman Searching for people Being betrayed and becoming cynical and Bonnie.

          All Carver would have to do is allow Becca and Shel to go on scouting missions and they'd have the percieved freedom Roman denied them as well as Carver killed Roman so he saved his new "family". Vince when made cynical by justin only cares about surviving so he'd be willing to do the hard things Carver needed him to do. Carver would probably have helped Wyatt and Russel find Eddie and perhaps a family member of Russels winning their loyalty although i'm almost positive when Carver found Eddie he was dead but it gave Wyatt closure.

          Thus he seals them to his family. But we know for sure Carver isn't hesitant about killing people who are against him so if you didnt join tavia you might be dead. Or at the very least separated from each other by now.

  • What if TTG includes a character this season. Someone whose been around since the beginning of this season and keeps them around observing and learning from Clementine. And then in the final episode of this season this character who started off a naieve child and ends up the protagonist of Season 3 after Clem dies? It would have to be a character who is immature and who Clem can teach to survive because their own father wouldn't teach them.

  • I feel Stephanie is 100% dead. Either Shel or Roman killed her.

  • If there is an empty gun test, I hope there is an [INSPECT GUN] option that allows Clem to realize there is nothing in the chamber. Might be a bit much to ask of an 11yr old though. Or he could use blanks (which would preclude the suicidal option.)

  • I don't normally read posts this long anymore, but I could tell this was gonna be good.
    I like your ideas man. I hope Telltale's are just as good, otherwise they should take some notes.

    • One of the greatest things about TTG is that they take notice of their fanbase and they do their best to give their fans what they want but not in the way that they wanted. Take Larry, He was an asshole and the fans wanted him dead. But alot of those same people tried to save him in the meat locker when he had his heart attack because even though they wanted him dead they didn't want him to die like that. And Larry didn't even try to be redeemed. People who complained about Duck and wanted him dead {We call these people Psychopaths} for talking too much and being annoying. Then in Episode 3 they make him a loveable comic relief pretending to be robin with lee as batman and when you're all Aww.... They kill him. At this point TTG could use any of my ideas and still twist them in such a way as to make me regret ever saying them. And to me that's the mark of a good creative company. If I can come up with the idea of Clem choosing suicide over killing a friend and either way it was just a test. They will have Melissa Hutchison put so much pain and sadness in Clem's voice. And the animator's will render such heartbreaking expressions that I would hate myself for even thinking it much less posting it. TTG is the greatest at that.

  • I'm really curious of Clem's interactions with the characters from 400 days.

  • If Clem dies I imagine the season will end with Sarah echoing Clems words from the first episode. "Her name was Clementine and she taught me how to survive."
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