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Post your favorite artists, Albums, songs, song quotes. Pretty much anything music. I am more of a Rap fan my self, but I am willing to hear any of your favourite songs.

As requested by Mark, I will post my top 3 of sorts. This is more like a top 3 motivational songs/ Artists list and it is in no particular order. And yes this is all hip-hop(maybe later I will post a list with songs that are not hip-hop.)

1,This first song is none other than a song from Biggie. Biggie is probably the most influential hip hop artist in my opinion, Biggie has great energy and can be hilarious.

2. Like Biggie, Tupac is a huge influence as well and is most definitely a top 3 on most peoples list.

3. This one is more recent and unlike the other two, this one is still alive. This is tooken off of Kayne's graduation album. In my opinion this was probably one of the last good albums of Kayne, this is a great album though. This song just make me think of things deeply for some reason, and makes me think of all the struggles people do to become where they are now. But compare Kayne to now, Kayne will never rap about things that matter.

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