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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. We have heard of some users reporting that after rewinding to previous chapters, and then playing through differently, that their choices did not always carry over from their second playthrough. Can you please clarify if you've ever rewound the episode, or chose to overwrite a save on your save slot?

  • I think this type of tech support is a bit outdated. any other software developer would have developed a game patch by now (since it seems that this is a very common issue among the people who have purchased this game), available for download; I have a laptop with Win8 and a desktop with Win7, and I have gone through countless ways of trying to play the game on both of the platforms. For some reason this game has a slew of compatibility issues. I purchased the box game and had issues with that; went as far as downloading the game directly from your website (obviously spending more money for the sake of playing and trying to get to the end) and had issues with that as well. Can't transition from episode 3 to episode 4. So I decided to start brand new in episode 4 and that worked. Completed episode 4, I wanted to transition to episode 5, but now I get a "walkingdead101.exe has stopped working"and must close. Very Very frustrating. Now I can't even play any of the previous episodes.

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