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"William Carver is a Very Smart Man"

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Carlos said this and it is displayed to be true various times throughout the episode.

An analysis of Carver's smarts and motives I did with a fellow forum member, Michael7123

Say what you will about Carver, nobody is denying that this guy is smart. Not anyone can just glance at a chess board and determine that one side is three moves away from checkmate. He isn't going to be brutal just for the sake of brutality. He wants to keep his head on his shoulders. Furthermore, maybe he sort of has a respect for Clementine just being alive for so long. You can't be too stupid and still be alive, he knows that. He makes a big speech about forgiveness in the trailer, maybe he isn't gonna hold Clementine's brief association with the cabin group against her. -Michael7123

You're right. I knew Carver was smart but the chess board like passed right by my head, guys brilliant. You know what this means? Chess is a game of strategy, and Carver is an expert strategist. Were looking at Napoleon 2.0 here guys, and he's gonna start a war. Yes, I'm history buff (just like Omid) -Me

Now, about Carver's backstory:

I hope we get more if Carvers back story in episode 3. Something tells me he was a high official in the military, or a hardened criminal- either goes. But I'd lean more towards military because of his battle tactics and leadership skills. It was hinted Pete was in the military, maybe he was with him? It was never said if Carver knew anyone from the group before the apocalypse.

We know that:

Pete, Nick, Luke and Nick's Mom: all knew eachother before the outbreak and probably were together since the beginning of the apocalypse. Luke's parents were probably there at the beginning as well

Alvin and Rebecca: Married.obviously together since beginning of outbreak. But Rebecca got with carver at some point so...

Carlos and Sarah: Father and Daughter, probably together since beginning of outbreak

Carver: Unknown

How do you think Carvers related to the cabin group? How smart is Carver? Put your thoughts below!

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  • Trust me, I want him dead as much as the next guy. He killed Walt, aka the worlds nicest man. I'm just saying that he can't be too ruthless, otherwise he would already be dead.

    "It is better to be feared than loved." That's Machiavelli. Carver takes this ideology to heart, but he also warned that while being feared is good, being hated is not. Furthermore, it is best to be feared and loved. A man who glances at a chessboard and can determine the outcome of a game is bound to be smart. If you're too much of a dick, you'll get overthrown. If you just try to get everyone to like you, you'll be the most popular dead man in town (game of thrones reference there.)

    Here is something Machiavelli (and I could imagine Carver) doing.

    There is a man under their command who is a real asshole, who he needs to get rid of. Carver/Mac (I'm tired of typing his full name) sends him to a settlement under his control that is in the middle of a revolution. Asshole comes in, kills all the rebels, makes examples of them (think walkers hanging from ropes, heads on spikes, that type of thing). After a month or so of asshole running that settlement, the settlement folk will wake up to asshole's reanimated corpse hanging from a rope. Carver/Mac would come in and give a speech and apologize for asshole's behavior, and do something that really helped out that particular settlement. The settlers would think Carver is a fair leader, and carver gets rid of his rebel problem and the asshole in his command.

    I'd love to see something like this.

  • I also think there's more to Carver then just the psychopath people make him out to be. They say Carver broke Carlos's fingers for no reason but if we rewind the ski lounge was being over run with zombies which Carver saved them from and in turn Carlos spit in his face. Carver just had to make an example out of Carlos for spiting in his face. If anything we can label Carver as a Fierce dictator. I think he's trying to force people to stick to survive but his punishments are harsh. If you noticed Walter wouldn't have died if everyone just gave up. Not saying Carver is a good guy but he has out thought everyone and that means in some way he has a rational side and goes by the best outcome.

    Would be interesting if the only way to be Carver is to out think him.

  • Calling it now: Clem baits Carver into thinking he's successfully taking her under his wing only for Clem to dupe him, which leads to his downfall. Student becomes the teacher.

  • Carver is the governor of this story. He having a big camp thats safe (for now) with walls and the whole setup to me feels like woodbury all over again. They scout and probably have a merle of their group.. who knows. I think we may even see Christa here this coming episode or at least what happened to her. On a side-note. Id love to see a whole new story next year. TWD TT Season 1 was fun because... well we got to see characters from the show... and what they had been doing before Ricks group.. I like that idea... Maybe next season of twd tt we can see some pieces of Michonne or pieces of anyone.. Maybe we can see what happened in pieces to tyresse old group.

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      1. At this point the show/comic would already be happening as it currently is. 2. The comics, show and game are DIFFERENT UNIVERSES, while Glenn and Herschel appeared in Episode 1, that was it, Lilly was originally going to be comic Lilly, but Kirkman wrote "The Road to Woodbury" which gave her a completely different backstory, and so the games became a separate canon.
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    "You ain't strong, or smart... You're alive" I don't know why, this was just in my head when I read the title.

  • Sorry, but I will never consider anyone who doesn't look under the bed while searching for someone "very smart".

  • I believe Carver may have known Carlos before the outbreak,possibly good friends,considering Carver calls him a smart man,however they could have just became friends during the apocalypse

  • there was no check-mate in 3, he just wanted to sound clever.

  • We all know how Carver will die it is in our faces that Clem will kill him.

    And WHERE IS LUKE!!!! I miss him :(

  • Indeed he is, managed too track them damn well. BTW is carver ment to be the games version of the governor?

    Not anyone can just glance at a chess board and determine that one side is three moves away from checkmate

    :D lol.

    He doesn't strike me as the military type (then again he's managed to survive damn well, likes to be in control/charge, his group has AK47's (seriously, how the hell - at-least they looked like AK'S - some sort of auto rifle anyway, how do you get those in a apocalypse) Im going for hardened criminal with a back back history of hunting, hence how can track so well.

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