• I think we should see her again. She was a great character, and unlike Kenny, she never got her redemption for the bad things she did. Bringing her back after all this time would be great. Since Clementine is one of only two people in the entire world who know what she's done (provided she hasn't told anyone else) seeing her come back and try to make her case would be interesting. It could be up to the player to decide if the good things (if any) she has done since her exit in Episode 3 have made up for her actions, and a major choice of whatever Episode that takes place in could be forgiving Lilly, or telling her that she's beyond redemption.

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    kiwi_walking_dead Moderator

    I think the chances are pretty low, if somewhat none, but, it would be interesting if she did come back. Sure, what she did was terrible, but, I hope she gets a chance to redeem herself (somehow). Either that, or she will be worse than what she was before.

  • I think she has good chance to come back or to be "quoted" by someone else. Like in the Carvers group or in another one "there was a good girl with us, her name was Lilly, she died to save someone", I don't know I think something like this.

    I mean, Kenny's still alive and he was in a city full of zombies. She is in a road or with a camper so, she has probabilities of staying alive.

  • Another season 1 charcater returning so soon would be a bit coincidental however she should return eventually, she needs at least an attempt at redemption

  • seeing as she is no longer tied to the comic books I don't see why not. I wouldn't mind seeing her again but not right now it would be too weird how we just happen to meet her after we just found Kenny... maybe like some other people are saying we will see her in season 3(god plz be a season 3)

  • Personally, I think she is dead. Even if she isn't, I don't think that her return in necessary. Just because Ken came back doesn't mean EVERY character from Season 1 has to come back.

    (By the way, thank CHRIST Kenny came back instead of Lilly. Seriously, thank you TT.)

  • I guess she COULD appear, and her chances have both increased and decreased since Kenny came back. If Kenny could survive, and SOMEHOW meet up, then so can Lilly. However, it'll feel a little weird to have TWO major characters from season 1 come back this season. I know Christa and Omid are here too, but they only appeared briefly. Anyway, As far as whether or not people would want Lily back, I'd say that since the majority of people chose Carley over Doug, the bitter sentiments over her are going to be more prevalent than not.

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