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I think it needs to happen

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Wrong choices and dialog.

It's to the point I don't fear anything in the game. Clementine can't die (excluding qtes)so there is no reason to take caution or exercise restraint in situation which would normally be dangerous. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER When Carver has a gun at Alvin head it never crossed my mind the repercussions running at Carver might entail. Ni repercussion would lead to clementine deaths because it couldn't lead to her death. All I'm saying is when the fear of any terrible repercussions is off the table then there is no reason to consider them and they have no effect on the final decision. Even if they added one or two to each episode tops it would at least reinforce the premise that this is a real world situational story with real world situational after effects. Too many would ruin immersion with constant (or minimal with proper sensible reasoning) breaking and restarting but it wouldn't feel completely staged and give the impression Clem is invincible.

Anyone else feel the same way? If you disagree let me know why :)

  • I was here like two or three months ago and this same poster, Viva-La-Lee, was making labored post after post about how he wants Clem to die.

    Dude if you have that much of a creepy obsession with child-death just fail the prompts.

    • It has nothing to do with wanting to see her die. The God like and immortality mindset I get when playing as Clem is unreasonable (for me) in a game where death lurks around each corner and is often brought by alive people and the things you choose to do or say around/to them.

      Not sure why you would come in here with such a negative attitude when I thought we left off on a fairly good or at least neutral note. Glad you are unbanned, but don't be surprised if I don't respond to you.

      EDIT: And also in that thread months and months ago I wasn't arguing that she should die, but that she could theoretically die at the end of the season. Either you are mis-remembering or misinterpreting or even purposefully misrepresenting what was said in that thread, but I feel that it should be cleared up :)

      • You have youtube compilations of all the deaths Clem can suffer to satiate your bloodlust for dead children.

        Your sensation of "God-like immortality" is a defensive projection you've manifested because you want Clem to die, similar to your repeated declarations months ago that Clem dying would be poetic or powerful or in the spirit of TWD or whatever other justifications you propounded.

        We guessed Lee would be around for 5 episodes and somehow I doubt you were moaning, sighing and rolling your eyes through it.

        • I wasn't around for it. I wouldn't have moaned, sighed, or rolled my eyes. But I wouldn't have been so intensely blind as to not recognize his death as a possible outcome if that's what you are insinuating. I have no blood lust. I don't even read the comics because they are to distasteful to me. What I do have is an intense desire for the best story that this game could possibly give me, and since I have no fear for Clementine's life (in the slightest) in a world where life is always endagered I am simply just not getting the best.

          Due to your obvious labeling of me even after giving sufficient reason to support my ideas and reasons which any reasonable person would see are clearly not creepy (even if they don't agree with my reasons) I feel the need to ask... are you a skilled troll or an oblivious intelligent?

          • I see a lot of defensive posturing centered around a deep-seated lust for the blood of young girls, but only one unqualified "gee-gosh-golly juuuuuust not feeling it" statement concerning Clementine's vulnerability.This is despite continued emotional suffering, physical pain, and her being able to die in myriad ways over the course of the last two episodes.

            The passive-aggression inherent in your critique is that you want Clem to die and have been creepily fixated on it for months.

  • the topic creator is referring to something where a wrong decision makes you die. like in that video someone linked of episode 2 season 1 where saying "put the gun down bitch" has you killed.

  • You're basing this purely off of dialogue choices? I dunno, I'm not actively trying to get Clem killed so I'm not aware about whether or not there are any dialogue options currently that lead her to die. But she's died a few times in action sequences throughout the two episodes. It certainly doesn't feel like you're 100% safe. Also consider that not everyone is gonna be a "Well I don't like what this 11 year old said, BLAM!" type person. Why expect a child to get murdered for not saying the right thing? That doesn't need to be a consistent option IMO.

    • Consistent no, but it should be there. You should never feel doing a heroic action or an obviously incorrect action will end all hunky dory for Clem. I am neither trying to Clem actively killed, but as far as I know there are no current choices that lead to this.

  • I understand what you mean. When in my playthrough Carver had his gun pointing at Alvins and my Clem was being hostage, I decided to pick the "Carver, stop!" option. Alvin dies and you know what happen next. The day after I finished the game I decided to see other people playthrough to see diferent choices. Then, the moment came. Same as I was before, the guy picks [Protect Alvin], again, you know how things turns out.

    Then I started thinking the same thing you did. Why care and protect Clem, if no matter how risky the situation is, I KNOW she will be alive. I reached to the same conclusion as you did. I thought it would be better if when you choose the [Protect Alvin] option, Bonnie/Troy quickly pushes you to the same place as before and you get to choose the other 3 remaining option. That would be pretty much realistic while still being able to protect Alvin.

    Glad to see I aint the only one to think about it :)

    • That's another option that would have fit the situation better. Just seeing as I knew there was no possible way Clem would die there was no logical reason to not run into the fray all gungho. If I had even slightly feared the final outcome (as you did) then perhaps I may have come to a different train of thought, but there was really no reason to consider the idea a bad one (especially for Clem in and of herself).

  • I agree with wanting to see more options that can lead to player deaths. Clem getting hit with the bullet meant for Carver would've been the most effective outcome for the 'Protect Alvin' option, IMO. It would add to the tension going forward if people realized they can die by "friendly fire" as well. Though the above would require tweaking things so that Kenny moves into position on his own (which shouldn't be a big issue; don't know why he needed Clem to point that out, tbh).

    • Now that would have been a fantastic outcome to that situation! Thanks for sharing! Not only showing that clementine isn't invincible and that it is possible for her to die because if her actions but that it would have been a friend to do it would add a unique twist. That is the scene I truly had a problem with in this episode, well that and the wind turbine.

  • I don't really see the point of this. I mean, if Clem dies... then you'd have to go back and pick a different option if you want to play the rest of the episodes. Negative impacts that are NOT the death of Clem would be better I think since the death of Clem just means going back and picking something else.

  • To be honest i didn't know what "Saving Alivn" Choice or whatever would do, i thought she would try and do something like trying to get her bounds off her hands or somethng i dunno. the non verbal options occasionally aren't blunt enough XD

  • I would not compromise the story like that just to force scenes in with verbal choice. If the story calls for it then put it in. Theres a lot of new things they have tried this season and Im liking it so far I would not mind another verbal choice secession if it comes up. They are fun though.

    • One option per episode compromises the story on such a marginal level it is nearly incomprehensible, the return on characterization and feeling of mortality is far, far superior. All scenes are forced with verbal choice, it is a dialog driven, choice based, point and click puzzle game. I also love what they are doing with this season, more optional conversations with characters and the op are the only game mechanics I wish would be implemented/used more often.

  • Well, in EP3 last season we had that scene where if we fail to make Kenny stop the train, we get a bad ending.

    Maybe since next up is an EP3 as well, we'll get one of those again.

    Also possible scenarios where this could have happened in the past EPs:

    Decide to stay in the shed during EP1 = bad ending

    Run into Carver to save Alvin = bad ending

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