• because he has charm coming out his ass
  • Because of the quotables.

    "I'm gonna punch the first son of bitch I see, then I'm gonna grab his gun and shoot the next son of a bitch I see"
  • I've said this before, but Kenny is a "chaotic neutral" character. Seeing him as a definite good is not a healthy thing, especially after all the messed up shit he's done.
    • As opposed to chaotic good or chaotic evil because.....? I'm just wondering what your reasoning is, I saw a meme earlier that casted him as chaotic good.
      • Because he's a pretty morally ambiguous character, as a matter of fact he reminds me a bit of Travis Bickle (from Taxi Driver.) You could argue that what he did to Larry or Carver were completely justifiable, and your opinion would be justifiable. You could also argue the opposite and still be justifiable in your opinion.

        Personally, I think what he did to Larry and Carver was less than justifiable. On the other hand, I applauded Travis for his actions. So, what do I know? Morallity is purely a reflective trait and something that differs from person to person.
  • Kenny is definitely not the most morally good character in the game by all means. Personally, I've always been more on Kenny's side because he reminds me a lot of a few of the men in my life and because he's the most stable thing that remains from season one. While Lee's actions dictate how far Kenny is willing to go to help him, he proves over and over again that he'll always have Clementine's back. Out of the entire group, he's probably the one who would be most likely to give his life for Clementine - if Bonnie hadn't have stepped in when she did, Kenny would have died for sure... and if Sarita dies in episode 4, Clem will be the only person he has left. Then again, this reliance on Clem can warp him into an overprotective maniac, but we have yet to see episodes 4 and 5 so not much can be said about that. But I will say that even I, who most people would probably call a Kenny supporter, get REALLY frustrated with Kenny's short temper and his inability to plan ahead and think of the consequences of his actions. This episode did a lot to point out both Kenny's flaws (Rebecca and Carlos point out his rash decision making) and his favorable traits (loyalty and his role as the one that gets shit that others don't want to do done).
    • I would agree that Kenny has Clementine's back, but only when things are going his way. Season 1 when Kenny and Lee discover there are no boats, Kenny goes back to the house and gets drunk with no concern for where Clem is or whether she is safe.
      • To be fair, Kenny wasn't exactly himself then. He was still grieving over Katjaa and Duck, and the last thing he had going for him was getting a boat which was what he had planned to do with Katjaa and Duck. That not working out for him sent him over the edge, so he wasn't thinking about anyone's best interest/safety at that time, not even his own.
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      Even though Kenny makes rash decisions I still feel safe with them, like Kenny is pretty tough and doesn't really get scared so i trust him and his plans
  • If there was a zombie apocalypse for real, most of this community would like to have a friend like Kenny.
    And also, it depends from what you like in a friend.
    Also, like he explained before, he's from Florida; you know what comes out from his mouth.
  • I Can't imagine the Walking Dead without him now,his character adds so much to scenes,he just has so much life and personality that it rubs people the right way.He is a family man who would rather die fighting for they're freedom and himself be sacrificed,his voice acting is so well done it's hard to believe it's not a real person come to life.
  • Can you explain why you like Nick?
  • A banned user called KennySucks, a thread over reacting to homophobia and racism. Trollometer is saying something... ITS OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAANNNNNDDDD

  • I like Kenny for a multitude of reasons.

    While I am not oblivious to why people may NOT like him, I've always been on his side and thus he's been loyal to me since the start. I saved Duck, he gave me a ride to Macon. I defended Duck at the drug store, he saved my life after Larry punched me in the face and left me to get eaten. In Episode 2, I assisted him in putting down Larry, and he offered me and Clem a spot in the RV. I supported the Boat plan, and put Duck down so he didn't have too. He helped us in Crawford, and wouldn't let me go search for Clem alone, saying I've always been there for him, and it didn't matter if I was bitten or not, he'd stick with me until the end. I'm aware that Kenny and Ben had major differences and Kenny hated his guts, but in my playthrough, Kenny forgave Ben and put him down so he wouldn't have to face his fear of getting eaten. Season 2, in a nutshell, Kenny was ALWAYS backing me up. He took the blame for the radio, getting beaten nearly to death and so many other instances. And let's not forget, Kenny was willing to give up his survival just so Clem and Aj could stay at Wellington. Hate him or not, that WAS selfless and a sacrifice, I didn't stay at Wellington, but I firmly believe Kenny is a great man, and a man that has stayed by my side this entire time. In my eyes, a hero.

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