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Disregarding Sarita.

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Am I the only one who couldn't care less about what happens to Sarita? She could literally die in the next episode and I wouldn't even flinch. After Carver killed Walter and Alvin. I was shocked, sorrowful, and despairing my choices. I was afraid who he was going to murder next until he grabbed Sarita. My reaction was "phew! I thought he was going to grab someone I actually cared about. Okay Kenny, you get one more chance to put Carver down once and for all. Hurry! Take the shot before he grabs anyone else!" If it was anybody else, even Rebecca! I would've surrendered immediately after I learned my lesson with Alvin. :c

Am I the only one who finds her character completely uninteresting? I feel like she's only there to be taken away from Kenny and trigger Kenny's insanity.

  • Aw I like her. I just don't think she has had a chance to have much development yet. I am hoping we will learn more about her soon. Like before she came across Kenny was she alone? She seems very nice at least.

    Also, I did not know she could be grabbed by Carver. I presume is that what happens if you stay inside and don't go to protect Alvin or...?

  • I think she's just there, because Kenny's not over Katjaa. They both have accents, and are from another country. Heck, you saw how he called Clementine "Duck" at the dinner table. His past still haunts him.

    • Those are very superficial "similarities". And it's not as if Kenny went out looking for a certain type of woman. Sarita was the one who found him and chose to help, instead of simply passing him by as an unwanted burden. Not hard to see how he could legitimately like her.

      • Im sure that he legitimately likes her, but I also saw the similarities to Kat. Kenny is not all there. I can see him trying to replace Kat with Sarita and now Duck with Clementine.

        • Hm, I guess I'm alone in thinking he wasn't really looking at Clem. I don't know, it seemed kind of like one of those "inward" stares where he's looking but not quite absorbing what's around him. He turned his head in her general direction but he never quite lifts his eyes like he's looking at her face. Oh well.

  • I think you make a very good point about Sarita. It would be really lazy writing on TT's part if they introduced some new source of stability for Kenny, only to take it away soon after and usher in some ludicrous behavior on his part. The foreshadowing doesn't help.

  • I agree with you, I couldn't care less about her. Although maybe she will get some development in Episode 3

  • She only appeared in the third act of episode 2. Sarita's barely been given enough time for the player to become familiar with her. Give her a chance.

  • Care about her the least. Walter made more of an impression on me

    I dont like how she's like a carbon copy of Kat and I dont think thats a coincedence, kenny's with her because she reminds him of Kat.

    I do agree she'll likely die in the next episode or so to set Kenny off again.... Actually do we even see her much in the trailer? Only walking to the camp never in it

  • I think you guys are doing Sarita a major disservice by labelling her "Katjaa 2.0". That might be who she is in Kenny's mind, but it's clear Sarita doesn't know the full extent of Kenny's past or the tragedy he's endured. If Sarita was made aware that Kenny was basically using her as a kind of surrogate wife, I'd imagine she'd still remain by his side, but do her best to remind him that she isn't Katjaa, nor ever will be.

  • I can't say she's made a huge impression/impact on me but she seems nice and I quite like the relationship she's building with Sarah. There are definitely similarities between Sarita and Kat but like Robert Morgan said she doesn't know the full extent of Kennys past and I'm sure if she did, she'd stay with him but remind him she's not Kat every once in a while. I also like that if you sit with Kenny (I didn't but I watched playthroughs) she sticks up for Clems right to choose what she wants to do.

    She hasn't had much screen time or much interaction with Clem at this stage either so give her chance. xD Everyone was hating on Rebecca in episode 1 but since interacting with Clem in episode 2, she seems to have changed everyones minds. :)

  • WAIT! ALVIN COULD HAVE DIED? I didn't know that. This makes me sad :( I like him and now he will be killed off later.

  • I'm hoping that Sarita won't be a plot device character that serves to be killed off to advance Kenny's character.

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