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Android Version?

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Iphone and why not androphones? I would like to organize a vote to give me an idea about the number of people that would be ready to buy it on android. Thanks for your participation!

  • I would love to see this on Google Play or the Amazon appstore.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Telltale only recently began supporting the Android platform, and so far only The Walking Dead: Season One is available for that platform. It's possible that Back to the Future: The Game may come to Android, but so far Telltale has only announced future support for Android platforms for their current and future titles.
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    I don't think they'll port this. They'll probably only port their newer games. Just my 0,02 € ;)
  • They should make this available for all platform types because what if my laptop breaks down, but I do have a samsung tab and or a samsung Galaxy Mega phone. I would like to carry this around on my phone because this could be a great market strategy from more customers.

  • If it had not been for I would have not known this game existed. like more A huge Back to the future Fan. Are they going to make more episodes???? They should make some from 2017 in the future, Gruff breaks out of Jail to kill Martty Mcfly's Daughter to pay his family off for getting him and his crew thrown in Jail.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      There's a rumor that there will be more episodes, as Christopher Lloyd told the Fan Expo crowd in 2012 that he would be voicing Doc Brown in an unannounced game by Telltale. It was Telltale's best selling season before The Walking Dead came out, so it's possible they're still planning on releasing it (games do often take several years to produce from concept to release, and it's possible they reworked the game to have gameplay similar to The Walking Dead, as they did with The Wolf Among Us).

      All of this is just speculation though, as Telltale hasn't announced anything officially.

  • Come on Telltale release this on Android,you have so far....Walking Dead 1 and 2,The Wolf Among Us,Game Of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands . Do it for the players..;) its on apple.

  • Yes come guys it's 2015 and still no Android.... I will not buy another game from Telltale games till u give us back to the future

  • What's the deal with this bs game co. Been over a year and still no back to the future.. Your company Sucks. Not even a fn response to anyone here...hope u all know that there are more android users then shitty iPhone users also and more tablets with android also ..What's the deal......

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