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  • This thread is about to get a whole lot more relevant.
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  • Another interesting little thing I noticed. Looking at the color of the achievements on the xbox version, episode one achievements are all sort of grey/black without any real color. Episode two achievements are all sort of warning sign yellow. Episode 3 achievements are all colored danger red.
  • it scares me how accurate you were with episode 3.

    and that its probably the same for episode 4.


    im terrified...
  • [quote]
    is where, after discovering the future of Clem's group, I started to notice. This slide shows Clem and Rebecca in what seems to be a holding cell, shown by the transparent bars; Although it could also represent the "feeling" of being "trapped", but that's anyone's guess. I think it's just a temporary holding cell. Anyways, the music is what sets the tone. There's a buzz-saw in the background with a ominous rattling and heavy and distorted wind effects. I think this particular slide is also especially important. Picture Clementine, trapped in an unknown location, forced to do labor for people she doesn't know, with a group she barely knows, and also worrying about a soon to be pregnant lady. Imagine what's going through her head, a lot of stress for an 11 year old girl. To her all this but be building up inside of her, with the "ringing" buzz-saw noise representing her numbness to this constant mental abuse.[/quote]

    I quoted your predictions for episode three and it is crazy how accurate they were. Listening to the music I didn't really get a buzz saw out of it until reading your theory. But reading your predictions for four and five you may be onto something.
  • One thing i don't get. Episode 3 slide shows Rebbecca and Clem. Everyone thought she would give birth during the episode. Nothing like that happened. Clem was hardly with Rebbecca. Maybe i forget and I'm wrong.
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