• Kenny only looked out for his family a majority of time.

    What exactly is the problem with that? In a world where you can get eaten at any moment and almost no one else can be trusted, it only seems right to look out for your family most of the time. Kenny might have gone mad when his family died, but that's an understandable reaction. Hell, even Lilly seemed to have gone mad herself, and would have even gone madder than Kenny had she went along with us until the end of season 1.

  • I stood by the idea that both ended up doing terrible things, despite not being inherently bad. For me, Lilly murdered a friend in a state of mental instability and left, while Kenny murdered a group member out of desperation and considered leaving me to die out of spite.

    But while I may not have personally gotten a sense of loyalty from Kenny, he has the benefit of more screentime and potentially leaving Lee on a more redemptive note.

  • Who cares about Lily stealing the van, the issue is her cold-blooded murder of sweet innocent Carley...

    I somewhat sympathized with Lily before that, but if I'd had a choice I'd have had Lee shoot her for that. Simply unforgivable. The scenario where she killed Doug seemed more accidental but with Carley it was premeditated.

    Her actions pretty much negated any value she had in looking out for the group, besides her plan to stay was foolishly short-sighted and more risky than she seemed to realize, staying put anywhere is risky but a place out in the open like that is plain stupid. They were starting to starve already and she wanted to winter there?

    By comparison Kenny is somewhat inconsiderate and reckless, but I generally agree with his pragmatic side and I find him fairly trustworthy. Granted, Kenny's plan was pretty bad as well, but not the worst.

  • Actually, I liked them both. Kenny and Lily are just the same, doing everything to protect their family.

  • A lot of reasons. I'm honestly neutral on this, though I liked both as characters. Let me try to put this into perspective.

    Lee meets Kenny first, and at the time, he seems nice enough, and though he runs away from trying to save Shawn, he gives you a ride. When you first meet Lily, she's giving Carley shit for saving you. Arguably, both are not very reliable at this point, when it comes to you. However, despite this, Lee knows Kenny from before, and the first thing he learns about Lily is that she was not willing to help him. Then, Larry starts giving you shit (Big point #1) about Duck being bitten before checking for a bite. This makes you despise Larry, and due to his and Lily's connection, she isn't too happy with you after you inevitably shout him down into submission. Larry's asshole tendencies last throughout his appearance, and so Lily is biased against any negative action you take against him (which there are a few situations for, most importantly the meat locker). Thus, the player probably starts associating Lily's care for her father as a negative quality. Consciously they probably understand, but not on an emotional level. Kenny's family, on the other hand, consists of Duck, who is a child and is parallel to Clementine, and Katjaa, one of the kindest people in the group. Episode 2 consists of bringing Ben and an injured person to camp (devoid of much food) a decision the player had to choose in the heat of the moment, and Lily criticizes the action (understandably, pragmatically, but still hurtful and cold), while Kenny defends your choice. Later on, Kenny and Lily both are wary of the St. Johns, but most importantly, Kenny makes you take action and discovers the butchery room with you. During this time, you have memorable moments with him, such as the swing, and the 'urban' moment. Lily is on the sidelines, so you never get to bond with her. Finally, the decision to kill Larry. If you choose to save Larry, Kenny doesn't do shit for you, and Lily saves you while fighting Andy. If you get Larry killed, Lilly hates you for it, and acts cold forever. Since both cases can be argued against (though I'm pretty sure Kenny could have waited to make sure whether he'll reanimate or not, but in a stressful situation like that, I can cut him a little slack. Plus, if Larry came back in a rush, people could've gotten hurt).

    Episode three. In the previous episode, depending on who you saved, Kenny will either be a dick or a bro, but Lily (whose father will be dead, headless regardless) is riddled with paranoia. In the situation that Lily isn't sided with, Lily will assume you're the thief if you don't come up with evidence. Plus, she's adamant at staying in a camp being close to a bandit camp, while Kenny wants to leave and is actively trying to go away. At this point, Lily is completely justified in having paranoia, and one can understand why she's being unreasonable, being emotionally unstable, but since all this while it was either Lilly or Kenny, people have the ability to 'side' with the more reasonable Kenny (Big Point #2).

