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Which Clementine do you prefer?

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Do you prefer the sweet and innocent little girl we all loved in Season 1?

Or do you prefer the more sassy, badass older version of her in Season 2?

For me it's the badass we get to play as in Season 2. She's so mature and not a lot seems to phase her. But she also shows glimpses of the girl we all grew to love.

Anyone else?

  • i think you must be some kind of badass if you wanna survive in a world like this

  • If you haven't been playing TWD season 1 and 2 with the goal of turning Clementine into a cold-blooded psychopath you've been doing it wrong.

    How else is she going to be able to become a post-apocalyptic warlord?

  • I loved season 1 Clem, but I FREAKING LOVE season 2 Clem. She absolutely incredible. So strong, smart, determined, brave, caring, and she has that get it done attitude. Not to mention her sass, maturity, and the fact that she can still pull off the sweet "I'm a little girl" thing to strangers like Mattew.

  • She's still Clementine no matter what, so I can't choose. I liked her in Season one and I like her now. I remember that while playing No time left I was thinking about Clementine's future, imagining how she was going to change, how much she would be forced to grow up and leave her innocence behind... When Lee was saying his last words to her, I knew that from that moment on Clem wasn't going to be just a little girl anymore...

  • I prefer a blend of both.

    I like how her character has matured, but I'm glad that she hasn't completely lost the empathy and endearment that she was able to express in the first season.

  • Badass, she still us some innocence left. She is very intelligent and tough but (the way I play her) is not a complete desensitized duche. She is awsome!

  • Fun Fact: Season 1 Clem isn't the complete sweet and innocent girl you all make her out to be.

    If you play as a complete jerk to everyone (including Clem) you'll see some sass and bravery come out. For example: At the gate to the mansion when you just run into the backyard from the walkers, Clem will ask "Did they see us?" If you respond with a yes instead of a reassuring answer she will then proclaim "I'll stand watch."

    • That's so cute and brave of her! Thanks for sharing, never knew that :P

    • After reading some of these comments, I believe people are more upset over the time jump than Clem's character evolution. The people upset seem to want some game play on the two years between the end of Season 1 and when Christa and Clem are in the woods together. The only problem with that is that time frame would take up a lot of time to cover and probably would be a season of it's own. A season for character development of one character would be much too long. My mom has been doing licensed home daycare for almost 20 years. Trust me, kids can grow up and change quick even in a non-apocalyptic setting.

      Depending on how you play the game, you can see signs of sass and attitude in Season 1 Clem and signs of innocence in Season 2 Clem. It's all about how you play the game. You want season 1 Clem, play her that way. If you want sass and attitude, play her that way. That's what great about this game: you control the character. Play how you want and the story will evolve around it. What some of the play-throughs on YouTube to see what I mean.

      Side note: This isn't direct to you Carv-eer-George. The "you" are just used for the general audience. Just wanted to say that just incase it looked like I was talking at you. lol

  • I've going to say I like her sassy... but that sounds a litte pervy... Guess my favorite sassy girl is Jeon Ji Hyun ^_^

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    But seriously, it's a progression. Started off with an 11 year-old Clementine would be like wtf... and 8 year-old Clementine could never be a main character. They're good for their respective roles...

  • I do like the new Clem but I miss the old one. I like the moments where the old one shines back through the new one.

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