• That kinda surprised me too considering she's snitched on clem twice. Once when clem snuck in the house to get supplies and again if you lie about opening the door for carver. Maybe she was so traumatized by what was happening to her dad she didn't think to snitch Rebecca out.

  • I don't know all I do know is I don't trust Sarah something isn't right with her is she really as innocent as her dad makes out or is there more to it yet to be discovered ?

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    Ellias BANNED

    I feel so sad for sarah, she was literally screaming when she saw alvin and walter die.. and she was the only one who was really screaming, beside rebecca. lol

  • Ok, she's not THAT stupid, obviously. It's just her dad who tries to keep her away from reality - as if she isn't gonna find the truth by herself. She's all he has left in this world (you got it, their world -__-') and wouldn't forgive himself if something ever happens to her.

    But she's not a kid. How old is she? 13? 14? She's been snooping around and she even found a gun. Obviously, I taught her how to use it and how to defend herself -- thought it might come handy for future "sticky" events.

    And... Honestly? I thought she was gonna tell Carver where Rebecca and Alvin are. I don't know. I just assumed she was "stupid" because her father mentioned the "thing" - ya know.

    "If she knew how bad the world is... She would... Cease to function"

    I can still hear Carlos and that funny accent of his ringing in my ears. Anyway -- DON'T UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CHARACTERS.

  • She may not have spilled the beans but she did react strongly to his suffering, moreso than anyone else. Also, she doesn't react very strongly to Clem's injury if you choose to show her, and she understands that guns can't kill without bullets, that Carlos asking Clem to "distract her" is unnecessary (and insulting), and that Carver is a threat to more than herself. Honestly, she's the most interesting character so far and I'm very curious to see what happens.

    So, I think the thing we're missing is a few details on why she's the way she is and that perhaps Carlos's sheltering of her is due to his misperception that her childishness and sensitivity is somehow a symptom of an intellectual disability. Perhaps Clem will discover the reasoning behind her insistence for being open honest about everything in the next episode; maybe she's just really good that way, or it's a fear-driven discipline of some kind.

    • I don't feel the same about her being the most interesting character, although she does rank high on that list, I completely agree with the rest of your post!

    • I agree. If you select the "You told me to distract her" option when Carlos asks about the picture, Sarah says something along the lines of "So you all think that I'm an idiot." She is completely aware of what's going on. She had to have seem the dark side of things, especially since she was with everyone when they escaped Carver's camp. I think that that she looks up to Clem and wants to be as strong and determined as her, but shelters herself a bit for the mere fact that she doesn't want to hurt her father's desire for her to not get involved. Has anyone thought about what happened to the mom? Maybe Carlos wants to keep her shelter because he doesn't want to loose her because she is all he has left about his family, especially his wife (if they were married). Sarah goes along with it to not see her father hurt, sad, or angry. She seems book smart, so imagine her with Clem survivalist skills. She would be one heck of a character. I can see her becoming Clem's companion of sorts if Carlos dies (unless she literally ceases to function like Carlos says). Episode 3 seems like it may be awesome with plot twist. I think that's when we see Sarah's true colors.

  • I'm of a mind that Sarah was more aware than Carlos thought, after seeing the way she reacted to Clementine lying to her during the photo scene. I'm actually thinking she might be putting on a bit of an act herself, which is ironic because her father puts on such a strong act for her.

  • I think Sarah may be ill prepared because that's exactly the way Carlos has been handling her. But there's definitely more to her than what her father seems to realize. He doesn't seem to think her capable of deeper thought but she's shown she's capable of doing so when she takes it upon herself to cheer up Clem (meaning she didn't think Clem went out on a picnic all night) or gives an alternate interpretation of the King Wenceslas story.

    As to not ratting out Rebecca, the two seem quite friendly with each other if you don't hide during the bathroom sequence in episode one. And the way Carlos tries to coax Rebecca, if Alvin is shot, makes me think that the cabin survivors are a closer knit bunch than people traveling together out of convenience (common enemy).

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