    Finally, on the road, comes Big Point #3. Depending on who you save at the Drug store, Carley or Doug dies. Now, majority of players chose Carley, and she's a much more involved character than Doug is. This majorly skews the opinions. Lily kills Carley with no visible regret or remorse, and blatantly out of nowhere. This is both a bullshit move, and the victim is possibly the character the player is the second most attached to. After that she steals the RV regardless of whatever, if you bring her with you. Otherwise, you let her run off, and never see her again. If you choose Doug, she tries to kill Ben instead and is very sad and upset with Doug's death, and so players are, while angry and shocked, are able to see it was (mostly) an accident. A terrible, terrible accident, and a still a rash move on Lily's part, but an accident all the same. Of course, most people on the forum chose Carley on their first playthroughs, and never see this.

    This thing about point number 3 is that, and I don't know whether this was intentional on telltale's part or what, but based on who you save, Lily seems way different. She's a cold bitch in Carley's case, and a depressed, remorseful fuckup in Doug's. This is the answer for why the majority of people favour her less.

    Big Point #4, Kenny loses his family soon, but there's nobody to blame, and his pain is personal to the player, since Duck and Katjaa are brilliant and likeable characters, and the pain creeps up slowly. Kenny has the most sad, depressing expression when Kat dies, when Duck has to be put down, and when he's in denial and on the train. We get much more time with Kenny's pain than with Lily's since there is a cut to weeks(?) later, while we go through the aftermath with Kenny. After this, when Kenny does shit, like act rashly with Molly, criticize Ben, leave Clementine alone as he drinks, focuses on the boat, and determinantly refuses to come with you to save Clem, the player has much more of an idea of his pain. Additionally, unlike in Lily's case, we have no 'opposite' to side with.

    Big point #5. Kenny goes out in a blaze of glory. If you save Ben, he forgives him after Ben shouts at Kenny, revealing his own pain and troubles. Then, he saves him, sacrificing his life in the process. The player is experiencing the problem with him, and is at a point that losing one more person is too much. If Ben is not saved, he saves Christa. Either way, the last memory you have of him is heroic and brave (however stupid it may have been), while the Last memory of Lily is a sorrowful murder and possibly betrayal (if she steals the van).

    All in all, I think a lot of the preference has to do with how Telltale portrayed her, what we got to see of her, her relation with us, the skewed Carley/Doug choice, the lack her presence for two episodes, and half of two others. I think they are both brilliantly written characters, but whether for better or worse, Lily was unfortunate enough to not be Lee's friend, have an asshole family, and be written differently based on a choice independent of her.

    Whew, long post. Thanks for reading.

  • I just highly value loyalty and friendship. Lilly made a lot of fair points and may be a better character, but Kenny was my bro.

  • Well, first of all, you can't expect somebody to put other people before their family, even if they are friends. Would you put some stranger you met in the apocalypse first if you had a family? I don't think so. Also, if you play it right, Kenny can offer Lee and Clementine a ride in the RV so Kenny is actually willing to take other people with him. I am going to say it once again, DON'T BLAME SOMEBODY FOR LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR FAMILY.

  • Lilly killed Ben or the girl depending who you picked in 1. I was like son of a... they were so useful you just had to do it...

    I hate kenny with a passion the things he did just ticked me off all the time no don't do that it's stupid screw you I'm doing it... Ok lets do that no screw you it's stupid. They used him to force you do things so you really didn't have much choice in what happens in the future at most it changes some of the chat which explains more or less of the backstory. Or they help you kill a zombie or say screw you came out fine. That was about it .

  • Lily's last strike for me was when she stole the RV. Both she and Kenny have their good and bad qualities, but since Kenny has a strong sense of loyalty, I enjoy his character much more.

  • I prefer Kenny over Lilly for one simple reason. Kenny looked out for his family and friends. Whereas Lilly only looked out for number one. Even if you side with her, she still betrays you. That is inexcusable in my opinion.

    That's not to say that I don't find her character interesting though. I feel in Episode Three she will return and be revealed as Carvers wife/girlfriend. Which is why we see Kenny getting beaten in the trailer. But that's another story. Time will tell.

    In all honesty I have enjoyed every character in both seasons up till now, bar one. Whether they are good, evil or something inbetween. There are always different aspects to their personality's that make me want to learn more about them.

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