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Was Clementine... somewhat abused?

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I know this might be the stupidist question in the world. But in the first episode with sarah when you first meet her this is the conversation:

Sarah: I'm not supposed to talk to you. My dad can't know. Clem: Why? What will he do?... Sarah: Get mad at me. Clem: What does he do when he gets mad? Sarah: He gets angry and says he's disappointed in me and he loves me and just wants me to be safe Clem: That's it? Nothing else? Sarah: Yeah. It's the worst.

What I'm mainly looking at is the last thing clem said above (that's it? nothing else?) When she says it her expression seems surprised. I know she wears the hat her dad gave her. But even if you get abused or yelled at alot. Mostly everyone in this world still loves there parents no matter what. And Clementine is a sweet little girl who loved her parents. I'm afraid Clementines dad or both her parents did more than just yell at her. Downvote me for thinking this. I thought i should just share my opinion and see what you guys think.

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