• I would be glad to see one!

  • They certainly need to do something to explain how Kenny survived. I mean, I guess it makes a little more sense in the games where he went into the building to save Christa, because we couldn't really see what was down there. In my game though, he was stuck in an alley, surrounded by walkers, with no weapon and no way out. Plus Lee, Chrisa, and Omid were all in a position to see what was happening and declared him dead. We're supposed to believe that he got away, and the only reason no one else in the group noticed was because they were too stupid to try looking down? Just saying, "I got lucky" is a laughably awful explanation, and Telltale is better than that.

    I know I'm down on Kenny most of the time. But as much as I think he's a jerk, I do think he's an interesting character. My main objection to his return is simply that it doesn't make any sense. I would have been okay with it if they had at least come up with some clever way to make it fit. As it is, the way the did it seems to undo all of the character development Kenny went through in Episode 5 with his final noble sacrifice while also taking all the teeth out of the threat of death since characters can simply be brought back at any time.

    So I hope we get some kind of more detailed explanation. Whether that's in the form of a DLC or just a conversation in a future episode. And another thing that's bugging me beyond just his still being alive is how he just happened to end up in the same place as Clem's group. He's obviously not moving toward Wellington like Christa and Clementine were, and they had been on the road for over 16 months since leaving Kenny behind. Without knowing where they were going, it seems like a pretty huge coincidence that Kenny would happen to end up in the exact same place. Again, lazy, lazy writing. You can do better than this, Telltale.

  • I'm sure they will talk about it more in the game, besides Kenny probably wouldn't be the best playable character. Switching from Lee to Clem makes sense because Lee is essentially you and he was taking care of her so its logical the she would pick up his mannerisms and be like him. However having Kenny being kinda quick tempered in the story, then playing and making him all nice or just picking silence the whole time and then going back to being quick tempered would be really weird. Kenny is already really developed and it would damage the story to change who he is and then un-change him for his role in season 2. I feel like they are almost sure to touch on this later and fill in the gaps, just my opinion though.

  • It'd be fun, but I'm not hugely desperate.

  • Seeing how Kenny got from point A (the alley/the building) to point B (the abandoned restaurant) would definitely be worthy of its own DLC.

  • That would be very interesting indeed!

  • The Walking Dead: After Savannah- that would be a good name, it could span from the time showing how he escaped Savannah in the different scenarios up until he meets Sarita. I'd also like some insight onto how he recovered from being so broken and how he just became so broken. If any of you have watched Season 3, with episode 6 the one purely based on the Governor- the walking dead should do a two hour DLC like that, but it's based around Kenny and how he survived. They should do it at the end of season 2 though, and it shouldn't affect Season 2.

  • YES! I'd love that. I'd also love the chance to see everything from his perspective. It would be a great chance to make us understand the character better.

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