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If you had too choose two adults besides Lee to take care of Clem......

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Carley Kenny

  • Luke and Christa, they are quite a match xD

  • I'd pick Christa for sure. Considering the way Clem handled herself with Winston, it's pretty obvious that Christa (and life in the ZA) taught Clem what she needs to know to survive.

    For the other adult, if I'm not bound to picking from the game, I'd say Rick (TV series)... People give Rick a lot of shit, but he's a tough survivor and he's a big part of why that little shit CORRRRRRLLL is still even alive. Even though he's made countless bad calls, he is a "protector" type when it comes down to it and he's kept his sense of morality despite the ZA (for better or worse...).

    To me, Christa's ruthless edge paired with Rick's street smarts and unshakeable humanity would be the ideal pair to raise and protect Clem. That, or NATE+CARVER for the epic lulz... :)

  • Definitely Kenny and Sarita.

    Sarita has shown that she is more than capable in the ZA, and not only has Kenny been there since the beginning for Clem, he survived on his own for 16-17 months, so I'm sure he knows how to survive without a group if he has to.

    • um... Sarita has shown what exactly? All we know about her is she is nice and cares\loves Kenny besides that she never showed any surviving skills also Kenny never actually been there for Clem if only you side with Kenny all the time he will come with you in Episode 5 Season 1 to help saving Clem. Other than that I don't remember Kenny ''being there'' for Clem.

      • Sarita has shown she is capable of using a rifle, and she obviously IS capable of surviving in the apocalypse, considering she has survived in it for over 2 years. What I meant by Kenny was that he was with Clem for over 3 and a half months, which is a hell of a lot longer than the Cabin Group.

        Not to mention we don't even know what happened to Christa, but if she somehow is alive, I would probably say Christa and Kenny.

  • luke and christa, cuz she needs a women to look after her too, you know...

  • I think Omid and Christa were doing a pretty good job but if we're going on people who are available...Shel because she has a younger sister and Kenny because he also had a kid.

  • I would say Kenny if I wasn't so wary of him going bonkers. Calling Clem "Duck aside, he gets Walter killed by pointlessly murdering Carver's mook. Even if Clem tells him that it's a crazy fucking idea and would accomplish nothing.

    I'd go for Luke and Christa, since they're much more level-headed :)

  • Irene and Beatrice they can teach her how to run in circles while being bitten.

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