• 1) No. I agree with Kirkman.

    2) People are absolutely safe. There are no walkers. That's why I don't think happy ending is possible - as long as Kirkman isn't going to end entire story

    3) No idea

  • I would be happy with another bittersweet ending as long as it does,t involve a dead clem.

  • There are no happy endings in TWD universe.

    1. A true happy ending is impossible, because as Molly says: "the dead always win." The concept of Pyrrhic victory is, in my opinion, the big overarching theme of the Walking Dead franchise as a whole. Humanity is fighting a desperate, rear-guard action against the walkers and each other. Almost every victory requires that a price is paid in life, limb or sanity. In the show, Rick and his group manages to kill the governor, but loses its home and many people in the process. Similar, in the game, the battle at the St. John's, the Crawford raid and even Clementine's rescue qualify. The closest you can get to a happy ending is probably a bittersweet one.
    2. If Clem is alive and well, I'm happy enough, I suppose. A little bit of hope would be nice too.
    3. it's way too early to even guess.
  • There are only bittersweet resolutions in Robert Kirkmans Walking dead world. As inconsistent as their programming and gameplay can be, Telltale have handled narrative in this series exceptionally well, and i dont imagine them straying from the cannon vision of the world too far.

    We're probably going to get one more season out of the Walking Dead game, and my feeling is that the ending (or endings) of Telltales story will probably be ambiguous and left up to the players imagination. The "happy" ending just might be clementine simply surviving to the finale of the game.

  • i sometimes feel like telltale should have ended season 1 with lee getting lost from clem or something, and in season 2 everything stays same expect that we dont know what happened to lee. Then everything goes to shit, but episode 5 would end with clem and lee getting reunited. That would be the best ending ever, but obviously thats not gonna happen now :p I just hope we get an ending where clem is alive and hasnt turned into a psycho, but i trust telltale to make an excellent ending. We still have 3 episodes left so its hard to say how things are gonna end

  • I like KirstyJ´s Idea of a governor-like clem in season 3. But what exactly her psychological trauma does with her (a new governor, or a person like michonne who trust nobody) should be the players decision.

    Furthermore - let much people dy is standard at TWD, but on my mind the tv-series have the advantage thet they have time to link the people emotional to a larger group than it´s possible in a game,but on this way, amc has it easier to let much persons die.

    Maybe you, telltale, see a way to compensate this disadvantage, with letting people disappear like you´ve done it with Glenn, Lilly, Christa and Kenny, more time to speak about the past of a person or with another way i don´t see.

  • No happy endings. This is The Walking Dead. Even Rick will get it someday.

  • Does it ever feel weird when you see an old thread like this, and realize half of the people that posted in it aren't even around anymore

    Granted, I haven't had an account here for that long and I didn't really know many people here, but it still feels weird

  • To quote Ramsay Bolton, "If you thought this had a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

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