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What do you think? Christa similar to Lee ?

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Do you think the relationship that Lee and Clem had was similar to the relation of Christa and Clem, I mean, they went through many things together as Lee and Clem passed, and despite not show us much of these moments and Christa seemed a little unwell , Christa at least not left Clem by thinking that Omid had died trying to save Clem, putting Clem as guilty, and despite everything, Clem possibly Christa also had to help her with the baby, so it is able to Christa and Clem have a relationship similar to Lee and Clem, what do you think?Alt text

  • Nobody can replace Lee :( Plus, I think Christa got really colder and meaner after Omid's death. I even think she partially blamed Clementine for his death.

  • Lee was her surrogate father. Christa was like a bitchy mentor.

  • I'd say that she was a lot more of a 'depressed version of Lee'. Christa was happy as long as she had Omid, all Lee needed was Clem, but after Omid got his closure I'm sure Christa cared more for Omid than she originally did with Clem.

  • I see where you're getting at, but the dynamic between Clem and Lee versus what she had with Christa feels different to me. Christa is more of a lone wolf, and perhaps slightly more pessimistic judging from how she acted in Season One and Two.

  • It's important to remember that Christa and Clementine have been together alone for more than 5 TIMES the amount of time Clem spent with Lee.

    She undoubtedly must have formed a very strong connection to her, and Christa did a great job of keeping her alive all that time.

    Not necessarily a stronger connection than Clem had with Lee, but it's just factual that Christa succeeded in keeping her alive for a very long term just on her own. That's quite an accomplishment.

  • I've thought about this and it seems to me that they would have formed a very strong bond in the 16 or so months they spent alone together. However, a few things come to mind that might prevent the bond with Christa from being like the one between Lee and Clem:

    -Lee looks a lot like Clem's dad *(from that one picture, also Clem initially thinking Lee was her dad in 101), while *Christa seems to be a very different person from Clem's mom

    -Lee and Clem survived together in the very first stages of the apocalypse, inevitably the most shocking and traumatizing phase

    -Lee had already lost everything by the time he met Clem, so he was ready to take her under his wing 100%

    -Christa was already invested in both Omid's and her baby's safety when she was tasked with caring for Clem, so Clem probably took a lower priority in Christa's mind

    -The way Omid died might have driven a wedge between Clem and Christa, preventing them from establishing very much trust

    -Losing Lee might have caused Clem to avoid forming a second bond that strong, not wanting to grieve so much if Christa died the way Lee did

    All in all, we can't be sure whether Clem thought of Christa like she did Lee (yet), but from the little interaction we have witnessed between them, in addition to how Clem is reacting to their separation, it does not seem like the bond between Clementine and Christa was incredibly strong.

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