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Who was being ruder at dinner

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Well Luke and Kenny did not quite kick it off at dinner. Do you think kenny said something too much, or nick and luke over reacted

  • Kenny was the ruder one... but I think I understand why: He's lost everything, then Clem shows up and I guess he sees Luke and the others as a threat. Maybe he's scared that they'll take her away from him? It makes me sad to say it but I think Kenny's losing it a bit.

  • Kenny's personality kinda reminds me of Vegeta from DBZ, I don't know why exactly though.

  • Obviously Nick was being rude because he didn't agree with Kenny! Retarded.

    • Try saying "Sounds like bullshit" the next time someone enthusiastically tells you about something they're planning. I don't care how nice they are, it won't go over well. The term 'tact' exists for a reason.

  • Kenny was being ruder, although he's gone through some pretty horrible things and he's most likely not alright in the head because of that. At the same time, Nick and Luke had no way of knowing that, so I really don't blame anyone.

  • I didn't like how Luke immediately asked "Who's Duck?", after Kenny's error . He could clearly see that it was an awkward affair for both - Kenny and Clem. But I guess Luke didn't want to be rude, he just isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • Kenny didn't say anything offending actualy . He said the two of them " sure do look like a match ", but he wasn't trying to offend them. He's from Florida, crazy shit just comes out of his mouth sometimes. It's like the time he called Lee a " Urban ". After that happened Kenny told them about his plan to go to Wellington and Nick said " Sounds like Bullshit " and " fuck you buddy " , so Kenny mouthed back.

    • Actually, Kenny started to mouth off first. When Kenny was explaining his plan, Nick simply asked "Michigan?" for reassurance and Kenny yelled at him by saying "Do you have a hearing problem kid!?"

      • Reassurance implies he didn't hear him right. Yet he clearly did. Him parroting the word implies he was incredulous as his subsequent "bullshit" response shows. I still think Kenny should've blown it off for Clem's sake at least but...

        The problem was that these guys were clearly feeling each other out and everyone knew it.

    • It was more his tone. You two sure look like a match! He was definitely implying something.

  • Kenny took it pretty harshly when it was just a mild comment, he definitely overreacted. Still, he overreacted in a hilarious fashion.

  • Kenny was getting way too defensive over Wellington, the exact same way he acted about the boat.

    • Yeah, every time anyone mentioned the boat, he would jump all over their backs. More than once when I was playing I would think, "Whoa Kenny! Calm it down!" He gets an idea in his head and nothing and no one can talk him out of it.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Kenny, I sat with him but I told him to stop when he was talking down Luke and Nick.

    I'll admit though, I laughed a bit at his match joke. First time I heard that I knew it would be made fun of here with memes.

  • Both sides are equally guilty, but at the same time it wasn't all that surprising. Nick has a bad temper (made worse by the nerves he was dealing with after Pete's death and him killing Matthew), and Kenny is likewise not known for his negotiation skills when facing opposing opinions. That said, I think it was really just string of minor misunderstandings that just escalated out of control because neither side was willing to back down.

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